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Bold and Beautiful story
I had never heard of Raymundo Gleyzer until I found this DVD in my college's small DVD section.

I was surprised at what I found, the editing and format is great and the story is very interesting. This is one of the better documentaries I have seen in a long time and it has helped open my eyes to things I did not know about.

I recommend this film to anyone that makes films, loves films or cares about the world.

"We are not making films to die, but films to live, for better living. If I am killed, someone will take my place..." - Raymundo Gleyzer, 1974

Blue Haven

Very good and off beat...
Blue Haven is a really cool short film that comes on HBO every few months. I like it because of the skateboarding and music but mainly because it is so... out there. I would really like to see Blue Haven on the big screen or maybe even a full length film. The basic story is two friends that skate are looking for something better... for one it is a blue haven (empty big pool) and for the other (Fakie) it is a new life as a woman. It is just so weird that its cool and so cool that words do not describe it as well as watching it does. Sex change, mafia, and skateboards is a fun viewing... and a side not I like that there is a BASEketball in one of the characters room. GO WATCH IT!

New Port South

not quite good....
The thing about New Port South is that it has kinda a cool build up but just lets if fall over in the end. Its like if you work really hard and save up money for your girlfriends Christmas present and she finds out your saving money so you say 'ah.... never mind Christmas'. If you have seen it, you know what I mean. The soundtrack is the computer- electric drum type thing which sounds like it was almost on a Linkin Park cd. The acting was OK, and again the story was neat but loose ends and actors that haven't been in a high school since Ace of Base had a hit make me wish that John Hughes talked to his son (??) about how to end a high school movie and then did the exact opposite.

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