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The Amazing Spider-Man

Closest any Spiderman movie has come to the comics!!!
This movie in my personal opinion was the best Spiderman film of the 4! This movie came the closest to the comic that any of the other three!!! This movie developed the relationship between Gwen and Peter and sadly left Mary Jane out of it!This movie was funnier better written and better actors than the first 3! Why they choose The Lizard for the villain is beyond me! That was the worst park of the movie!

The nest logical choice for the villain is: The Jackel, obsessed with Gwen, for the 2nd film. The Green Goblin, throws Gwen off a bridge, for the 3rd film. That way the can develop the romance between Mary Jane and Peter Parker in the 4th film, if this film franchise reaches that far.


The Remake is a SAD excuse!
Anybody who says the new Footloose is better than the original needs to watch the original again! The dancing didn't keep rhythm with the music till the last song! The acting was poor and the script writing that wasn't copied from the first was awful! The directing was shotty at best! They left out parts that needed to be and added parts that didn't need to be! The choreography was horrible! The music remakes were the worst ever with one exception, Joe Nichols version of Footloose was spot on and as good as the original! Remakes are the way to attract new crowds to the original and this one along with all other remakes I have seen fell drastically short! If I had never seen the first movie and I watched this one I would never even come close to watching the original! With all that said I give the movie a 3 out of 10!!!

The Last Airbender

Pitiful remake of one of the best cartoon series ever!
If Shyamalan ever makes another movie I will not pay go to see it. The movie shamed the TV series in every way possible! They missed ALL of the things that made the show great! Uncle Iroh's wisdom and humor; Aangs playfulness and innocence; Socka's hunger, clumsiness and humor; Katara's motherliness; the relationships of the characters; Zuko's struggling conscience; and that's just to name a few. The pronunciation of the names sucked too; the character's looks in general, Aang has solid blue arrows tattoos not that gay design, Zuko's white not brown, Socka and Katara are almost Hawaiian colored not white, Uncle Iroh was fat, short and gray haired not tall, built, and black headed.


Awesome Movie But Not Accurate!
I give this movie a 9 out of 10 for accuracy. The movie was not accurate but it was an awesome entertainment film. If you watch this movie like a movie and not a biography you'll love it. If you watch it the other way around you'll hate it. It was nothing more than a fictional story that had great romance, death defying escapes and personal screw ups with his brother, mother, and wife that ended terrificly. I would encourage anybody that likes magic, escape acts, and romance in a movie to watch it. Houdinit is a movie that I have watched several time and would watch again. I love the song "Rosebell" that happens to play all throughout the movie.

Super Mario Bros.

I don't get why people hate this movie!!!
I don't get why people hate this movie. A video game turned movie I thought the directors did a great job. Could it have been done better yes, but it was a awesome movie. The goombas would have been stupid and laughable when you're making a sci-fi action flick if you made them look like they do in the game. King Koopa being human-ish does kinda suck. Mario's first Princess was Lady/Pauline in 1981. Princess Daisy appeared in 1989 Super Mario Land for the Game Boy and has been a regular since then. Princess Toadstool/Peach didn't appear until 1995. King Koopa/Bowser has a wife and multiple children and he's from Dinosaur Land. Toad is in the movie he's just human. Yoshi can't talk, he mumbles and a cartoon is OK if you're doing a cartoon. And You people call yourself a true Mario fans. Mario first appeared as the "Jumpman" in the 1981 version of "Donkey Kong" as a carpenter. Mario and Lugi didn't appear as brothers and plumbers until 1983 in "Mario Bros" where they fought creatures in New York. I am a true Mario Bros. fan, so don't insult me by saying this movie sucks beyond comparison.

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