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Las Vegas

Fast paced with a lot of Las Vegas action
I personally think that this is a great show. This show isn't really about the plot line and it's not heavy on drama. It's basically a fun show that you can sit back to without having to know too much background detail. Las Vegas is more about the characters and action that takes place in Vegas. It's realistic enough so that you actually feel as if you were in Vegas. The best part about the show? The cast. They are all great actors (..maybe not Delinda (molly sims)..but she gets better). Beautiful and talented cast. The second best thing.. the *whosh*es they use from scene to scene. Very Vegas like. Reminds me of the show Fastlane (2002) fox.


No.. i really don't care what you haters say. I thought it was a good show. Yes.. it was highly advertised, had a great cast, good plot and critics loved it. Where did it go wrong who knows? It's like the OC... trust me.. at first it was off to a slow start, but Fox gave it a chance and now it's one of the hottest shows. Too bad Skin was gone after just 3 weeks.

About D.J Cotrona (great actor as well as hella hot!) and Oliva Wilde (played Alex the one who want out with Marissa in OC). His family hated hers and from there on it's war. Yet, these 2 teenagers love each other. to summarize-- Modern Romeo and Juiliet.

Fox only aired 3 eps. though they filmed 8eps. If you want to catch it.. watch SOAPnet in april. the 8eps will air.

i beg you! BRING BACK SKIN!

North Shore

North Shore
Many people missed out on this show. The thing is that critics analyst everything. It's entertainment.. and really in the end.. that's more than enough. It had a HOT CAST. Have you seen the people in it. Some include Brooke Burns, Amanda Righetti, Corey Sevier, Jay k. Johnson. It's set in Hawaii and the scenes are just amazing. It's very clear and it just feels so good to look at. One of my favorite shows including Fastlane and Skin.

Check out the theme song... Home in Paradise-- Unwritten Law Another hot song... Slide Along Side--Shifty.

Any questions.. i'll be more than happy to help.. hit me up celiachung2@hotmail.com


Hot Show
This was one hot show. About undercover cops Peter F.(married to Jennie Garth), Bill Bellamy (from The Brothers, Love Stinks) and Tiffani Amber T (from saved by the bell). Yes.. it has lots of cliché.. but it's entertainment.. and at the end. That's what really counts. The show is strongly rated PG13. Cop show what do you expect? Some bloody scenes and lots of sex.

I would classify it as a Fatansy show. They go to so much, yet they never die. But the idea and plot and stuff was awesome. Is my all time favorite show :) Check it out at tvtome.com/Fastlane <--- there were some people posting download sites online. Friendly place. Go forum

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