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Spring Handicap

Comedy fashioned for Fyffe
Will Fyffe plays a miner who retired because of an inheritance which he then fritters away gambling.He gets deaper into debt till his wife gets him in the money again by outwitting a shady lawyer.However Fyffe wants to gamble this money too.Strange how films of this era treated gambling addiction as a joke.This is a vehicle for Fyffe who was a world famous performer.Though this is an average quota quickie.

Crow Hollow

New wife comes to live at an old house called Crow Hollow.Among the residents is dotty scientist Esma Cannon,who has a collection of nasty insects and deadly toadstools which are used on the new wife in attempts to kill her.The corpse tally mounts with Donald Houston poo pooing that any of his family have homicidal tendancies,but of course he is wrong.

Portrait of Alison

Typical Dirbridge Thriller
This is a typical Durbridge thriller with a labyrinthine plot which is filled with bodies and a whole shoal of red herrings.A good cast of reliable character actors.

The Greed of William Hart

A cut above the rest
Now whilst this not on a par with Val Lewtons The Bodysnatchers,it has a lot going for it,despite the pennypinching production.Of course Todd Slaughter is the chief attraction.Enjoyable ham cut from the bone.

The Angel with the Trumpet

Curious but interesting
This is a film which tries toencapsulate 50 years of Austrian history in 90 minutes.The title is a bit off-putting as it refers to the piano manufacturing business of the main characters.Some characters speak with an accent others in a home counties accent.However it is interesting and is worth a view.

The Full Treatment

Far too long for its derivative script
Val Guest is not normally guilty of lack of pace but here he and the film are severely wanting.At 107 minutes this is 30 minutes too long.It seems as if there are two stories,the first ending at 1 hour,when the second takes over. The surprise is no real suprise because it is all so obvious. It is little surprise that this is film is totally forgotten by all save Hammer fans.

Arabian Adventure

Remake of Thief of Bagdad
This is essentially a remake of the 1941 film durin the sword and sorcery era.The special effects were marginally better but the acting is far worse.The boy actor is no match for Sabu.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

A right Charlie
Unfortunately a number of technicolour productions made in Britain in the forties were great failures.In this case Niven was miscast and the script was a total bore.


Total waste of time
This spoof of spy film sinks like a lead balloon.It is more dated than a 1929 early talkie.The acting is truly appalling and the story is an incomprehensible mess.

The Monster Club

This is a sad underuse of Vincent Price who is superb.The three stories are well below the Amicus standard.Furthermore the film is marred by the truly awful cacophony of pop tunes.

Gang War

Threadbare Danziger Production
David Davies appeared as a gang boss in the previous years The Frightened. City,which was superior in every respect.Everything about this film reflects the cheapness of the production.Some of the plot developments are so ludicrous they are farcical.John Gabriel adopts an atrocious American accent.In one scene a character is trying to catch a fly to put in a matchbox.Reminds one of Renfield in Dracula.

The Stable Door

Every b character actor present
A message from the insurance companies to businesses about the need forcrime prevention. Billboards shout that yet another dock strike is underway. There are still steam trains on the railway. Many well known character actors can be seen

The Queen's Guards

That was Powell's view of this film.Terrible was my view when I saw it on its release in 1961.I have not changed my view.There is very little in the way of narrative.At times it is more of a recruiting film.Powells last British film,what a waste.

64 Day Hero

Sad story
This is the sad story of Randolph Turpin.As a boxer he earned a fortune.Whilst he was ripped off he did get lot of money.He spent as fast as he earned,but paid no tax.This lead to bankruptcy and eventually suicide.Interesting documentary.

George and Margaret

Where are George and Margaret?
It is always great to welcome back one of Warner Teddington films,even if it is a fairly undistiguished comedy. George and Margaret are more catalysts than characters as they actually never appear However their non appearance allows the characters time to sort out their romantic entanglements'.Irene Handel makes a small appearance as a maid.Incidentally the film lasts 90 minutes,so clearly was not a quota quickie.

Spring in Park Lane

Escapism in the fortied
When this film was released this country was in the grip of austerity so the sight of people living seemingly in another world of plenty was very appealing

Cup Fever

Of interest to United films
This will be of interest to United films.The team is allowed to train at Old Trafford with the first team of that era and also meet manager Matt Busby.Entertaining film

Downton Abbey

OK for a wet Monday afternoon
I never saw the tv series,so all this is new to me.It was a reasonable way of passing a wet afternoon. However two questions arose.As Queen Mary was brought up inGermsny why didt she speak with a German accent?Secondly they showed her maid as being a kleptomaniac whereas it was Queen Mary who was the thief.

Child's Play

Saturday Morning Fare
The sort of film that would be shown at children's matinees on Saturday.It is actually quite entertaining.The director has manage to obtain good performances from the children.

There's Always a Thursday

Charles Victor shines
This is a B feature made by Twickenham studios for Rank.Charles Victors stars as a meek office worker who turns into a lingere wear king.Frances Day has a co starring role as the woman who provides the inspiration and wants to cash in.She is not quite the glamour girl of the forties but she still exhibits stunning curves.Jill Ireland has a small supporting role.

The Lion in Winter

Eleanor of Baaaston
This film is monotonous rubbish.Everybody is arguing with each other and trying to outact each other.Difficult to know who overacts more.I think the winner has to be Hepburn who is atrocious and her accent grating

The Comedy Man

Art imitating life
Moore's career was in the doldrums when he made this film,his first for two years.He was in a relationship with Angela Douglas,whom he called Shrimp as in this film This film seems to give an accurate idea of the desperation of actors without work.

Venus Peter

Great photography alone does not make a fine film
The photography is excellant but that's it.There is no narrative.Nothing very much happens other than isolated incidents.It really is not worth wasting your time on.

Double Bunk

Has its moments
With a cast that includes Price,James and Fraser it would be impossible to make a film without funny moments.The script is formulaic so any joke you laugh at is because of familiarity rather than originality.

The Deadly Affair

Excellant cast in grim thriller
I am not much of a fan of Le Carre,but the film is worth watching.for the excellant cast,save the actress paying Masons wife who was rather unintelligible.Grim story but interesting to see the London of that era.

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