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Bobby Loves Mangos

PERFECT script, but mediocre acting
With a few words, this is one of the best storylines there are. It seems to be kinda mysterious and sci-fi in the beginning, but turns all things upside down in the end and shows how stupid people can get and (no offense guys) especially in the US, where there seems to be a paranoia about.... I wont tell anything. Just watch it if you get the chance. It's worth it. 8/10 (because of the average or even BAD acting).

California Sunshine

VERY good!
I had heard many good words about this one before watching it. I even knew how the story goes. But seeing it actually is very different and I must admit it was very good.The best part was the preacher's expression when he realized he was drugged and what followed after that. Although the redemption of the two men in the end wasn't that convincing. 8/10.

Senaste Nytt

Unusual, bizarre and EXTREMELY funny and unpredictable! I had many laughs with it in just 3 minutes that it lasts! There aren't many other words that could describe it! A must see! Cheers to the director and the writer (the same?)!

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Worse than typical Hollywood!
Before I went to the cinema and watch it, I didnt expect much, but I was more than sure that it would have many thrills and good action scenes. In the first few minutes I was watching with great interest; some good fight scenes, some anachronisms and hope that these good actors will pull something good out of this! Later on I realized that Tarantino wished to make a manga style movie (not only from the actual manga cartoon that were added in the movie), which I didnt mind at all, cause I really enjoy cartoon or comic feeling in a movie. What I watched afterwards though had nothing to do with mangas or anything similar, but more like a cheap imitation of them! TOO many idiotic dialogues plus fight scenes with extreme duration (and totally simplistic) made it a VERY low quality film comparing to what I originally expect, which wasnt too much anyway! My opinion: Avoid! My grade: 3/10!


Unbelievably funny!
Ok maybe being greek is important to understand SOME of the laughs in this movie (due to some word playing and a few political reference scenes), but it's a unique piece of film making and acting. Especially the part with police officer Beka made laugh with tears! It's the greek version of Pink Panther, but even more hilarious if you ask me (and I line Pink Panther movies)! It'd be unnecessary to say anything more about the plot (it'd be a spoiler too), so I just conclude by recommending this to anyone (Greek or not) who's in a mood for a funny movie.

Batman: Dead End

Very good short one!
I have to say that it's one of the best sci-fi shorts I've ever watched. Perfect atmosphere and dark as batman should be on the big screen. I give it 8/10 and not 10/10, just because the whole story was not original. It's still great though. Watch it.

Loufa kai parallagi

A greek gem among trash!
The movie's story starts a few days before the 21st of April of 1967, when a group of colonels initiated a military coup (junta) in Greece. The main character, a soldier (cinematographer in his profession), who served at the border line, is transfered to the army's movie center in Athens, where the first steps of greek television took place.

While being close to his wife, kid and his friends (cinematographers as well, serving in the army's movie center), this guy (and his fellow men at arms) never stopped being under question from their senior officers for their "controversy" political beliefs (communism was a target back then).

Even going through a hard time, even after the beginning of the coup, this team of soldiers go through numerous of funny situations, which I dont know if non-greek persons will appreciate in a the same degree as I (or any other Greek) have.

Totally recommended movie... 9/10.

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