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Buffalo '66

Geez I tell ya, this Gallo's gotta be from Buffalo
And he is. Being from Buffalo myself, this is the best portrayal of Buffalo culture that I have yet to see in a film. Gallo got the accent, the attitudes, the hand gestures, the weather and the local obsession with the Bills down to a science. It's brilliant. I was particularly impressed by his not so subtle satire of the, for lack of a better word, "Bills culture."

Angelica Housten's character's obsessive compulsive watching of games on

VHS, her listening to a game at her son's funeral, Gallo's character's penchant for blaming all of his problems on the Bill's kicker make perfect sense if you know first hand how the Bills' treks to the superbowl became focal points for hope in an increasingly economically depressed city.

Watching the scene where Gallo buys Ricci some hot chocolate and a heart

shaped cookie for the guy who's sitting there to give to his girlfriend was like being home.

There's alot in this film you might not get if you don't know Buffalo. The way Gallo portrays his beautiful understanding and acceptance of his roots puts

jokes-of-films like "Bruce Almighty" to shame.

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