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What an odd film, it appears to have been written by a 12 year old who manages to cram every boys fantasy weapon,super power and love interest into its rather long story. Sharks that you ride, whales that are hollow, a baddie taken from Blade, guns that convert seawater, a colossal undersea world that we somehow missed. I could go on but it would spoil the film. There is no real plot, we are told the outcome in the first 3 minutes, Nicole Kidman has a fish suit that appears to age, there is no real explanation of what she had been doing for the 20 odd years that she went off grid. Bottom line, the film is complete fantasy with strange humour thrown in amongst gruesome fifer scenes. Very disjointed, almost as though 3 children had conspired to outdo each other then random bits of each story were cobbled together. BUT I actually enjoyed it.

Rillington Place

Dark, disturbing, perfect and believeable.
First off - Not as good as the Richard Attenborough 10 Rillington place but! A very haunting and somewhat more perverse idea. This is still a standalone shocker, less schlock but more psychological depth. Love this and the original, should I be concerned?

Criminal Minds: Zoe's Reprise
Episode 15, Season 4

Great episode but!
Plagiarism runs riot, Copycat in more ways than one!

The Professionals

Oh my, the memories
This was the first "real" non Police drama/series on TV in my younger days. Re watching now, in fact binging. I loved it then and I love it now. The cars, the stunts, the simple days and of course the non political gratuitous scantily clad hotties. Great memories of a far simpler time but still addictive viewing.

They appeared to have been incapable of stopping without a screech. Oh the days before ABS :)

Johnny English Strikes Again

Very dated.
Such a cop out. JE was a great idea and the first 2 were very amusing. This tries too hard to be something it isn't. Disjointed, repetitive and the opposite of funny.

San Andreas

Very high budget average film.
Sometimes I believe films are made because they can, other time I believe it's because they make money. This is CGI, big lead and cinematography for the sake of it. Shame, use the money to make an engaging film rather than effects and names.


Mr Eggerton, take a well deserved bow.
Well, that blew me away, gripping from start to finish. An epic performance by all but Taron blew me away. Oscar worthy performance and boy can he sing. My expectations were exceeded, I loved Bohemian Rhapsody but this is in a different league. Thank you Elton.


Better than average.
Clearly big budget, good cast list relatively engaging storyline let down by a total lack of interest by the actors.

Avengers: Endgame

A masterclass.
Ok so it's 3 hours long, believe me the time flies. This film is engaging, thrilling, emotional and breathtaking. Not over the top but serious fun.

Time Trap

I don't know
I enjoyed this,mead to watch ot twice and I'm still not sure.

Captain Marvel

What a great film.
This is how you do it, at first I was a little concerned that I was in for a WWesque trio, how wrong I was. Good storyline, engrossing actors and apart from a silly bit towards the end I loved every second. Stan Lee + Marvel = great fun.

The Lake House

I'd completely forgotten about this film.
Love it, someone mentioned somewhere in time, another of my top 10.

Soppy, romantic, tear jerking but strangely magical.

The Inbetweeners Movie

A British American pie.
Rather enjoyable, less polished than AP but far more believable.

Cleaning Up

I think this is a great series.
Sheridan Smith acts her pants off, great idea, well executed, not high brow but addictive, well thought out and a refreshing change from reality blx.


Classic, well copied yet so fresh.
This is the first film that I saw alone in the cinema. Read the book for O level, loved the film. That was 43 years ago. Here we are I'm 2019. Watch this film, it is a master class in less is more. Mr Spielberg, you have a magic rod of iron.

Star Trek: The Cage
Episode 0, Season 1

Oh Jeffrey Hunter
A classic, such a jolt when first aired, oh Jeffrey Hunter, you didn't think it would run, well.........

Bohemian Rhapsody

I love Queen
I love Queen, I think that Freddie rocks. I expected to think this movie was a poor version of Queen. Oh, how wrong I was.

Carry on Abroad

Sally Geeson in a bikini
As above, perfect British raunch, Sally Geeson in a bikini, mmmmmm.

Deadpool 2

Thank goodness iTunes allows returns.
Deadpool was vaguely entertaining, although weak. I had high hopes for this. Maybe building on the good bits of the first one. No, they took the idiot stuff from the first, multiplied it by a zillion and the resultant mess is Deadpool 2. No spoilers other than the film itself, c'mon Marvel you can do better.

A Quiet Place

Slow moving, pointless drivel.
Well, after 43 minutes and the abduction of their son (which didn't appear to have any effect on them), the plotless meandering silence is both annoying and meaningless. No back story as to what the creatures are, where they came from or where they live. Perhaps all is explained closer to the end but quite frankly I couldn't bear another second.

The Shape of Water

What complete and utter BS, this is a perfect example of the Kings new clothes, I am neither slow witted nor crass but in all honesty this film is completely ridiculous.

Red Sparrow

Really pointless
A female Jason Bourne it is not!

Flat acting, ridiculous storyline, disjointed, dull, could have been a great film but alas, somewhere in the mix it lost any semblance of reality. In a bad way. JL does have a hot bod though.

The Other Guys

Missed opportunities
This film is a mix of strong acting and so many good plot lines that never quite come to fruition. Entertaining though.

Bad Teacher

Love it
Vastly underrated, makes me lol. Cameron Diaz make a fabulous bad teacher.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Keeps getting better
The series evolves, the characters consistently improve, the haters hate. Watch, then decide.

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