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Damn, that was an intriguing movie
I'm sorry. This review is vague so that there will be no spoilers. But it's definitely a movie you should watch if you want a new (to me) concept I haven't seen before.

What a great concept! The acting and settings were very unique. It's interesting what goes through your mind as you watch the movie, and the conclusions you draw from yourself and the characters.


Didn't like the heroine.
Make the main character likable at least! Geez! Didn't like how she treated her step-dad, a genuinely nice character. Not rooting for the girl at all.

I've only watched the first episode, but didn't feel like watching the second.


Relationships are complicated and messy
I enjoyed this movie. It deals with the drama of life. There's no sugar coating it. When religion comes into play it can be hard on everyone, and very confusing for the kid. For me, personally, this has also been true in my life, so I feel I connect with it. I think the movie did a wonderful job at portraying this. The actors did their job; they were believable and great at their work.


Good story, lighthearted, fun, and with depth
I was pleasantly surprised by this. Was definitely hoping it wasn't a bust, or a waste of time. For me, it wasn't. I smiled at the end, and now I'm here moved enough to give a rating and review. :)

There were pleasant, lighthearted, comedic moment, so that was amusing and fun. There were moments of human drama that made it real and moved me. I would watch it again in the future.

All the actors were new to me, except the mom. Thumbs up on their performance. :)

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

I chanced upon this show/pilot, and I did NOT expect my reaction!
I did not expect it to bring so many smiles. And I definitely didn't expect the tears! Fun, and depth of emotion! What the heck? Nicely done! I can't wait to see future episodes.


Wow, that was a good movie. Kristen Stewart a strong lead character.
I didn't come in with any expectatations, other than maybe the average score (as of now, at 6.1/10 from 4,472 stars). But I think that is a disservice to this movie. I may have chosen not to go see it. But I have to say, I don't often feel like I would recommend a movie. But I would recommend this.

What I like about it is that it feels realistic. It has an exciting, action-packed type feel, but not overly so. Also, it scared me at times, and I'm not usually scared.

And I love that Kristen Stewart was the strong lead character in this. I am so happy for her. Smart, strong, empathetic, and all the good quality you would love to see in a person. Bravo! I hope she get more characters like this.


The pacing and moments are realistic
Maybe it's a Hollywood vs. French movie thing. I don't know. I'm not a big watcher of any movies outside of the U.S. I know, expand my world, right?

Well, I like this movie. There's no big drama, heart-pounding, action-type emphasis or music. This is good. It flowed realistically, and it felt like real life. The characters and scenes were believable.

Good movie.

Say You Will

A movie that is beautifully real
What a beautiful movie. There are lessons in there that I will take to heart, hopefully for the rest of my life. Thank you. I am hopeful that I will grow and take action.

The actors, their emotions, their facial expressions, everything in movie, felt real. They truly have their craft down. Saying that feels like it's a mechanical thing, like a negative. It is not. They truly understand human nature, and it showed. Thank you.

I am so glad I watched this. GREAT job everyone. <3

I Can Only Imagine

Be open and without prejudice... a review from an atheist.
I had no idea what I was getting into when I walked into this movie (a couple of minutes late, too). But, boy oh boy, did this movie move me. I typically won't write something (say poetry) unless it affects me emotionally in a super-high, or super-low sort of way.

I go into movies not knowing what they're about because I don't watch trailers (gives away too much, and I want to be in complete darkness in regards to storyline). This movie was already low in priority as a must see in the theatres (I have MoviePass). And if I'm being honest with you, I probably wouldn't have wanted to see it if I knew what the subject was about. It would have been a disservice to myself.

So, if you want a movie that tugs at your heart, you will want to see this, no matter where you lie in the spectrum of non-faith or faith.

Cheers! ;)

The 15:17 to Paris

You should see this movie knowing nothing about it.
For me, I like a story to unfold without any review or narrative, or "critic's" opinion on the matter. I want to be the first one to hear the story and not bias myself before even watching it. Your opinion of the movie should be your own, not colored by another person's opinion. So my suggestion to any prospective viewer, especially this movie, is that you go in absolutely in the dark about it. At the end, you'll discover a whole new appreciation for what you've just watched.

The Greatest Showman

A standout inspiration of a story/musical!!!!
Out of ALL the movies I've seen this last month (and I've seen ALL of them due to having a movie pass), this one is an absolute standout! It is amazing how entertaining it is. It was recommended to watch it on the big screen, and I wholeheartedly agree!

But beyond it being entertaining, and a Great Show - so befitting of the movie title - it is an utter inspiration to the human spirit. I know it is from my own life's experience that I should feel this, but everyone with the capacity for empathy, or who has ever had doubts in their life, I feel, would be moved by this.

From the opening song and visual magic, I already felt something in my soul/heart/being. I didn't ever expect it to build up continually through the entire movie. The pacing and transition to different scenes were smooth and intriguing. They connected them with true storytelling genius and creativity. The filming/compositions/camera work was beautiful!

I knew I had to get the soundtrack to this. I searched for the nearest stores, but they didn't have it. I didn't mind trekking to a store farther away from home, because I knew I had to feel at home in my heart, again. Haha. Yes, that line was cheesy, but still.... haha. You get the emotion.

Watch it in theatres! I'm going to watch it again! I'm going to have to clap this time around. ;) Allow your heart be moved to action(!).

Enjoy the show, ladies and gentleman. May your life be filled with the dreams you make come true.

Warm regards, huyzer

Qimen Dunjia

A surprise hit! (pun intended)
I came in thinking this movie would have a serious theme to it. It surprised me how amusing (not in a bad way) and funny a lot of the moments were. The moments where the movie tries to make you laugh, it succeeded. I couldn't help but, literally, laugh out loud in the theatre. Others were definitely doing the same. I feel the comedy worked. For your comparison, I think in Thor: Ragnarok, it tried too hard. I think they were trying to make it like Deadpool (which succeeded in my eyes).

The special effects were definitely amusing in the beginning due to the character. This took me by surprise. But the special effects are not on par with Hollywood blockbusters that we're used to from the United States. I can't fault it too much though, because I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

It entertained, and I will definitely be recommending it to others. I connected with the characters, and the psychology of the relationships between the characters. Anyhow, that's enough from me. I recommend you go see it. :)

Daisy Winters

The great qualities of a strong child
As I grow older, and without a family of my own, I can live vicariously through the imagination of others, and see what I would want in my own child. The qualities seen in Daisy is how I dream a child should be allowed to BE: honest, forthright, able to speak from the heart. I absolutely agree with the storyteller, and love this movie so much. Thank you all for a beautiful story.

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism

What a surprise(!)
Before watching this movie, I didn't really have high expectations. I didn't know anything about it, and from the rating on IMDb (as of now: 5.4/10, with 738 votes), I was just expecting some B-movie. Well, I was very surprised in a GREAT way. I was really moved by this movie, even to tears, and moved my heart to think of my life and priorities. It truly was a great movie. And now I'm listening to the song at the end credits.... <3 A great, touching, moving end. Thank you producers, actors, and support roles in all capacity of this movie. It will most likely remain in my heart for a lifetime, when I think back on movies that touched my heart/inner being.

Captain Fantastic

A movie that makes you think
I truly enjoyed this movie. It makes you think about the prejudices one might have about a certain way of life, and the reasons why some may choose a path that may seem "strange".

I won't go any further than that. I, personally, enjoyed this movie a lot.

--- Oh, wow. I need a minimum of 10 lines for a review?! ---

Goodness... okay. I didn't really want to be verbose about this. But now that I have to, I guess I can state why I like it. I think when kids are involved, it makes you want to make the correct decisions in life. It was food for thought what this movie did. I guess that's what art is for.


Do NOT watch this movie's trailer. Do NOT research and read anything about it.
What a good movie. Do NOT watch this movie's trailer. Do NOT research and read anything about it. Just watch it.

Empty line placeholders below, as a "minimum of 10 lines" is required for a review. Silly.

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Bai yin di guo

Review by a 14 year old, and his uncle.
My nephew votes this movie to be an 8 out of 10. For point of reference, he is 14 years old, and is going to be in 9th grade after Summer.

So, I asked what he liked about the movie: He liked the storyline and the ending. The main characters were really good actors. It was just a good movie overall. He warns, "JUST DON'T WATCH THE TRAILER. It made the movie look bad."

Now, me, his uncle, this is what I think: If you're an empathetic person, and can "live vicariously" through the characters and understand their situation, you will be moved by many scenes in the movie. I, myself, was forming some tears in a few scenes.

It is a family drama, and is realistic. Being Asian, I can empathize with the cultural dynamics.

Some fun facts direct from the director. :) (If my notes and hearing are correct):

The movie was shot in 4 and 1/2 months. (Wow, that's fast! BUT, the movie is very professionally made, done with love and attention. The scenes are beautiful visually. The locations, wow!)

From preproduction work, to shooting, to editing and post, was a total of 6 years. (That's a LOT of work.)

It was filmed in China in 13 cities, 13 provinces, and on 46 sets.

The film has been to 14 festivals, and has won 19 awards.

200 tons of red earth had to be carried manually by people, up the hill/mountainside to disguise an asphalt road for a scene.

********* SPOILER: Don't quote me on this, but the street scene where one lady (wife?) was kidnapped, had 600(? maybe it wasn't the scene, but total in costume department? Sorry, I can't remember.) costumes in it! Talk about a major wardrobe/costuming department. SPOILER end **********

Christina Yao, the director, is such a nice lady. :D Thank you for sharing your time, stories, and answering all our questions. It was a terrific, interesting, and informative experience for my nephew and me. Your 3 hours with our small group of 12 was over and above expectations. Thank you!

Take care, Huy

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