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Scent of a Woman

I first saw this movie when I was staying with my grandma at her cabin. I was blown away. The story is great, the acting is perfect, and you can't help but get attached to the characters. The relationship, trust, and love that develops as the story unfolds is nearly unparalleled in modern cinema. One of Pacino's BEST performances. Not like some of his other roles. Chris O'Donnel actually puts in probably his best performance of his career. This movie is full of great scenes (Pacino driving the Ferrari), Pacino yelling at the school dean, and unforgettable one-liners (hoo-ah). Do yourself a favor and rent this classic. You will be glad you did. (Also makes a pretty good date movie)


Once you watch an episode or two, you'll be hooked. The plots are simple but somehow get you involved. The characters are deeper the more episodes you watch (especially Lex) and the acting is solid (except for some of the characters who come in for only one show). There are some a corny moments thrown in here and there, but it makes the fact that the show takes place in Kansas that much more believable. As for how long the show will be around, four or five years. It's halfway through the third season now and hasn't slowed down. It's ratings are improving and DVD sales, while not record breaking, are better than some expected. Forget about your image for an hour and sit and watch this show. It's well worth your time.

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