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Wanted to leave the cinema
And so I did. Why? The first 30 minutes annoyed me heavily. Tedious, amateuristic acting and scenes. Everything went on too long. Not a moment I saw something interesting or glorious or intriguing. I kept on thinking: this is amateur stuff. Sorry. Could not be lured to continue watching.

Saul fia

I got irritated
The first 30, 40 minutes of the movie are absolutely brilliant and moving. What a great idea to focus on one man and keep all the atrocities vague. It is no problem to fill in all the gaps yourself. Great sounds. But later on in the movie it gets difficult to still understand the protagonist. Maybe he is really getting crazy - which I would understand - like another reviewer states. But his way of doing gets annoying at a certain point. Also some scenes are not very clear. At the end, Saul started to irritate me. Jeopardizing the lives of others.

My main problem with this movie is: it is a movie, not a documentary. The immensity of the Holocaust can't function as a laissez-passer for a weak script.

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