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In summary: husband is a clinical idiot
In fact - all the problems in this film are made by the husband's totally idiotic actions. Who is jealous more than necessary, who ignores the signs on the road, who does not take the map into a dense large forest, who... there is a lot more you know, but I can't to write it here. This film deserves ONE with a minus, but I gave a little higher rating just for its visual and relatively normal acting. The plot is incredibly idiotic and sucked from the finger by the fact that the author of the film made this husband a clinical idiot. That's all.

Un heureux événement

Perhaps this is the right film, albeit with elements of humor to justify the genre and idea, but still there is a lot of things that will have to be faced during pregnancy. But at the same time it is not easy for perception... comedy should be a comedy, reality should be reality. When you start to mix genres and ideas, you risk to shake viewer's feelings in uncomfortable sides. This film could be good comedy OR! real story, but here I have to jump from funny moments to "wtf? I didn't ask for that here and now". You can try this film, it's good... but prepare to feel yourself uncomfortable in many "sharp" places.

My Sister's Keeper

"Chess fork"
An incredibly strong and interesting film on a difficult topic. I don't want to say anything about the actress, she played well, as in many of her films - she always succeeded in bright facial expressions and emotions. I want to say about her character: I hate and despise people like her character, and for me personally, it added an additional acuity to this film. Until the last moment I thought to give the highest score and leave it in the collection. But then the finale scenes came and I realized that I would not leave it in the collection. In this film, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, the ending reaches the so-called "fork" from chess game: there are two ways, but no matter which one you choose, you will lose where you did not go... if the essence of the film remained the same as we knew it throughout the film - that would have given a strong climax at the end, whatever the conflict outcome. But we got an ending that is just as strong, but with that the film has lost a lot of other drama elements. As a result, from one full-fledged flash of bright emotions, we got two, also good, but not so bright lights(emotional splitting). I hope I made my point clear. Therefore, I gave the film the highest rating, it is well-deserved, but I will not add it to my collection, since the end of the film was smeared with an unnecessary twist in the end, in my opinion.

Solitary Man

Very subjective
The film is well made, the actors play well too, the story is believable. So why the low rating? ...Because I am pissed off by people like the protagonist of this film. His actions, his motivation, his justification for why he did not do what he should have done at the very beginning of the film... I'm too fed up with a huge number of films and books to just forgive this story for such stupidity of it's protagonist. Sorry.

Wasting Away

Idea for gold, execution - for coal
I've watched a huge number of films, including a zombie theme, including those that show the other side - the story from zombie side, not people side. And this is, in fact, a great idea, since there are few such films and the story is not boring yet. But this film did everything to ruin a great idea and make it not at all interesting to watch: too lurid performance, seasoned with flat humor in almost all scenes, which were supposed to be funny. As a result, we have a third-rate comedy about zombies, with killed potential.


One of those spot films that have an undeservedly low rating. Not just "well, it could have been higher," but precisely "why the hell is it so low?" For 2018, the graphics are probably not the best where it is needed, and the staging of the entire action of the film a little bit falls, but this is not Hollywood either. For Sweden, I think this is a very, very high level of the film. But this is so small thing... in comparison with the most important thing in that film: the story itself. It's great. Saturated with an extremely correct vision of what would happen to people if they were in a similar situation. And the end, although it was expected, but... The last scene was just very dense and strong.


A little strange but beautiful
A kind of mix of excellent camera work in terms of landscapes and some light images with cold, like a city in the mountains plot about the revenge of a father who has lost his son. In terms of the plot and the behavior of the characters, I still have some doubts, but in general I really liked the film.


I love animals, so I think my opinion about this film is more than clear.
This story perfectly shows two things: how vile and ugly could be people, and what the life of an animal is worth in the human world. A wonderful story.


Small pattern break
At first I didn't want to write anything, but I decided, nevertheless, to leave a small review: From beginning to end, this story behaves like an average but high-quality film of this genre, but surprises at the very end. Perhaps a sophisticated viewer will guess in advance how the story will end, but if you just watch the film without analyzing it, then at the end you can get a very interesting surprise, which brought me pleasure from watching because of its non-standard approach to the ending. This ... angle is very rare in films.

The Social Dilemma

Definitely worth a look.
Of course, I will not delete my accounts from social networks, and before this film I knew certain moments of interaction of social networks with people, and corporations with people, and other things that are revealed not only in this film, but also in many articles, videos on YouTube, etc. Including some books on this and related topics like "The Red Pill" of Andrey Kurpatov. But despite all this, this new 2020's film is a great opportunity to introduce those problems of modern society to a younger generation, not through old and partially not relevant already books/films/YouTube scenes, but through a fresh look, by those who was in a closest relationship with those technologies. This film definitely deserves an attention.

Jeepers Creepers 3

Once - Yes. Twice - Well, ok. Thrice - Damn, no.
If the silly horror movie clichés of early 2000s worked as a fuel that warms up the interest of an inexperienced public, and in the second part it could be simply forgiven, as a kind of justification for the canonical behavior of many sportsmen of this kind, in whose head there is more testosterone than "brain mass" ...Throwing such idiotic actions and characters in the face of the audience in the third film, is already disrespect for the audience and banally disrespect to such a concept as "quality". A small part of the scenes were interesting and effective, for which I will give 3 points, but otherwise it is bad.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Puppet theater with blood and cruelty
This story, even in the old original, was not an easy fairy tale for children, but with a new level of graphics and experienced authors, cameramen and other cinematograph workers, this tough story was saturated with density. Normal puppet graphics, if I may say it that way, coexist with a good and very interesting story, good staging and angles of view of the World, excellent music. The only thing that annoyed me was the immortal clichés and stupid behavior of the characters for the sake of prolonging the timing. And the ending ... This is where the very culmination of this stereotyped nonsense is, and where it would be possible to end the story and put a latching and adequate "period"... but instead of that, we have what we have.


Very good, but very typical.
It's really good, interesting story, and made in very stylish art, but with a lot of old clichés. It's definitely only for children or family watching, because a sophisticated adult viewer will see here a lot of completely banal character's decisions.

Little Evil

The author is stuck in the early 2000s
Well, yes, completely ignoring the warning about something strange in the video is a very smart move in most films of this genre... No... it's a stupid move, because it shows a low level of intelligence of the hero of the film. Typical fool toilet humor mixed with flat jokes about sex. Is that really funny in the 21st century? Really? A silly empty plot with a carriage of third-rate clichés, extremely dubious humor, and not interesting climax and ending of the story. All this could have worked somewhere in the early 2000s, but for 2017 it is already a wild "not comme il faut" to use such things.

Murder by Numbers

"One little but..."
This film claims to be a deep and intriguing confrontation between killer and detective. He shows different perspectives of life and those, and these characters, and everything would be just fine if not for one thing. One small, seemingly small, thing ... because of which the whole house of cards of the intrigue under construction is collapsing to hell. And the movie loses all its potential plot charms. Laziness or stupidity of the creators? Doesn't matter to the viewer. It was too "flat" decision.


"All I did was for you" (c)
I thought for a long time what rating to give it. On the one hand, I hate such people, but objectively, this means that the film has coped with its task... probably still 8. Regarding the title of the review: This is the cornerstone of this film and all others like it. One of the most stupid and hypocritical phrases invented by mankind. How much was done, destroyed, desecrated, hiding behind this vile phrase. No, in the ordinary life of ordinary people, of course, it is used and this is normal... But when it comes to bad situations, bad people, bad deeds, how am I drawn to vomit whenever I hear this immortal stupid phrase. If you are interested in film's description - you will like it.


Finally the correct asked question with adequate answering.
The first season was very, very strong and interesting. The confusion that is inherent in the topic of such travels was presented in an interesting way, and did not create outright incomprehension just for the sake of incomprehensibility, but quite normally explained why these incomprehensibility occurred here. The only big problem to me, was to somehow remember who exactly at a given moment in time is being discussed ... and at what time, because of the difference of their faces. In the second season, the sensations and interest from the series were the same, but there was a strong feeling that the whole point of the series is not specifically in travelling and it's problems, but in the fact that at every moment of the series someone has to come to someone and say one of three crown phrases: "How long have I waited for this" ... "You will understand everything when you need to understand" ... "Everything you did led to this moment". The start and middle of the third season, in my opinion, has become completely confusing and chaotic. There was already a feeling that the author's mind was blown off, and he began to weave everything into everything, if only the plot seemed as confusing as possible for the sake of some weird "cool effect". But it's a wrong feeling. In a couple of last episodes you will get all answers. The last two episodes - climax and origin of the Travelling topic and story of all "Dark" series. ...Finally, the first story about such travelling that asked the right question and answered on it: Where is the start point? The series is not perfect, it does not touch another very important moment: Life is the risk of dying at any moment, not just at some particular time or event. What then? Again on a new endless coil? How to fix EVERYTHING, not just one specific event? But I'll put 10 anyway, because if you answer that question, 10 seasons are not enough, which always leads to the fact that the series rolls into a boring, illogical garbage. Stamping episodes for money and airtime. Therefore, in such a foreword, specifically about the main question of the source of the problem, this is an excellent work. Definitely 10.

Anatomie de l'enfer

Those who don't know the word "enough"
I was always amused and annoyed in most of these films that in their greedy pursuit of the so-called "high/deep themes", the authors of such works very often lose touch with adequacy and forget when to stop. Yes, to some extent you need to understand/learn/broaden your horizons/sympathize/reject and so on... Art is multifaceted. But in this particular case, the author shows not what he intended as an idea, but a banal dirty perversion. Such things can be deposited far from the part of the viewer's consciousness that the author wanted to knock on. Not everyone is able to maintain the "image of sexual attraction" after meeting such movie. The same goes for men too. The world will not cease to exist without films about "true abomination" into which such authors plunge from time to time. Learn already when it's enough.

Twentynine Palms

Useless piece of...
The only plus of this movie is a couple of explicit sex scenes. It's all. What this film wants to show to the viewer really shows it in the beginning. Let it be boring, but it shows. But the further - the dumber. By the end of the film, the theater of the absurd reaches its climax, and the ending itself, in general, turns into "what the hell just happened"? Waste of time and film strip.


Almost perfect, But with numerous "but".
Generally I liked the series. It was great and very interesting... but I notices so many negative things during the watching so I couldn't give it more than 8. ...1st season... I am already frankly tired and terribly enraged by these foolish hero clichés: he saves everyone and everything, he makes a mistake once, and he blames himself for all the sins and catastrophes of the World(every hero is obliged to suffer in order to be calmed, warmed and hugged). Generally - kill the main enemy at the beginning, and you will not receive 90% of "Trollhunters" problems. Profit))) Too stupid clown his friend, who constantly every time fail and tries to make himself funny with flat jokes(sure, every serious hero definitely needs a clumsy, foolish assistant to show the seriousness of the protagonist). Another cliché: He asked a question, the responder "went off" from answering... why the hell didn't you insist on answering? It was important, since you by yourself gave the task and you already suddenly not interested with that? Why mother does not hear the fight in the next room from the kitchen? The galloping monsters on the streets of the city during all 52 eps. have never been filmed by street cameras or the phones of passers-by. All citizens die out during all the chases? How could the ordinary child so quickly to learn fighting and parkour as a professional warrior. Another "Troll magic" or another "Hero cliché"? The last 5-7 episodes: stupidity after stupidity. Seriously, only a baby would not have notice, that the last episodes suck out all the drama, tragedy, pathos and epic actions solely for greater stage effect. Sacrificing common sense, logic and level of adequacy. ...2nd season... The hero always comes at the very last moment. And no matter how much he wandered and was lost. This is our hero! ...I am sick of immortality during falls from any height. The "blonde boy" in the series is made too openly dumb, and arrogant redneck. If the author wanted to show the children how bad and not fashionable to be a redneck, he went too far and made a corny disgusting and uninteresting character. Dentures catch the radio in the head! Only in order to catch the secret radio wave of the necessary organization. Radio?! Seriously?! ...The mid-end of the 2nd season well helped to smooth the fail of the beginning of the season. There were small stupidities in the behavior of the characters, but within the limits of adequate. I would even say that the second half of the season drew out all my negativity about all the nonsense that was happening from all the beginning of Trollhunters. ...3rd season: But the idiocy of "half of the season" seems to be a ritual for this series, because the beginning of season 3 is again replete with primitive plot tools purely for stretching timekeeping of episodes(For example, holding dangerous troll ash in an ordinary coffee can, and what a surprise, he will lose it). However, I would be biased if I did not say that this episode itself was funny and interesting. The last disappointment of the series was that fact, that In addition to portals, we didn't see anything with the girl's staff(except the only 1 from all of 52 episode). ...Summary... Despite all the nonsense that abounds in so many TV shows, books, and games, for the most part I really liked the series. Like other works of the author, there are many interesting moments, good sound work and special effects. Interesting stories besides the main one. Some of the author's attempts to show different sides of friendship, care, enmity, grief and joy and other relationships seemed stupid and just as clichéd. But in many places it was appropriate and "right on the spot". It is a pity that really good work cannot get rid of all the "clichéd slag" for the sake of stretching time and/or the budget. In the meantime, it's only 8 for me. Summary: Almost perfect. But, unfortunately, only almost.


This series is growing above itself.
I have only two small complaints about this series: 1) Too abrupt start. The beginning comes straight from the end of the previous series, and from the point of view of the whole story, it looks normal, but as the beginning of this series itself - too abrupt and looks like a broken piece from the very middle of some war. 2) "We will not change the course of time in the past" - after 5 minutes "Merlin, give me five". ... As for the rest, it's an excellent 10 episodes for one or two evenings. This series has become the top of interest and adherence of those works that the author has released on this Universe. I do not remember when I gave such a rating to the series. Great job.

3Below: Tales of Arcadia

Slightly fell short of expectations
Overall, this is a very interesting series. Honestly, without exaggeration, from the very first episode until the middle of the second season, I thought I would give it 8(I don't really like this kind of graphics). But from the middle of the second season, the narrative of the story began a very rapid fall into the abyss called "the most stupid and banal clichés about heroes and villains". And even though this is, by and large, a children's animation, the plot has become madly predictable and no longer just for children, but for some babies... which personally caused a strong drop in interest for me me. Like the rating falling, up to 7. In the end, the decision of some of the characters were also disappointing (here I supported the guy with the glasses with all my hands, I would have done so in his place too).

Papa, sdokhni

In the best traditions of Tarantino
Traces of the American guy are very clearly visible here, but done very interesting. One of the best representatives of contemporary Russian cinema

The Hollow

Dry shot
The very beginning was intriguing and interesting, but with each new episode, the animated series became more and more stupid in the behavior of the characters, more and more primitive in the jokes used here, and worse in the style of the storytelling. Patience was only enough for first season... Objectively, someone might like it, there are some good ideas here, and I'll put 5. But for me it's too ... flat and boring.

Little Nemo

About dreams and nightmares
It was very unexpected to stumble upon my childhood's cartoon at my 32. Now, when I was watching it, it was just interesting, but suddenly, I remembered how much it impressed me in past... and scared me. Along with "FernGully" and "Once Upon a Forest" it was one of the most exciting cartoon for a child with its dense dark atmosphere time to time.

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