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Delhi Safari

Good entertainment, great message
A group of animals decide to journey across the country (from Mumbai to Delhi) to save their home. They are in danger of loosing their home as a deforestation process is underway.

It is not possible for the animals to communicate with the humans. But there is someone; a talking parrot who knows-understand-can talk both human language and certainly of animal. So, they start for Delhi.

Well, the message of the movie is simple: stop being cruel to the animal, stop deforestation. Save the wilderness, save the world. The character development, the story everything was really good. The movie is full of entertainment and fun. The people who watch Bollywood movies must be able to catch and understand the sense of humor presented in the movie.

At some point of the movie I got afraid that the movie has lost its way; may be it will not be able to finish its journey as I was expecting. But finally I was satisfied about the way it delivered the message to the human, the way voice of "animal" reached the human.

Something disappointed me about the script: the songs! I think they were unnecessary. I think this is the high time for the peers of the Bollywood film industry and the directors, producers, screen writers to understand that the main thing of a movie that makes it great is its story.

Bollywood dare to make a 3D animation and I think they made it good. Thanks to Mr. Advani. I would recommend you to watch the movie and I am sure you will be entertained and you will be agitated by the words being delivered by Alex the parrot! I rated it 9/10; actually I wanted to give 8.5. Without the songs it could have 9.5!

6 Bullets

Good action, not a bad movie
Van Damme is an ex-mercenary. He is an expert in finding missing children. One of his successful operation results in death of 4 including 2 children. Though he succeeded to rescue one child his mission results some collateral damage. However, he stopped doing this job.

After six months a couple came to him for finding out their child. Van Damme again get back in action.

So, this is the story in short. The movie is well acted, full of action, story is good. If you like action thrillers this movie is for you. The movie has got some interesting twist too. Sex trafficking, child abuse, government high official involvement in such offenses are presented in this movie.

One thing I didn't like: directly mentioning the name of the country. It could have been avoided.

Storage 24

A 24 hour journey
If you are a sci-fi lover and if you have enough leisure time in your hand you are welcome to watch this piece of fiction horror movie. I have started to watch it and was counting when the run time will be finished.

A military plane crashing causes an experimental animal to get free and kill people without any mercy. The people were stacked in a storage. The monster kills the people inside the facility one by one and the question is how many will survive and how they will get out of the storage. I don't want to spoil any further. If you really want to do some experiment with your temperament you watch it.

As a die hard fan of sci-fi (as well as horror) genre I kept myself sit in the chair for the whole movie and it seemed really 24 hours for me. The plot is simple, the monster is nothing new and there is no story to follow, just go and get killed.

I gave it 3/10 as the actors did try to do their job (get killed, try to survive, talk to each other etc. etc.). The movie have some funny elements too those made me laugh! So, watch it if only you have a lot (really a lot) of free time in your hand and have nothing to watch!!

Sammy's avonturen: De geheime doorgang

Well, well, well. Good movie for kids... but enjoyable to anyone!!
I have finished watching the movie right now and I am totally satisfied with it.

I am fond of animated movies till i watched "The Monster Ink". While I started "Sammy's Adventure" I was a little bit confused about it. As the plot of the movie is the ocean and one of my most favorite movies (Finding Nemo) also plotted there, I thought, better to say was afraid, the movie will fail to reach my level of satisfaction. But at the end it got a good score from me.

Finding Nemo is certainly a classic movie and I guess with a similar plot no movie will be able to overtake its image and appeal. But this adventure touched me with one of its unique feature that HUMAN DO THINK FOR THE NATURE.

Someone may find this one too easy going, may be slow moving, but I assure you take your kids with you, go back to your childhood and watch the movie. You will enjoy I am sure. If you don't have a kid, no matter go to your old days.

So, I think this is a good movie for kids... but enjoyable to anyone!!

Srabon Megher Din

A Good Example of Enjoyable Bangla Movie
The title "Srabon Megher Din" means simply "a day in a rainy season". I have watched the movie in theater about 10/11 years ago when I was a college student. The movie can be called a love story where Meher Afroz Shaon fall in love with Zahid Hasan. Another character Mahfuz Ahmed also loves that girl who was brought to their village by her father. Shaon is a village girl who is a little bit moody in type. She loves Zahid but try to hide it sometimes. The story proceeds on. Zahid is a musician. Visitors from the town; specially the doctor lady and her younger sister likes Zahid a lot. But their grandfather did not like it. In this movie a viewer will find the serenity of the villages in Bangladesh, simplicity of the village people, their hospitality to the guests, love, affection. The movie gives us the chance to share some events of the great Liberation War in 1971. The story of the movie is based on the novel with the same title by Humayun Ahmed. Humayun Ahmed is a good script writer as well as director. The performance of the characters in the movie was really up to the mark. If you watch the movie and be able to catch and understand Bangali sentiment you must enjoy it.


Just Brilliant
The movies which deal with survival of a person I just like them most. I can recall the movie Cast Away by Tom Hanks where Tom fought against his loneliness and time to get rid of the island. That was a master peace for sure. In this movie I found that tension, that appeal for live which is the feedback mechanism of a human being to survive and to ensure his existence. The best thing in this movie from my point of view is that it gives us the message "Don't give up". Whatever be the end result try your level best and continue trying. The movie deals with human psychology and certainly the main character should be given A+ for his superb acting and expression; both physical and psychological. The feeling of pain was expressed in such a way that I was confused if he was feeling pain in real or it was acting! Sometimes the woods, the rocks, the dog, the dead people or a dangerous man eater could be more than enough to make a film with few dialogues. It is a great work.

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