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Anthony Hopkins/William Goldman Horror Feast
The best meals and the best movies have this in common: they're filling. Hungry? Watch Magic. Goldman's intensely suspenseful, spooky novel shows up intact on the screen, featuring Mr Hopkins in the psychotic lead. I love Hopkins enough to have several favorite performances (Guilty Conscience, Silence of the Lambs, Magic, A Married Man); while additionally loving Goldman (Princess Bride, Magic, Marathon Man, The Hot Rock, Misery) enough for you to understand where I'm coming from. Our sympathy for Hopkins' character, Corky, a ventriloquist, is forced early on, as we begin to realize the relationship Corky has with his dummy named "Fats". So, there are two main characters...if you will. The other characters just get in the way...oops...I give too much away...

Look for the following scenes especially: 1) the card game; and, 2) Corky must remain silent for 5 minutes...

Dead of Night

Spooky as Hell
Dead of Night is an utterly unique suspense horror. I think that it stands alone in film. It's the spookiest movie I ever hope to know. It's an expertly realized experience of one man's hell. From the first frame, there is no hope for our

condemned protagonist; yet we must follow him through his condemnation. I

love this movie, but it scares me.

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