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Evil Dead

Lost 2 hours of my life
It just doesn't make any sense. Lot of blood for nothing. It is just to many. I am sick if this. I would rather be in jail than see this movie again. The point is, that when i am seeing a movie i expect to have feelings for someone, but the movie force us to have feelings for who? For the one, who is trying to kill everyone the whole movie? Thats just wrong. The whole thing is bad and waste of money, time and life. Poor human cells. They needed to absorb this king of stuff. For everyone, who want to see a good movie, please, don't do this. The original movies from the old times was good, because of the less powerful effect. They needed to do it somehow and that was, what gave the old movies that kind of strange filthy mood.

Big Fish

This movie reminds me story of me and my father, before he died on cancer
My father was a brilliant sculptor and a great visionary. When I was a kid, I never could explain what he was doing. I got it a month before his death when i was 26. This film filled my eyes with tears, because it reminded me him. he had a lot of ideas and brilliant and original ideas for improving the world, but for all his life he could not sell it to anyone, because those ideas filled his whole day. Literally. His whole apartment was filled with papers. Thank you for this movie. Thank you for the message. I would add a note that when we dream, we are escaping from the world of facts and truths. When my father said that if you think of anything in life, you have to write it down because what comes to your mind it never comes again it changed my life. Now I'm writing a book - a novel from environment of Mesopotamia and that just because my father was someone who believed in imagination and creative values​​.

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