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Mister Ed

I watched but have a question
My Dad and three brothers and I watched the show when I was around the age of 9. I recall Mr. Ed saying "Wellll give the boy a Kewpie Doll". But I cannot find any proof online nor can I find anyone who watched the show that remembers that. Did I imagine it or maybe I heard it on another show? This has been a recurring trivia thing for me for years. My wife thinks I am nuts. Hopefully someone out there has watched the DVD's and can help me out. I think I will eventually get the DVD set for my grandkids who are in the 4-8 year range now. I am curious as to how the series ended, did it have a "Final Episode? That will be the next trivia question for me to have to answer.

The Great American Dream Machine

I remember the show
A kid at my high school told me about the show so i watched it several times. Nothing else like it at the time. Would be nice to watch it again as i do not remember much other than that i liked it. I tried to get some other friends to watch it but none did. Later on I found out an old friend used to watch it. The humor was quite a bit different than the usual TV comedy on the network stations. It was out there. I did not know I was watching early Chevy Chase until finding this spot on IMDb. Pretty hard to come up with the required ten lines for this comment when I can barely remember the show in the first place. Hope this will do.

International Festival of Animation

I have wondered for years what this show was. I had tried off and on for years to find it on Google but did not enter the right key words. I thought Jane Curtain was the host so that messed me up till I stumbled on to the name Jean Marsh yesterday and it triggered my brain. The reason I tried to find it was because of a film on the show about a mosquito who finds a sleeping man and builds an oil like derrick on him to pump blood. He sells the blood and a town is created. Then things go haywire after the gambling and brothels appear. The man stirs in his sleep and the skeeters all run to church. Had a cool ending. Only found two people who saw it but none could remember the name of the show. It was on public TV I believe (Seattle area). Have searched online for that mosquito film with no luck.

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