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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed this little sleeper of a movie. If you're interested in watching a romantic comedy that is light but not superficial this is a good bet. There is nothing earth shattering in the plot, but the movie flows with well developed characters and good dialogue. This is a good movie to watch if one is sad after a break up and needs to be reminded there are "other fish in the sea." Highlights include fun characters at the local diner, a nice bit of philosophical advice from the diner owner, a nice montage of Ed and his roommate demonstrating the synchronized living of apartment life, and an interesting array of music throughout the film. This is a good movie that helps you feel good about yourself and restores hope for those looking for someone to love.

    3 Stars.
  • "Uptight" is an excellent dramatic work with a superb African American cast. This is director Jules Dassin remake of John Ford's "The Informer." Aside from the splendid acting the film contains innovative visual sequences that are unique and amongst the most interesting Jules Dassin has ever done. The scene which takes place in the street side arcade is one such example.