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The Lost City of Z

If you like cheap Indian melodramas go ahead and waste over 2 hours on this quite unremarkable production. It's like a high-schooler's first attempt at a script tossing in all the overused tricks that might impress an immature audience. As bad as a soup opera but way longer (so should I say as bad as 5 soup operas?)...

Toni Erdmann

I waited for 77 minutes for something -- ANYTHING! -- to happen. Nada! No hook, not one intelligent or funny dialog line, N O T H I N G! The most idiotic and boring 77 minutes ever recorded.

An uber unfunny old dude monkeying around in a desperate --but futile! -- attempt at qualifying this waste of film for the comedy genre ...

The script is so stupid that you can see the actors being ashamed of reciting the lines while trying hard not to fall asleep.

And the high marks (yup, IMDb misled me AGAIN!) that this retarded production got can't but be a clear sign that humans are losing their minds, it MUST be something in the air ...

Fifty Shades of Grey

what a joke! Run!
holy cow, I was determined not to read the badly written book, like so many millions of dumbs read it just for having an insane brit PR and I did not want to see da stupid movie. But I do stupid s**t when I'm drunk (like posting inanities online; 2 FB sites banned me just today ..) Well, anyway, being drunk and unable to post on the sites that just banned me I saw this monstrosity. OK now, she is somehow sweet, but no big deal (decent eyes and lips, mediocre boobs), the script is insanely idiotic, the dialog lines are retarded, the dude (while decent from the neck down) has a face and voice that you wanna puke! An involuntary badly written/directed comedy that will totally ruin yer day, period!


Overall a 7.77 movie. Intelligent story/script, good acting, directing and editing. In the first 50 mins I was so hooked up that I forgot to go out for a smoke ...

Then, suddenly, some things became predictable; I said *some*, not all the plot to the end, so stop jumping on my haircut.

I believe that time travel IS doable to the point where we can change our past (AND, thus, our so called present or future): what would the big deal be? -- we'll just relocate in some parallel universe/reality the instant we change a certain past.

I also believe that our ONLY unattainable limit is the Absolute Knowledge, since that would mean Absolute Power: a concept that my logic cannot deal with and, therefore, there can't be no god ......

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

What a sad joke ..
Really childish movie, this planet is going dumber by the minute. Obviously the dudes well-connected enough to write for Hollywood can't … umm … write.

Just a few points: (1) not one intelligent (or at least funny) line of dialog in over 140 minutes; (2) The "Games" started after 81 worthless minutes; can't they afford to hire some reasonably intelligent dude to do some editing?; (3) The characters were one-dimensional (like in some fourth grader first attempt at writing): the big bro and the peace keepers-- ALL-EVIL, while Jennifer and her buddies were ALL-WONDERFUL; (4) The "Games" were ridiculously uncreative: poisonous fog that can be treated with water, really?!; (5) Not one twist during 146 min, except for the lame one (cuz it was overly expected, since it has to be at least some twist in any movie, right?) with the games director in the end.

If you're not part of the ridiculous tribe of low IQed 11-yo schoolgirls worshiping Bieber: RUN! My rating: 3/10

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