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The Simpsons: A Serious Flanders
Episode 6, Season 33

This was a little bloody episode. But kept my attention. Good episode.

So many people killed. I thought this would be a Treehouse Halloween episode. But no.

So much death and the kids got a little older. Want to see Maggie in this episode. But alas no.

Watch it.

The Neighborhood: Welcome to the Porch Pirate
Episode 4, Season 4

I wish I could give this episode a 20. Really sweet and what people do go through. The lost of a child..

United States of Al: Promises/Wadaha
Episode 1, Season 2

This was by far the best episode yet. Hard to watch and on edge. I was there with them from start to finish. The ending was powerful and I cried like a big baby. Thank you CBS.

The Simpsons

Black doctor
I am sorry. I don't like the new voice of the black doctor. After 30 years you can't just change it because of BLM. He's a cartoon people. Leave the simpsons alone.

FBI: International

This show was exceptional.

Just like the other FBI shows. Worth watching.


I just started watching this movie and the first song is Janet Jackson's Rhytham Nation. WHY!!!!! They couldn't come up with any new songs for this "new version" of this movie. At least with the Whitney Houston and Brandi version, there were new songs.

I just glad this is on Prime Video. I can fast forward to the good parts. If there are any.


I love this show. Hopefully fox will get it and It's good tv.

The Wizard of Paws

What a great show.

I cry in every episode.

Will watch forever.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Unseen Improvements
Episode 14, Season 18

I Love Phineas
I just love this kid And I love Lucy. They deserve each other. They have both been through hell and back.

Gibbs is a Good man period.

I love this show also.

The Simpsons: Marge Be Not Proud
Episode 11, Season 7

The only thing about this episode I didnt like was the was Milhouse treated Bart. He could of let him play his game with him, then Bart wouldnt have done what he did.

I wouldnt be his friend any more.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Good Movie
But what I dont understand. Its not like these are 2 different countries fighting each other. It's just competing agencies. That's stupid.

They are both in America. Why try to.kill them both. It's stupid.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie period.

Major Crimes

I cannot believe how much every one hates Rusty.

He was a material witness to a crime. That is why he was at the station all the time.

Then became the son of the commander - the boss.

He was suppose to be annoying.. He was 16. And when the show ended it was 6 years later. He grew up and his character grew as well.

He was very annoying when he was first introduced. But he grew up and became a ADA because of Philip Stroh.

Overall, I loved this show and so did millions of other people.

Bob Hearts Abishola: TLC: Tunde's Loving Care
Episode 15, Season 2

This episode was fantastic. Found out a lot about Gloria. Very hard to watch. Loved it.

The Closer: Sudden Death
Episode 7, Season 4

Sanchez Episode
His performance in this episode is Oscar worthy.

Sanchez is all things. Angry, professional and sad.

The last scene is hard to watch.

Good episode.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: The First Day
Episode 7, Season 18

Saw this episode again this evening. Same tears.

Great episode Again.

Palmer. Great smile and heart.

Home Economics

Wow. Was really good. I love Toper Grace.

Looking forware to more episodes.

Law & Order: Organized Crime

It's great to see Stabler back.

This show was fun and exciting to watch.

Cannot wait for new episodes.

Major Crimes: White Lies Part 1
Episode 11, Season 5

Cracks Me Up
All these stories about white power guys yelling and screaming white power and stuff and their loyalty to Adolf Hitler. If you know anything about Hilter, not a lot of these supporters would of been any friend of him. He would of put the majority of them to death because the are NOT considered the Perfert Race. Majority of them have been mixed for years. There are a lot of them with brown or red hair. And a lot of brown eyes. My mom did her Master Thesis on it and found out Hilter would of gased them all. Funny huh.

And all of the people claiming white power in this episode, they all had brown hair and brown eyes. MIXED.

Grow up and learn the history before you make the hand signal.

The Equalizer

OMG. People just put this down. Jeez. Give it a minute.

I thought it was good.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Oh no. Jimmy's wife died. He is such a sweet guys with a heart and smile of gold.

I hope he lets eveeyone surround him with love.

I love this show.....

The Great North

I Don't Know
The thing that bothers me. This people NEVER take off thier coats. Okay. I undrrstand they are in Alaska or Canada and it's cold. But.come on. Even in the house they have coats on.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Action Was Great
First of all this movie is action packed and I loveeeee Keneeu Reeves.

But a couple of things about this movie. The a hole comes to Johns house so he wants John to honor his marker. John says no a hole blows up johns house. Okay I got that. John accepts maker to kill a holes sister.

Heres the thing. Sister kills herself. But the whole country of Italy thinks John finished marker. Hes being chased and everyone is trying to kill him cause they think he killed sister. Then a hole puts a contract on John for 7 million.

Everyone is out to kill him now. I don't get it.

Another thing is John is running for his life from what it seems everyone he walks past.

Question. Where the hell are the police or FBI CIA Home Land Security. There is killing going on wherever John goes. WTF.

Madea Goes to Jail

I saw this play for the first time today. I have to say I was truly surprised at the singing voices of all the characters.

The ADA. Wow. Powerful voice and the mother prisoner. Nothing like it. But what really surprised me was Tyler Perry's voice. I never knew he could sing like that. It was a great surprise.

Just a wonderful 3 hours to spend watching something I truly enjoyed.

The story is a simple one and goes on everyday in this world. We are all just going around on this planet dealing with the same problems everyone else is dealing with. Love, good or bad marriages, good and bad choices we make in life, hate and lovin. Life period. At it simpliest form.

Bob Hearts Abishola

Love this show.but...
Bringing back the ex husband is not the right thing and to also have Abishola start to fall back with going to loose a lot of viewers.

I hope not.

Blue Bloods: Vested Interests
Episode 15, Season 10

I didn't by the young girl with dog. Crossiing a busy street without looking both ways and not without her pressious dog.

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