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The Secret: Dare to Dream

Poor acting and plot. Shame the subject is wonderful.
Katie Holmes is terrible. After all these years, she still acts on sceen like Joey Potter. That scene when she finds he knew her husband. Jeez. I wouldn't have slapped him. I would have wanted to know about every last minute he spent with my husband. So egotistical of her. Better read the novel than wasting time with this awful movie.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Never tought i will cry at a horror movie
Floria summs up well this serie and the Haunting of Hill house: it about all kinds of love stories that intersect.

The Summit

The narative gets confusing
The narative gets back and forth and you often ask who's this, what happened to him.


Too hysterical.
The fear and hysteria overshadows everything. Waste of time.

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