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David el gnomo

I cried during the last episode
I used to watch this show when i was little and lived in Portugal. It used to play here in the US on The Family Channel, when it used to be called that. It was definitely awesome! It should be remembered with classics like The Thundercats, The Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and Transformers. I certainly do! (The 80s rocked for cartoons!)

During the last episode, David and Lisa let Swift go free (what a great name for a fox!) and rode into the forest on the back of a deer and disappeared. My mom found me on the couch crying my little heart out. If I could find David the Gnome on DVD i would die of happiness. This is one those shows i want my children to watch someday.

I remember watching the Father Dowling mysteries when i was older because Tom Bosley (voice of David) starred in it and i liked hearing his voice. Secret Life of the Gnomes should be put into Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. Anyone who watched it when they were kids would watch loyally i think. Well, i would. : P

The Weekenders

Ah! So much fun.
Disney has a lot of bad shows on the air, especially now, but this is a breath of fresh air. Along with Doug, Recess, and Pepper Ann, The Weekenders makes up the handful of watchable kids' shows on TV today. It follows a group of friends through their weekend adventures. The show's creators skip over tired school theatrics. Instead, these kids have good, wholesome fun (as some moms would say). They're not perfect children, but realistic! They sometimes learn hard lessons but usually just enjoy eachother's quirky company. Disney is smart to keep these just as they are and not give in to gimmicks. These kids are funny and say some things that only adults would probably understand, something that also made hits like The Simpsons watchable by people of all ages. Most importantly, the different kids are actually all different, with interesting families and varied tastes - three-dimensional! I watch it whenever it's on!

Pepper Ann

Absolutely light-hearted, fun and imaginative! I love Peppie, Milo, Nicky, Moose! Unlike other Disney shows, the one-parent family is realistically portrayed and the kids are actually funny. I especially like the real-life aspects of the show... the divorced parents, Jewish mom and Catholic dad, the over-achieving best friend, the sexually ambiguous little sister... These elements combined with the cartoonish comedy make for some hilarious situations. Not to mention, Pepper Ann's theme song is great, great, great! It never succumbed to crazy gimmicks, spin-offs or new "very special" characters. Maybe it's not as sophisticated as Doug, but Pepper Ann is a heart-warming and uplifting show, great for younger and older kids... and much older kids. I'm glad Disney still keeps it in rotation. This is one of those kids' shows that actually leaves you entertained after a half hour.

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