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Creed II

I do not get the fuss....Predictable and over acting
Do not get me wrong it is a good movie but it is very predictable, I never felt exited or wanted Creed to win or lose! Michael G performance was weak and did not excite me, I felt the same with the first one. Will I ever watch it again? not likely but hey never say never! A lot of over acting and cheesy scenes! I did like some of it when I was able to feel something, especially his interaction with his partner. In my opinion it is an ok movie!

1,000,000 yen no Onnatachi

Drama that could have been an anime
I have always been a fan of Japanese anime that is why some of the elements shown in this drama was not new or suppressing to me! This did not ruin the drama for me, instead it heightened my enjoyment. I loved very minute of the drama but I did not like the ending completely, I was still sad and not happy although I should have been happy! It should have been a bit longer so that I can get over my sad feelings and accept the ending.

Black Mirror: Black Museum
Episode 6, Season 4

An amazing episode, very entertaining but I hated the fact that the hero had her mom in her head as well. It should have ended with the hero driving off to the sunset.

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