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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Excellent interpretation....
I had put off viewing this movie because I was sure it would be the cinematic butchery of an ingenious novel. I was wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It did follow the book, but allowed the actors interpretations of their characters to give the film a spark of life.

I was pleasantly surprised, and even impressed, with the portrayals.

For any fans of the book, I recommend this movie. This is not a case of the movie being a an insult to a great story. This project placed the characters of Adam's piece into very capable hands. The actors bring those characters created in a wonderfully witty story to life on the big screen.

If you have never read the book, you will probably be lost. Certain aspects of the movie are not explained in detail, so knowing the book will make the story more understandable. If you do not like the book, do not watch the movie.

Masked Rider

This show was awful! Right down there with the power rangers!
I was subjected to this and other cheesy shows int he same genre thanks to having to be around younger kids at the time. I remember groaning and moaning and wishing for a quick, painless death when this was on. The dialog was cheesy, the plots were absurd, the villains looked as real as Pam Anderson's chest.

Granted, TJ Roberts was a skilled martial artist. Martial arts training DOES NOT equal thespian skills. If he ever decided to try acting again, I hope it is after some lessons.

Another Saban attack unleashed on an unsuspecting viewing audience. ICK!


OMG! Stay away from this movie! You have been warned! MAY have spoilers!
I rented this movie because I am a huge Dudikoff fan. I figured it couldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong! At the 15 minute mark , I was begiing the others to let me rip the DVD out and fling it back to the rental store, but they refused. They swore it had to get better.

They were wrong! This movie was lacking everything. The actors delivered their lines with as much emotion as a comatose rock! The plot was ridiculous and I was offended that Hollywood assumed people were dumb enough to enjoy it. None of the characters interacted very well with each other. Ice-T gives one of his worst performances here.

After watching footage of the wrong plane, bad guys standing up to get shot, and clips being emptied and missing everything, I wanted to scream and bang my head on concrete. The movie hit its plateau of ignorance when the people on the space station used an elevator to travel. Space suits are not needed and there is gravity in space regardless of what real astronauts may say.

I didn't finish this movie and hated it. I don't want to finish this movie. This is slow suicide. I could feel my cerebral cortex planning to avenge the torture I put it through.

Alone in the Dark

I can see both sides...
I do understand why some people hate this movie, while others love it. Having been a fan of the game, I was disappointed the movie veered so far from the game. The movie could have had a better developed plot, characters with more depth, and less holes creating confusion. Many aspects of the movie are less than original. The idea of a parasite attaching itself to the spinal column and manipulating the nervous system sounds an awful lot like the Puppet Masters. The mad scientist doing experiments on humans has been used too much. Tara Reid should never be cast in ANYTHING. SHE CAN'T ACT! The special effects were OK. I give them a 4 out of 10 stars.

On the plus side, I thought the Abkani civilization was a great idea. Even though I am not a Christian Slater fan, I believe he fit the part well. The movie had great action sequences and kept you wondering what would happen next. Stephen Dorff was quite convincing as a power tripping, self absorbed son of a _______.

Sit back and watch the movie as if you have never heard of the game. Listen to what is being said, even though the dialogue can be cheesy at times. Actually see the whole area. If you can do this, the movie won't be as confusing.


This movie does not deserve a 7.6...
The great action scenes and Gun Kata brought this film from a one to a four.

I am very open minded regarding all types of artistic expression. I give everything a chance. This movie, by no means, earned a 7.6. The concept was excellent, but not something that has not been seen before. There are many instances in which this movie will remind those who have read Orwell of Animal Farm and 1984. The movie relied on violence too much. There were many plot holes and being given very little background on how the world evolved from what we have "now" to the Libria of the future , there are many questions unanswered. The actors for the most part were absolutely horrible within their roles, with the exception of Sean Bean as Partridge. Christian Bale is a highly overrated actor and Taye Diggs either overplayed or underplayed his part in every scene. He just couldn't get it right.

The plot was thin and stretched the imagination beyond its limits. Without background, jumping into a future world drastically different than the one we live in basically kills the movie in the beginning, because no one understands what triggered the change and how it happened. Pass on this. It is another great idea executed poorly.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen!
I saw the trailer for this and avoided it like the plague. It looked like another "Dude, Where's my Car" or something. Man, was I wrong! This movie was funny as h*ll! I haven't laughed so much at a movie in quite a long time. The stoners, the slackers, the buttoned up good girls with a bad girl inside, and many other characters are blended to create a fresh comedy. Granted, older people may not see the humor. If you don't like Cheech and Chong, Friday, Half-Baked and other movies of the sort, then this isn't for you. If you, like me, can see the humor in the movies just mentioned, then you need to rent this and have a good laugh.

I hope they do make a sequel. The chemistry between the lead characters is superb. They take the typical straight guy-lazy slacker routine, modernize it and give it a few twists. It works! These two should work together more often.

Slight Spoiler** Keep a lookout for Chris Meloni of Law and Order:SVU. He should do more comedy.

Office Space

This movie was hyped to me so much, I broke down and rented it. Several people told me repeatedly that I did not know what I was missing and needed to see this. Apparently, they think it is one of the funniest movies of all time.

I admit, this movie has it good points, but overall, it isn't good. The characters could have been used more wisely and for more comedic scenes. I would say it is watchable once and that is it.

If you want to laugh, find something else. This isn't the great movie people make it out to be. I believe people like this movie because everyone can relate to having a boss you would love to punch in the nose, that office machine that never works properly, and a job so bad you pray for natural disasters so you don't have to be tortured that day.

Behind Enemy Lines

This movie isn't as bad as it has been portrayed here...
I remember seeing this movie late one night. There was nothing else to watch, so I gave this a shot. I was pleasantly surprised. No, it does not have a big budget, so it is not going to rival a Hollywood blockbuster. If one goes into not expecting top of the line acting, cinematography, sound, and set then one probably won't be disappointed.

This is a B movie, so expect B move quality, not Spielberg. The plot was good, Thomas Ian Griffith is underrated. His martial arts skills are actually pretty good. He is not a small man, like Van Damme or Bruce Willis, but a physically imposing specimen, like Dolph Lundgren. Thisis the first movie Iremember seeing him in and I was impressed. If you want a way to kill an hour and a half, watch it.

Code Name: Eternity

Oh brother!
This could have been a pretty good series. Too bad the lack of plot, the terrible acting, and the fact that no one knew what the heck was going on sent it to television oblivion. Kavelaars sounds as if she is reading an obituary aloud. Bancroft is just downright annoying in his role as Ethaniel.

I watched this for a few episodes and decided it wasn't so bad. As time went on, I decided I had been wrong. The story lines went from tolerable to preposterous.

If tooled properly this might have been a great movie. As far as being a series, well, that just was not a good idea.

The Circuit

I remember this movie...
And I am now suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. This movie was horrible. It was boring, unrealistic, and the acting was dreadful. The best part of the movie was the end credits because that signaled the end of my torture.

Watching Gruner play the nice guy with moves of death and a heart of gold is wearing out its welcome. If I hear him say," I don't want to fight" one more time I will scream in frustration. He has potential, but he is picking the wrong scripts.

There were so many things in this movie I could nitpick, I would be typing for days. The worst would be Gruner blatantly plugging his own line of athletic gear. Then there is the gratuitous nudity, the requisite nosy reporter, and the bad guy wearing black. Skip this or suffer like I did.

Tales from the Hood

Not a "horror' movie, a call the the problems facing American society...
I watched this movie for the first time as a teenager. I thought this was going to a be a "black" version of Creepshow of Tales From the Crypt. It wasn't. This movie opened peoples eyes to "horrors" that plague Americans every day. The movie touched upon domestic abuse and the psychological effects it can have upon a child who experiences it or witnesses it. Police brutality and the "brotherhood" that calls for cops to cover each other made for a great story. The intolerance against those who vocalize the wrongs plaguing today's society is a part of that same "phase" in the movie.

The one part of the movie that affected me the most was the gang banging episode. Joe Torry is a gang banger out for the almighty dollar and couldn't care less about who he hurts to get it. When he is shown what his actions are perpetuating, the images are haunting and get anyone's attention.

The movie has it's share of gore, but uses horror to show viewers that the sociological, economical, and racial problems in this country are more horrifying than any idea a writer can produce.

The Godfather

WOW..believe the hype!
I remember having seen this movie many times when I was a teenager. All my friends swore this movie was great and anyone who didn't see it was missing out. I would watch a little of it here and there in between bouts of reading or napping. I was bored.

Fast forward almost 15 years. I am home and this movie is being shown in its entirety. I decide to give it one more try and see if I could understand what all the hype is about. I am glad I did! This movie is about emotions, which fuel every action a human commits. This time, there was no reading, no napping, just me telling my friend to be quiet so I wouldn't miss anything! I realized the movies Hollywood puts out today are awful! I have been watching many "older" movies lately and feel as if the viewers are being cheated to a point. There are no "classics" being made. People do not have a choice between seeing a mentally stimulating film or a 2 hour fluff film just to escape reality for a little while. There are no performances that match Brando, Caan, Pacino, and Duvall.

Marlon Brando was undeniably one of the best actors of the 20th century, even though he made light of his talent and profession. His turn as the Corleone patriarch was absolutely mesmerizing and should be considered some of the finest acting work ever captured on film. Caan's performance as the hotheaded Sonny shows how underrated this actor became. He captured the rage, anger, and disregard for health and life it takes to be a cold-hearted, ruthless "businessman". Yet, unlike today's "gangster" movies, his actions were glorified because the other side of the coin is taken into account, karma.

Pacino was definitely in rare form here. His latest movies don't live up to this performance. He showed the talent is there, but Hollywood doesn't require that anymore. Duvall, as always turned in a stellar performance.

This film captured the good, the bad, and the ugly of crime life and real life. It's riveting and will keep your attention. This film a 9/10.

Napoleon Dynamite

Don't believe the hype...definitely overrated.
I rented this movie because everyone had told me how great it was. I was lied to. This movie reminded me of another great cinematic achievement...Beavis and Butthead Do America. That movie was terrible and this one is just as bad. Jon Heder should never, ever step in front of the camera again. His lack of talent and skill is overly apparent in this film. The plot is as thin as Lara Flynn Boyle. This movie reminded me of what happens when bored teenagers get together and there are no parents around to stop them from doing absolutely ridiculous things. This is how the script must have come about, there were several bored people in a room with a notebook and a pen.

I can't believe this movie became a hit. Why people would want to watch this is beyond me. I didn't even finish the movie because it annoyed me so badly. I do remember when I pressed the stop button on the remote, the teenagers who were visiting started to complain. I heard from them that this was an awesome movie and everyone should watch it. I knew at that moment I had made the right decision.

Woman Thou Art Loosed

Had it's ups and downs.
*****MAY contain SLIGHT spoilers***** First, I want to to say the actual story was great. I could identify with Kimberly Elise's character so much when it came to learning how to let the past go. I understand that even as she moved from level to level, she unknowingly dragged all the baggage with her. I think the story was absolutely engaging. I felt as if she was letting me take a place in her mind and walk a mile in her shoes. This is one of the rare movies that has the viewer totally engrossed in the character, watching the character and at the same time, feeling the emotions of the character. This movie also opens your own psyche and unbeknownst to the viewer, your harbored pain and anger begins to come out. You begin to think about the past and the events that scarred you and shaped the road of your life.

There were some electrifying performances in this film. Kimberly Elise should definitely have been an Oscar contender for this role. Loretta Devine , as usual, turned in a wonderful performance and was totally absorbed by her character allowing her to come across as someone we could all possibly know. Clifton Powell's turn as a complete scumbag and scoundrel who later finds God was amazing. He totally captured the duplicity that lurks within every person. His soul and actions were definitely a battleground for evil. Debbi Morgan's turn as the aunt has shown how far she has come since her days as Angie on All My Children.

Now, there are some problems with the movie. First, TD Jakes definitely plugs himself and his work throughout the movie. He should also stick to preaching and give up acting. The cutting from the actual story to his sermons can get annoying. Just as you become engrossed in the movie, the scene cuts to Jakes preaching on the pulpit. Also, it seems that every TV station in this city carries only TD Jakes because everybody watches him. This has to be one of the most shameless attempts to plug I have ever seen. He also comes across as believing his own press. Listen for the "....THE man of God himself" introduction at the revival. Somewhat conceited? Overall, I would tell any woman, or man for that matter, to take a look at this movie.


Awful, awful, awful!
This movie sucked! The plot is ridiculous, Natalie Desselle is a loudmouth whose talents become nil when she isn't yelling or doing overly exaggerated gestures. Everyone has that one mistake in her professional life that she would love to forget about and this is Halle's.

Halle plays a good toothed gold digger with dollar signs in her eyes and the voice of her equally greedy cohort in her ear. They come into contact with a rich white man and put into a scam to get his greenbacks. They move in with this man and pretend to be related to him when he is found to be terminally ill.

The Breaks

Laughing my butt off!
This movie is absolutely hilarious! It is from the same genre as Friday, about a typical day in the hood for Derrick, except Derrick isn't typical. Derrick is a white boy living in the hood. He was raised by a black family from early childhood and he identifies himself as black, although he is a pale Irish child.

I have to say, from the very beginning, which was funny as hell and quite creative, to the end, I was laughing. This movie is not dull at all. Mullany has a knack for creating entertaining comedy and keeping the audience amused, even if the plot can get outrageous at points. This is definitely one to watch.

Unhappily Ever After

This show was horrible. It was a direct clone of Married with Children, but in the place of Buck the dog, they had a stuffed animal voiced by Bobcat Golthwait. The first time I saw this, I was disgusted by how low the people who created this crappy show had stooped.

I just could not believe that an obvious carbon copy show with extra crudeness and lewdness like this one had made it onto my television screen. Also, schizophrenia was obviously seen as comedic fodder, because the idea that a stuffed animal can give advice and be someone's best pal is psychotic if you ask me. This is another show that should be forgotten.


I remember this show...
I was pretty young when this show ran, but I remember thinking it wasn't as good as some of the other shows I watched. I was surprised it ran for that many seasons, seeing as how it was mediocre.

Stephanie Hodge was not funny at all. She tried to be the witty, sharp tongued, independent feminist, but came across as loud and obnoxious. She was no different on that absolutely lame show called Unhappily Ever After. Arnetia Walker did not do her best work here. I remember seeing her in an episode of NYPD Blue and being amazed at how good an actress she was. This show was just not a showcase for talent.

I think with a little retooling and some cast changes, it could have been much better.

Street Justice

I enjoyed this....
I was twelve when I ran across this show back in the early 90s. I have to say, I was impressed back then. There was action, the stories were good, and each episode was interesting. Carl Weathers was coming off his 80s fame from movies such as Action Jackson and Predator. The rest of the cast were relatively unknown, at least on the 12 year old circuit.

Of course, there is always the story of the breakout star. In season two, Boudreax got a new partner named Eric Rothman, played by a then unknown actor named Eric McCormack who would end up on a little show called Will and Grace.

Bryan Genesse has gone on to infamy in the B movie circuit. Granted, he has potential. If given the right scripts and marketing, he could be a contender in the action movie business, but he makes the B versions for now.

There was just the right mix of action and dramatic scenes to keep the show from falling into a creative rut. I wish it had lasted longer and that it would be released on DVD.


Don't be fooled! This movie is nauseating!
This movie is not worth the time it takes to put it in the VCR or DVD player! Michael Dudikoff and Lisa Howard are two bounty hunters in love, yet they are total opposites. She is ambitious and organized, while he is laid back and totally scatter brained.

In this movie, bad guys are chasing Jersey Bellini (Dudikoff's character). This opens the door to bad Godfather impressions, ludicrous fight scenes, and Tony Curtis playing the most effeminate looking mob boss I have ever seen! The ending has to be the most...unbelievable scene I have seen in a movie in quite some time. I would believe the Terminator, even the Matrix, has a better chance of possibly being true than this ending! This movie just reeks of cheapness. The script had to have hit someone as being totally ridiculous. Yet, the green light was given for this piece of dung to be made and let loose on on unsuspecting public. I watched this movie with several other people who all agreed that we had been cheated. No one in the group could say anything good about the film except that it was over.

Soldier Boyz

Not bad, not bad at all.....
First, I have to say, if you sit down to watch a movie and you will bash it for being preposterous or not true to reality, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I would suggest documentaries for you.

This is a movie in which Michael Dudikoff plays a character named Toliver, who is a counselor at a prison or possibly a youth detention center. He works with the worst of the worst offenders, gang members, potential serial killers, and parent killers. When the daughter of an influential man is kidnapped while doing charity work in Vietnam, Toliver is asked to get her back. Toliver was a bad *ss special operations soldier who gave up the life after his wife and daughter were killed in a drive by shooting meant to kill gang members. Toliver accepts the position and is given the right to choose whomever he wishes from the pool of lowlifes and scumbags at his disposal. He picks several and off they go to Vietnam to get the girl with the rich daddy back from the evil American hating Vietnamese kidnappers.

Yes, the plot is totally preposterous and not at all plausible, but the movie is actually well done considering this was a made for TV movie. The acting isn't great, but it seems that most of these actors were new to the business and this was just a publicity showcase. There are the clichéd underlying themes of evil turning good, learning to put your differences aside to help others, and working as a team. Toliver is the typical iron fisted ruler who wants his "kids" to do well but won't let emotion show.

Overall, not a bad way to spend a few hours time. It's actually one of his best movies.

Counter Measures

This movie was painful to watch.
This was touted as a sequel to Crash Dive, which was a very good film in the low budget category. I assumed this movie would be good also, but boy was I wrong. First, this movie has nothing to do with Crash Dive other than they both take place on submarines. Secondly, the plot can be slow, tedious, and in some cases, totally preposterous.

This movie will not hold most people's attention. (I remember reading a book during the slow, boring scenes.) There will be scenes that are supposed to be used for dramatic effect that will make the viewer laugh out loud. The corkscrew scene is definitely one. After I got over my initial shock that anyone would slip this in and not know people would not only disbelieve it but laugh at the sheer silliness of it, I was able to find humor in it.

If you want to see MD in a good sub flick, watch Crash Dive and leave this lame film on the shelf.

The Silencer

Actually, a good low budget movie.
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Considering the quality of the movies Dudikoff had been in at that time, I was going in expecting very little. This movie suckered me. It had a good plot, the characters were more developed than most in low budget films, and the movie had a nice pace.

Dudikoff turned in one of his best performances in this flick. He is more vocal and physically expressive in this role. His acting had come a long way by the time he did this film. This role also blended with his age and persona moreso than other films he did in this time period. He wasn't trying to play the young hero, this was a middle aged, world wise man and he captured the look very well. Brennan Elliot did an OK job, although he tended to overact in some scenes. Also, his "bad guy" is totally unconvincing.

If you have a few hours to kill, this movie is a good way to do it.

Fugitive Mind

One of Dudikoff's turkeys
This movie is getting bad ratings because it deserves them. Do not be fooled, this is not a science fiction movie. It is a drama revolving around a plot to assassinate a politician.

I have been a Michael Dudikoff fan for about 15 years. I have to say this is one of his worst films. The plot is underdeveloped. The acting is terrible, except for Langenkamp and Dudikoff. They do good jobs with what they are given. Michelle Greene however definitely deserves a mention here. Her idea of acting here is walking around in miniskirts and trying to convey "the ruthless woman" that lurks within her. She fails miserably. Hedison is miscast here. He does not present an authoritative figure, which his character is supposed to be. He comes across as confused and out of his element, more as a puppet than a decision maker.

The visuals are never quite right; every scene being too dark, too bright, filmed too closely, filmed too far away, etc. The movie definitely could have been better. The sound is horrible. Even with surround sound and the volume being loud enough to produce the "static background" effect, the actors words are inaudible in some cases.

I suggest passing this one up. If you want to see a good Dudikoff film, try Avenging Force, Strategic Command, the Silencer, or Soldier Boyz.


Absolutely awful!
I was a young teenager when this movie was released and back then I watched it with some of my buddies who swore this movie was awesome. I did get a few laughs from the movie, but I wasn't impressed. Fast forward several years to when I was a young adult and I saw this movie on television. I tried watching it again, but even the few laughs I remembered from earlier were gone. This movie just stood out as absolutely lame.

This movie was another vehicle for Pauly Shore. Granted, none of his work will ever win a SAG or an Oscar, but this was low even for him. The movie centers around to druggie slackers who end up crashing an environmental experiment known as the Bio Dome. By the time they are discovered, it is too late to cast the buffoons out as the dome has already been sealed, which it will be for the duration of the one year experiment. Shore and Baldwin manage to annoy everyone and sabotage the whole experiment. They do, however, find time to do interesting activities such as pass gas and smell the noxious odors in order to figure out what the person passing gas has eaten.

In the end, these two loser manage to right all the wrongs, become celebrities, and get the girls who left them because they were so lame. I do believe this movie was the beginning of the end of the careers of both Shore and Baldwin.

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