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Superb Movie
This movie is just a classic of all love stories. It can easily compete with any Hollywood film in terms of story line,technical departments. Direction by Mani Sir is just superb. Using fog as a medium of communication in a scene before the climax shows his approach towards passion film making. Cinematography by P C Sreeram is another asset to the film. The locations of Ooty are captured in a different and unique manner. His usage of light in the film is awesome. Shooting the Om Namaha song using a trolley has stand out as an landmark till now. Sets by Thota Tharani are natural and fit the quiet and romantic atmosphere. Actors performances are good. They act naturally without letting the love and pain feelings fade away. Totally an out standing film. The best love story according to me. I've seen this movie like 100 times. Music by Maestro Ilaiya Raaja sir lifts the movie to a new level. The back ground scores of the movie elevate certain scenes. Lyrics by Veturi added a new flavour to the music. Lyrics of Nandi Konda song are a new kind. Om Namaha and O paapa Laali are songs which perfectly suit the narration of the story.

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