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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this was a pretty good movie. But slightly overrated. This movie is a 7 or an 8. But definitely not more.

    Bad things * Lame explanation scenes in the beginning. Yes, I know what a bounty hunter is. Stop treating me like a child and giving me a "tutorial" to westerns in the beginning. That itself shows who the movie is aimed at uninformed general masses. * Terrible casting. Wow, none of the actors are scary at all. What's wrong with casting in this movie. Oh my god. The only good cast was the black bad guy with DiCaprio. * Below par fight scenes - Typical action movie unbelievable stuff. Come on. Well, Tarantino - can't expect anything believable or interesting in the action department.

    Good things * Humour factor - OK, I laughed. * Generally good story and interesting characters - While the casting was bad, the characters themselves I felt were memorable, especially Django and Candy. * Yes another decent western in modern times.(Woo, proper color!)

    Overall, go watch it. Odds are you'll like it more than me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    All the negative reviews say is that either there is too much music(duh) or the singers were not "singers". OK, screw that. All the actors were very good at singing. I couldn't believe that Hugh Jackman was singing that well. He was very well cast. Going up close and focusing on the characters with the camera is different and actually makes the soliloquies that much better.

    The only problem I ever had with the entire movie was that Crowe sounded a bit bland in some songs. But other than that, it was an exceptional movie. Damn fine.

    Of course this movie isn't for everyone. It's a musical. If you like musicals, this is great.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't get what all the 10's are about. I don't see how this movie is a 10, or rather even an 8. There are so many plot holes, the characters are so one dimensional, action sequences OK at best.

    Where do I even begin. Banes voice. I admit, I didn't get what he was saying more than half the time, and even then I had to strain really hard. It was just awful. There were jokes about not understanding Bales growling, but this, this is something else. The movie would have been better without him talking.

    Catwoman! Suddenly she feels remorse and becomes goody goody at the end, Oh the lord, this was about as predictable as rain in Seattle(very, if you're unsure).

    Talia, what a big face-palm. Might as well have made a movie when the Batman woke up from a dream at that point. Can the plot get ANY more clichéd? Thanks for popping up the MAIN criminal at the end of the movie, who apparently had the hots for Batman.

    Batman, his screen time is mostly groaning and screaming and getting beaten around in boxing by Bane. He becomes a superior fighter by jumping across the ledge? I think that's not how the body works. There isn't any Batman stuff at all. Just punching and kicking. Muhammad Ali would have been a better hero to fit that role (Yay, incoming dislikes from people who don't know who that is). Also, big copter no one can find, yea right.

    Sheep followers wanting to get blown up. Ya, because getting evaporated by a nuclear bomb is so awesome that every "mercenary" wants to do it. Oh, but they didn't know that they'd be blown up.

    All policemen going underground like a herd of cows because they want to scout out the underground operations and therefore getting caught. Sigh.

    Big fight scenes. Police officers don't walk in formation with guns against a bunch of mercenaries on higher ground and they all don't start shooting at point blank range. No. That's not how police work. Or any modern force with guns. That ONLY works in Lord of the Rings, because they had SWORDS! Who wrote this script?

    The other batman movies were good. The first one was great. The second was good too. This one is ridiculous. I don't know how people can be so blind to so many obvious flaws. Even with that, the best moments in this film are...unimpressive. Did I go into the theater with high hopes. Not at all. I expected average, I was disappointed to not find even that.

    Will be ever get another Prestige from these guys? I hope so.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When the movie first began, it had so much potential. It could have been great. But every time the characters open their mouth, it's disappointment after disappointment.

    The disparity in culture between the two civilizations is portrayed so badly. Some times, it seems as if both have the same culture, but other times they're making some lame attempt to show that they're different.( Eg: "shaking" hands with the princess, meeting the green people for first time ).

    When John first hits Mars, he's flabbergasted and scared. Then he immediately gets cocky with the green people. The character development doesn't flow at all.

    The love story between the princess and John is so corny and annoying. When they play the John's flashbacks to his dead wife, you can sense the desperation in trying to add some character to the hero. It seems like John is desperate to get his hands on her every freaking time he has a chance. Doesn't fit his character at all.

    So much is unexplained. There are so many loose strings. The "immortal beings" just come across as douches who are douches because they can. Their motive was explained so blandly.

    If the guy with the blue thing had so much power, why set up some marriage so they can ambush Helium? It's all so ridiculous.

    Some people said the effects are good. No way. It's good for 5 years ago maybe. Not today.

    Don't even get me started on the acting. All of them had the freaking same couple of expressions the whole two hours. It could have been worse though. Gladly, the poor plot execution kept me distracted.

    This movie could have been so much. It had a great setting, three civilizations, one group of God people, and a superhuman by Mars standards. The overall architecture of the story is decent too. But execution failed hard.

    PS, I haven't read the book, nor do I know how accurate this story is compared to it.