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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Evan Hansen is a loner and tries to take medication to cope with his social anxiety and depression. But that he "meets" on accident another loner Connor Murphy on the outside is a jerk but on the inside he is lonely and suffering the same thing.

    He kills himself and Evan kind of feels a kinship to him. He waves a bunch of lies to say that he was "friends" with Connor as he is come off a broken arm and lies about how he broke that arm as you will have to see the film to find out why.

    He tries to bring himself to Connor's grieving family and starts a courtship with that of their surviving child, daughter Zoey who feels mad at the attention her now late brother has gotten but gets to "know" him through Evan.

    As a letter surfaces from Evan to himself but everybody thinks that it is from Connor to Evan. Yet again a lie.

    As Evan starts on the other hand to fill appreciative there, he must hide those lies. Or will they come back and cost him the respect and friendship he tried so hard to overcome?

    Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Danny Pinto, offer support along with Kaitlyn Dever as his love interest.

    Bet Platt is the titular character and can act and sing and dance. Charm you despite his social awkwardness in the film.

    Shows over in mental health and emotional health as well. It is OK not to be OK.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not as good as the original. But still cute as Wednesday is the main character as Morticia and Gomez take a backseat a bet as well as Fester and Pugsley there.

    As the family is being followed by a scientist hiring a lawyer and strongman throughout the movie there. To see if the scientist is Wednesday's biological father.

    And being smart and reading minds, the unusually stoic older Addams child is curious to see if the Addams family is her real family or that the scientist is using her for his own gain.

    In order to get away from them and spending time as the kids are becoming teens there, to go in a camper for three weeks on a road trip. Knowing it could be one of the few last times.

    Still not as good but cute nonetheless the sequel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Three scenarios for the lead actor. In the James Wolk as the title role as his graduation that in 2011 from college.

    That will involve his personal and not just professional life. As a cop, doctor, and musician. Whether he will marry one person or another. Or whether he will be in the having children or not .

    Or stay single and childless.

    So far the show and NBC have their work cut out for them. Just hope it will give James W a long term show as he is a gifted but underrated actor who has not had a show last as long like in CBS "Zoo". In the three years or little.

    Really have their work cut out for them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having fighters who can act there. As really a movie that Asian Americans can be proud of. Adding humor, adventure, depth, and humanity all rolled up on in one

    Shaun who's Chinese name is Shan Chi and his best friend, Katy work as park valets. Not knowing that their lives will take on more meaning besides dead end jobs.

    Shaun tries to not have his past be in public even with his best friend there. As he is not proud of it and tries to move on.

    And that after a bus incident that Katy does not know Shaun is the title character and he reveals his past via note from his estranged sister. Or is it from her. His sister, Xu who runs a fighting and nightclub mixed in one in China.

    As their childhoods went in different directions due to their father favoring Shaun over his sister there. Is part of it. But the three main character realize that something bigger than they are as the ten rings reveal their destiny not just Shaun's.

    Not just you will see how Shaun and Xu's mother died but also that why his own father favored him and in the end was very disappointed in him in not keeping a promise there. Leading to Shaun trying to eschew his past.

    Simu Liu makes a handsome action star who can also act. Awkwafina brings comic relief and finds out that she has something much more to offer

    Support by Michelle Yeoh and Tony Leung as Shaun and Xu's father and the main antagonist of the film. The latter has his own reasons despite being the villain but with depth and humanity a bit. You do not want to dislike him.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some corrupt CIA agents tried to take over with the main Five 0 leads rounded up and in the younger ones of Tani, Junior, and new agent Liu and in the going to Magnum and his buddies for help.

    As Junior is kidnapped over leverage of a CIA nook list that Five 0 kept from falling into the wrong hands. And both cast members team up in order to save Junior from his kidnappers and release the rest of the Five 0 team

    Glad to see Magnum and Detective Gordon K love/hate relationship work and in the bickering there. As not yet but they the producers and audience want Magnum and Higgins to get together. But that would end the show.

    Still hate that Five 0 was canceled. But it was enjoyable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The late Paul Burke as Adam Flint forced by the NYPD against his will to go to Sing Sing over in the watching death by electric chair killer Phil Hames that will have other law enforcement officials and reporters in and out of town over it.

    He arrested the man and that the man had no remorse and killing two officers. He killed anybody that got in his way.

    Noble Adam Flint did not take his life as he let the judge and jury decide his fate. And gunning down any kind of law enforcement will get you condemned on the spot.

    Glad they did not show the electrocution and saw the faces and in the sweat of those witnesses. In their point of view. As except for one outburst there by Flint, they sat silent and glued.

    Adam examines his own life and in that over in watching the state of NY end the life of a remorseless killer.

    There are special places in you know where, not heaven mind you, For people like Phil Hames.

    They do not make shows like this and it had nothing to do with GOP or Democrats. But about a life for a life. If this was shown these days, it would be politicizing there.

    Great acting and the real star is the NY City there. 10/10 Look for a young Gene Hackman as a reporter there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    She plays a mercenary taken under the wing of Samuel L Jackson who found her as a child. And is like a second father to her.

    But now that she tries to separate her violent life to that of a "meek" but smart book store owner in London UK

    As she tries to find out that due to her mercenary job that people try to attack on those she loves and knowing these heartless assassins will not stop until she is put six feet under. And needs to get to them before they get to her and her loved ones.

    Movie is full of a bit surprises and that over in helping out in Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton as support. Maggie Q can kick butt and act!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really the Sheriff and the ATF agents had good chemistry. And really think that wished they would had done it more often

    But really even though Brennan got a bit humanized and needed the sheriff's help there. But it does not excuse him for his attitude to the locals and others

    Louis Freeh the FBI Director at the time, had to clean up the mess after the complaints and fiasco over the aloof FBI not playing nice.

    That is when the help began. And the arrogance of the FBI finally showed.

    Meanwhile Kathy Scruggs over her career now tanking down over blasting poor Richard Jewell and his family. She would die of a drug overdose later on.

    She and the FBI brought it on themselves.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ryan Reynolds is mild mannered video player or is he not knowing that he is a background character in a video game named Guy living in a place called Free Place hence the title about. Doing the same thing over and over day like ordering the same coffee and kissing his goldfish.

    He later breaks out of the norm and in with some glasses and in trying to get his best friend Buddy, a bank security guard he works with in a bank and finally realizes more to life

    Unknowing they are living in a game as real people play them. As one person the villain named Antoine is stealing a game from a couple named Keys and Millie as the latter is Molotov in a game like a Lara Croft like player.

    Now that the couple must try to get back what they own over Antoine while playing the game and saving the players and game on it. As Antoine plans to get the credit and money. All the young couple wants is just to have the game credited to them.

    Really likable characters led by Ryan Reynolds. Just a free funny time there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Both carry the movie with wit and charm. Johnson is Frank a con artist with a heart of gold and steam boat captain that has a secret you will have to find out

    Blunt is Lily the female version of Indiana Jones who is not fearful of almost anything when I say almost you have to see her Achilles heel so see why again.

    As they search over for the healing power in the Tree of Life. That could help in modern medicine for the future, set in during WWI.

    Jack Whitewall as Lily's reluctant non-athletic book smart younger brother MacGregor who is the perfect straight man foil to the two leads.

    As the trio face dangerous animals, hidden secrets, and a German aristocrat and nemesis, antagonist of the film played by Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemmons.

    A whale of a good time here. Ignore the critics. Will be entertaining and funny from top to bottom.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Due to acting and chemistry, as James Garner stars as troubled G-Men with a blend of arrogance and humor along with that over in trying to redeem himself after losing his wife of nearly thirty years and botching three fiascos like Waco Texas.

    Matlin is the deaf teacher that gets caught up and with a bus of school children also deaf taken by three vicious thugs. With no intent on letting anybody alive.

    Making matters worse is that of a power hungry State Attorney. But hope to de-escalate the situation is a female cop who has in the secrets of her own.

    It is saving the children, trying to redeem his law enforcement career, capture the criminals, and leaving there in one piece and no carnage. But the thugs make it harder. Along with politics and publicity seeking. But Garner and Matlin save the typical average kidnapping drama.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really had they asked for the locals help and really did not have a dismissive holier than thou attitude. Then they would had gotten Eric Rudolph off the streets as the sheriff tried to but he was turned down

    They did not come across as team players. Like that of ATF Earl Embry and his young partner Joel Holliway there. If they acted arrogant then it is that these people hopefully from what I hear, hated the description of being played as white poor trash.

    But then again FBI as much as it is respect and has the money and resources, but needs to be taken down a notch with their arrogance and holier than thou attitude. Really hope that they did not act like this in real life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lebron James replaces original star Michael Jordan that is now 25 years old this year 2021. Jordan was like retired briefly when the movie comes out mixing life imitating art there.

    Lebron is still playing in the NBA with trying to get through to his video game soon to be creator preteen son Dom. But Dom wants to be Dom and Lebron wants Dom to be like his own father. But when Don Cheadle plays a rogue AI that turns into life, he tries to turn son against father.

    And that when both get sucked into the video game AI there, Don tries to use his son and "befriend" Dom. While Lebron finally realizes why his "son" loves video games through the help of Bugs Bunny who has lost his friends over them being manipulated over AI as well.

    As he manages to get them back and you will see how, he and LeBron in trying to get Lebron back to the real world and back to his son. If they end up winning the game AI forces them to play with the Goon squad.

    By playing against the Goons over NBA and WNBA players that AI created in the players playing themselves. If Bugs and Lebron loses, then they will be forever in the AI world. If the two and the team win then they will return home.

    The movie may not ever live up to the original but it is all good fun and pop culture references! Cute film. Won't win any awards but good for the family.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ellen Burstyn stars as a widow that home burned down due to early Dementia signs and being old. And she only wants to stay in a retirement home Pine Oak I think the name of it, for a month

    But after she has for the past three years due to her husband dying and her overbearing meaning well only child her daughter with a loving, caring grandson, sending her there until her house is rebuilding

    She goes and gets out of her shell. Meets the Queen Bees led by a cold as fish Jane Curtain and you will discover why she is that way by watching. Along with Ann Margaret and that of Loretta Devine. Slowly yet surely they open up to each other.

    And she has a romance with James Caan a another widower but you will find out why he is really there. As both are very lonely as they have good chemistry. Christopher Lloyd is there as a lover boy but he also has his own fears. Wished he was given a bigger role there.

    Still a hoot there. 9/10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jon Cena joins the franchise as the very estranged young brother Jacob to Vin Diesel's protagonist Dom Toretta as we find out as kids, their father was a race car driver killed but you will find out the reasons why as they are not what they seem to be

    Jacob is a rogue spy and Dom is trying to be a family man until his friends come back and urge his help as his friends like family with Dom and wife Lefty and young son Brian named after his friend Brian Connor since retired. As his partner, and Dom's and Jacob's sister Mia come back into the mix.

    In order to figure out why Jacob has gone rogue and he and Dom have unfinished family business. As well as also Mr. Nobody played in a brief scene by Kurt Russell plane has crashed and question if he is alive or not as he was carrying something that could involve national security implications.

    We get to also see Han back would you believe? Question is, does he come in a flashback there to drives the plot?

    Action packed with a little plot thing. 8/10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First movie took place around the Abbott home. Now it comes how it all began on day 1. And how they went from talking to not talking and using sign language to communicate.

    John K is only in it for at least ten minutes as it shows a bit of a prequel. Cillian like one person on this board says is underrated. But really he picks up where John K left off in a sense. As a new character Emmett who lost his whole entire family and has nobody.

    Emily and Millicent are great as the latter is really deaf in real life and really we get to see her developed. And she also gets to really go from kind of a background character in the first movie to really developing. As Emily takes kind of a back seat in the second movie.

    Noah Jupe who was great in the first movie and also in the "Ford vs Ferrari" there and is an English boy but fools you with a great American accent and really stood out. His Marcus stands out as the man in the group after the death of the Abbott family father, John K's character of course.

    As the monsters finally have one weakness and flaw there. Besides just noise. As you would have to see the movie to know that weakness.

    Well great movie but scary!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sure it won't win Oscars maybe for costume but the great Emma Stone as the anti-heroine and Emma Thompson great here as she always is the villain Baroness there With great support by Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser and in the origins of what made Cruella a villain but also one that was a needy person and you wonder why she turned out the say she did.

    Set in the 1970's there and how that she was kind of like a female Clark Kent, mild mannered Estella her real name and of course, Cruella the title character.

    As she seeks revenge against the person she thinks is responsible for killing her mother as there is a twist in the end there. Great acting made a great movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not Brutus nor Bluto but that of Wimpy the hamburger loving straight man. As Olive tries to get Popeye to notice her. But she thinks of some way to get him jealous. As at first Wimpy smells the burgers and is smart and wise despite being a moocher.

    Popeye is not jealous of his close friend yet but when the kiss comes not on the lips but on the nose then Popeye is upset and he finally wants a fight.

    Wimpy challenges him however to a dual that fisticuffs are beyond his dignity. Instead Popeye had he ate spinach would had won by a landslide. But instead uses fair and square.

    In the end Popeye is struggling to keep up a very rarity and Wimpy finally wins something with ease as it seems it comes naturally to him eating burgers

    Even Olive is zonked out cooking all day and Wimpy however despite winning concedes over both their love for each other meaning Olive and Popeye

    Next time Popeye tells zonked out Olive to make him jealous to give him some notice so he can diet as he falls asleep with his stomach full.

    Enjoyable to see Popeye defeated and zonked out for once.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Michael Palin was doing the movie "A Fish Called Wanda" as he was the fourth person in the UK asked, as three others declined including presenter the late Alan Whicker, to do the real life Phileas Fogg journey with eighty days and no aircraft. But things have improved since 1873 after the book came out.

    But this is a modern version. And that it kicked off Palin's career second one as a travel presenter. He had a Passepartout of sorts, five man BBC camera crew.

    Based on the Jules Verne book of the same name one of his most popular there, as back in 1989-1990 there with Michael despite travel being improved but decided to go way beyond old school.

    Michael used his Python humor and in the process, he began over as a new career as a traveler there. He has continued to act but has now being a full traveler full time there.

    He travels to China, Middle East, USA, and he has in the doing things on the spot. While maintaining wit and humor. Of course afterwards, he starred in other travel programs like North Korea and Pole to Pole. But they are great while as 80 Days however started it all.

    The Original is the Original.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As Elliott is back and that ten years, as his wife Kathy is injured in a hit meant for him. And that she was at the wrong place and time

    Olivia now a Captain there is in the putting her job as she was going to an awards ceremony in her honor as she drives by and how she sees Elliott's wife. And later sees her former partner after ten years he left and did not say good-bye to her. While balancing also to keep Elliott on a leash.

    But as they try to bring the person responsible to justice. Still Olivia and Elliott must work through not seeing each other and what he has been doing all these years as he has been working overseas in Italy and working as a NYPD liason there.

    But he must go and reckon with a different era of policing with social media and CCTV to the now he can't go and beat the heck out of the perp there. But that will not stop him even though now this is personal. As sadly Kathy succumbs to her injuries.

    Leading the door over to Organized Crime there! Welcome back Elliott!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Decade nearly after he left his most famous role from SVU, Christopher Meloni is back as Detective Stabler. After losing his wife in a car bomb meant for him in SVU and killing his wife instead. He goes back to the Organized Crime Union

    But there are conditions as he must adapt to these times as the rough and ready rogue ways of his are gone. Era where police trust is now gone over recent events of course like the George Floyd. Or so we think. Even though it seems he must be tamed by his Sgt. Boss there. Still he is ready to seek revenge and get justice sadly not closure for his late wife Kathy and his family.

    Like his tactics or not, he is still Elliott. Trying to get the job done. But how will his rough and ready ways go under that of now treading lightly there remains to be seen while trying to bring down the mob and heal his family.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In finding out the mysteries over in the five years in 2013 that the passengers of Flight 828 that could be a reference over to Romans 8:28 in the Bible. That they want to know why they disappeared for five years and trying to find answers to their questions

    While trying to figure out how the government wants to prevent this there. Two sibling a cops sister Melissa Rycroft and Josh Dallas the professor brother. Two of those passengers. In the trying to connect the dots.

    As all the passengers for for a spiritual, mental, emotional awakening not just a physical one. As they were at once presumed dead. But now must wonder if the callings in the 191 lives are blessings and/or curses or both in between. And as they get on with their lives.

    Easier said than done but that is why the show will work. Getting to be another "Lost" there. Lots of potential.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The late great David Carradine as the grandson of Kwai Chang Caine called by his last name all the time, is a Shaolin priest wondering as it is set over in present day US city though the series was filmed in Canada. Who wanted to end fights and not start them as a quiet but never underestimated martial artist as he is found by Lo Si played the the late Kim Chan as another Shaolin priest. As both have a brotherly bond Chris Potter a pre-Silk Stalkings and pre-Heartland stars as the young Peter Caine. As it would give him his first acting series and big break. As Peter and Caine thought each other was dead. Peter was adopted by ex-mercenary and Captain Paul Blasidell played by the late gret Robert Lansing who would succumb to cancer in the end of season 2. Dedicated the last episode of season 2 in his memory. Peter forgot all the peaceful non-violent conflicts in his life and became a cop like his adopted father. But when Caine and Peter came into each other's lives. At first Caine never liked being called Pop but that decreased as he got used to it Peter had to accept violence and eschewed earlier teachings but the in seasons 2-4 begin to learn kung fu and only used his gun as a very last resort as a marksman Great supporting characters and wished the Scott Wentworth character of Kermit was given a spinoff. Oh well. Great show and great memories.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    From the same producer Dick Wolf over in the Law and Order University. Very gritty and very much great ensemble and Sgt Hank Voight drives the show as the center and maverick head who uses sometimes unlawful tactics to get the job done. While Trudy Pruett the Sgt with the Uniform division is the gruff but sympathetic head there. Great writing and character development. Actors come and go. But that is what makes it great. It is an ensemble. As they go after drug dealers and other thugs over in the Windy City there. Will kind of be like Law and Order but in Chicago and it is character driven unlike L&O that was in the original story driven.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really it was rushed. And really should had a two parter. Like really everybody should had been involved like Duke, Kono, Grace, Charlie, Chin, etc making cameos to say farewell. Could had been a two parter on it there.

    Never tied up loose ends. Very quick end. Really fault lied at Peter Lenkov for ruining the show as the show's front producer and show runner there.

    Really he made Steve to be so unlikable and so domineering the past few years therethere. And really should have had Danny at least drive Steve's truck if he was not injured. And really Steve should had least considered other people's feelings. And could had given the task force to Lou not the newcomer Lincoln Cole. An insult to injury on the rest of the team. Me thought Danny would retire over in his injuries and kids.

    Great show but lousy series finale!
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