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Rim of the World

Just bad. So bad.
I have started to wonder why I'm still paying for Netflix.

Blade Runner 2049

1 hour movie stretched to 2,5h
Boring ! It could be a good episode of Blade Runner 2049 TV Show... This film was stretched to maximum. Number of unnecessary scenes that did not brought a thing to a picture. Ultra stretched scenes so you had to watch, with painful background music, with no action or dialogue was awful!! I think this is worst movie of 2017 in boring category. It was a pain to watch !!!

This Is the End

No respect for the viewer !
I think these days it's just enough to put enough celebrities in the movie to make money.

No script at all, no story, nothing.

No acting, no dialogs, nothing.

Film makers assumed (I think correctly) that today's viewers are total idiots.

I seriously can't understand now someone could find this movie funny.

I must admit that last five minutes of this movie was OK. If first 100 would be at the same level this movie could be considered OK.

It's just sad !

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