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De fem benspænd

The emperor's new clothes
I have noticed that quite a lot of people seem to dig this stuff. But I have yet to see a single explanation - even argument - as to what is the point of it all.

I can see something mildly interesting in Von Triers idea with the five obstructions. How restricting rules can spur creativity - as with the dogma rules.

But the original movie by Jørgen Leth can only be described as ridiculous. So this goes for the remakes too.

I mean, look at it: "Here is a man. The perfect man. This is his eye. This is his nose. His mouth. How does he eat? This is how he eats."


Being Danish I am ashamed that this can pass as art. Coming from the very country that brought us the story of "The emperor's new clothes".


Connie Nielsen drags it down
No spoilers herein - the movie is already spoilt.

Nice premise, however, and some excellent Danish actors. Also, we know from previous movies that the director is very talented.

But the semi-Danish female lead, Connie Nielsen, is obviously miscast.

Yes, she may be a big name in Hollywood. But she only masters one facial expression - and so uses it throughout the entire movie. They could have used a mannequin doll and no one would have noticed the difference! For me this ruined the entire movie. How very annoying, I almost wanted to slap her face - just to provoke some genuine expression.

This is supposed to be a serious drama - not a Loreal commercial!

The Virgin Suicides

Superficial, pretentious crap
I had great hopes for this movie, having read some of the other comments. Rarely have I been this disappointed!

This movie is a complete waste of your time. Most of the characters are totally unbelievable. There is no explanation for their drastic actions. No spoiler here - just read the title!

The soundtrack and the cinematography give the movie a pretentious air that the plot never justifies.

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