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A Whole New World
How Glass (2019) brings the stories and characters together from Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016) is fascinating. The story takes place 15 years after the first movie and 3 weeks after the second. It's a smart plot that stays away from clichés and never becomes extraordinary. The superpowers from David Dunn (Bruce Willis), Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) and The Beast (James McAvoy) aren't predominantly present. That makes this movie an interesting counterweight to the Marvel and DC movies (which we are overloaded with). Director and writer M. Night Shyamalan created a whole new world with this trilogy and he has given the 'superhero vs. villain theme' a new perspective.

Most praise goes out to the acting performance of James McAvoy. His portrayal of numerous characters (about 13) is unrivalled. It was a great pleasure to see him transform into personalities time after time and playing them all convincingly.

Patti Cake$

What It Means to Chase Your Dreams
Patricia Dombrowski is a weighty 23 year old woman in New Jersey. She lives with her mother, who regularly drinks too much. And also with her grandmother who is in need of care. Her dream, literally, is being a popular rap star, just like her idol OZ. If she reaches that, she will receive recognition and her family's scarcity will be history. Patricia has enough talent in writing poetic lyrics, but she doesn't have the looks or image of a rap star. In her neighborhood, she's often called by the nickname "Dumbo". So it's a tough challenge to make a name (as Killa P.) in the hip hop scene.

The power of this movie is how all the characters are elaborated upon and how they develop in the story. That makes this movie fascinating and not superficial or cliché, what you might expect. Various aspects are highlighted. Such as the barriers from family, the strength from friendship and the meaning of following your dreams from a life of scarcity. In trying to make a breakthrough she has to work hard, search for opportunities, invest, take risks and fight against prejudices. This struggle teaches her a lot about herself and others, like OZ and her mother.

The director and writer of Patti Cake$, Geremy Jasper, based the screenplay on his own life. He loves hip hop and through this movie he had the chance to create rap songs. The soundtrack has become great. And with his first feature film, he makes a fantastic debut.


Trash has it all!
When I saw the trailer of this movie it did not appeal to me. The movie seemed like a common Hollywood action movie, but after seeing it I know that this movie has a lot to offer. The story begins when Raphael (at the age of 14) finds a wallet in the garbage and shows it to his two friends. Once the boys find out how much the wallet is wanted by the police they decide to unravel the mystery behind it, using clues from the wallet. What follows is a fascinating journey full of action, humor and drama through the slums of Rio de Janeiro. You see the raw side of the city, it feels like you are there. Also the music puts you in the right vibe. The solidarity, perseverance and the struggle to achieve justice, gives you a real connection with the three boys. Slowly all the pieces fit together while it builds up to a thrilling end. This movie seems to have a clear message to give. It makes you think about justice and well-being, but at the same time it is an easy watching feel good movie. This movie has it all!

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