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The only place for sports news
I have always, and always will love, Sportscenter. The Big Show. It is the only show where you can be completely informed on almost all goings on in the major (and minor) sports, and have a least a few laugh out loud chuckles. I love the catch phrases by anchors such as Stuart Scott, Dan Patrick, and Kenny Mayne. And Mayne is so deadpan. It's hilarious. The intro is really awesome as well... "Sportscenter: NOW" Dan dan da, dan dan da.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

I saw this one when it first came out and haven't stopped laughing. Blinkin is definitely my favorite character, and when he is having a sword fight with the pole... priceless. Also check for Richard Lewis' mobile mole.

Perfect Strangers

My fave show
Well i think this show was brilliant. Granted, the plot lines were at times predictable, but then again, for what show of the same era were they not? And even if the writing wasn't the best, the two leads were great together. I think they had kinetic chemistry with each other, and Mark Linn- Baker was VERY underrated. And one guy on here said that Baker's comedic timing was off? What would would this doofus know about comedic timing, anyway? I though they were both "perfect" for their roles. For me, a timeless show.

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