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Puss in Boots

hilarious & imaginative, animation at its best,= an instant classic!
11/10! an instant classic for both children and adults! this is one of THE funnest flicks i have seen in a long, long time. as with Shrek, the humour works on different levels. we laughed straight for the first third of the movie, and also towards the end. it was so imaginative and well thought out that it just makes you really respect the minds and hearts behind this production! i found Antonio banderas incredibly charming and his delivery was seamless and hilarious. he truly 'carries' the movie well! yes, this is absolutely worth seeing in the theatres and in 3D! (oh and for those claiming it's not a perfect story line, remember it's an animation! so just go and enjoy it for the light-hearted movie, feel-good flick that it is :) puss in boots will charm you!!

17 Again

A hilarious & touching film for all ages!
I can't get over how well written and hilarious this movie is! It's a laugh a minute! I LOVE the fact that it is clean humour, and that young and old alike can enjoy. What I love about the humour is that it is complex, well-thought out, and 'different'. The plot ties together beautifully, and even the sub-plot is also very funny. The casting is superb. This is a must see if you enjoy a lighthearted movie...

I'd never seen a film with Zac Efron. I knew he was a teen throb, but he is a gifted young talent, a natural. He is excellent in a comedic role. His delivery 'MAKES' this movie what it is! Kudos to him! I actually bought the DVD and it remains one of my favourite films of all time! And I'm 37! But young at heart :) Definitely worth watching.

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