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The Sweetest Thing

I Couldn't Stop Laughing
maybe its because I'm still young (19), or because i just don't always feel like watching a "deep dramatic" movie. (which i do love to watch as well) The Sweetest Thing honestly has to be one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.

I don't understand all the bad reviews, but from my perspective, if your just hanging out with some friends and watch a good movie to watch that will make you laugh, highly recommend this one.


see it see it see it!!!!!!!

Little Children

Im sorry people am i missing something????
I watched this movie last night because I always thought/and still do believe that Kate Winslet is an amazing actress. Problem was i wanted to see another one of her films since i had only seen her the famous Titanic, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which i though was a very interesting film.) So i gave this one a shot after hearing how good this film was by "most" people. But after watching this, i cant understand why that is. The movie begans with a good start...but after a wile i just goes downhill from there. All it is, is buch of adults crying of there lives and what they "wished" they instead of being thankful for what they already got. I guess thats the point of the movie...but its not even funny. After a while i was checking the bar on my computer just waiting to see how much time was left it the movie.

Also why the hell does Kates caretor live her child in the park with a pervert in the middle of the night??? Has she lost her mind completely?

I gave the movie a 3 because the acting was good, thats one plus about this movie....but the story its self....not so good.

Double Platinum

A Bit Of A Let Down
OK i know I'm a little late to be reviewing a movie that came out in the late 90s, but whatever here it goes.

I finally saw the film last night, and i was looking forward to it because i had wanted to see it for years. And it had first come out when i was about 7 years old. Now I love Diana Ross'es voice and I've been a fan of Brandy for a very longtime. Bouth this woman can act and sing very well IMO. But i don't know,something just didn't click for me when i was watching this movie. You would think its a good story before viewing it. Yet, in reality its really isn't something you will keep you at the end of your set to see what happens next. I'm a of them, but when i make reviews for ANYTHING i always tell the truth.

Also felt the movie was a way for bouth Brandy and Diana's albums, i think this is fine...but the movie just made it so obvious. You can go 10 minutes with out hearing a song from eather of their albums.

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