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The Passenger: A Vermont Urban Legend

First movie for Paul.... A+
As a new filmmaker entering the busy industry, Paul truly outdid himself. I look forward to seeing him grow with his next films. The Passenger was very well written and directed. To be based on existing folk lore was a top notch idea. It has suspense, a deep background, and an ending that leaves you still intrigued... A+ from this teacher!

Building Wild

Long live the CABIN KINGS!
Building Wild is a new show (Jan 2014) that focuses on building Dream cabins for clients in the Northeast region of the United States. It's a reality show that has a twist on every cabin. Maybe the cabin spins. Maybe it is build around a vehicle. Maybe it can house several people. Paulie Dimeo and Tuffy Bakaitis, the show's co-hosts (also known as the "Cabin Kings") are amazing at what they do. They have incredible ideas and are absolutely hysterical along the way. They bicker endlessly about how to do stuff, yet they also compliment each other when something goes well. Thoroughly entertaining either way. I also have inside information as I was one of the clients ("Backwoods Bus" episode). Not only is "what you see is what you get" with them, they are genuine, fun, and caring. I had the time of my life with the build! If you like reality shows, you'll love this. If you like do-it- yourself shows, you'll love it. If you like nature shows, you'll love it. Well worth your time.

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