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Brahmin Bulls

Brahmin Bulls
I saw this movie recently at an art gallery movie theater. This is a good movie. It is about family and growing older but it isn't sentimental or sappy. While the relationship between father and son isn't completely resolved it does make good progress. Lighting and color are subtly used to show mood and story progression. Possible romance and old romance are introduced but not shown as the solution to the problem. This isn't everyone falls in love and everything is now resolved. Life is more complicated than that and this film shows that without being depressing and hopeless. It is for adults and about adults. Sendhil and Roshan are believable as father and son. And yes, as Sendhil tweeted once, the cat wins!

Little India

Little India
I saw this short feature online on Sendhil Ramamurthy's website. Sendhil fans on Live Journal is also helpful if you are looking for this. This film tells about one family's difficulty adjusting to America. The family, father , mother and son, move to the suburbs of America from India. Things have not gone as they had hoped, the son hasn't even got a job. Clearly they are all frustrated and depressed. Pailoor quickly gets to the point without rushing the film. He sets up the premise of the family's disappointments without being maudlin or morbid. The family has some trouble adjusting to life in America, but this is not a bitter or depressing film. The ending is realistic but hopeful. Visually a good use of both black and white and color photography, to show feeling and place.

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