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The Will

Great Book Adaptation
The Magdalene Series by Kristen Ashley Are wonderful books. The Will is a great rendition of the book. While the movie could not share everything the love story of Jake and Josie comes through. Passionflix HOT meter is accurate. Be ready for sizzle!

Dirty Sexy Saint

DSS equals FIRE
Love the book series and the film did not disappoint. It's hard to stay close to the book but Passionflix did it! David Gregory sizzles as St. Clay.

A Brother's Honor

Hits the mark
It's not often that a movie stays true to the book and hits ALL the best scenes and lines This was does that for sure. Jeremy Batiste and Celestine Rae do an admirable job portraying these serious type characters. Supported by Michael Marcel and Robert Christopher Riley, the movie pulls off the comedic scenes while keeping pace to tell all the key points of this love story/murder mystery that has 3 main points. Tosca Musk is working hard to ensure Passionflix honors the genre it represents. Thank you Brenda Jackson for this story and Passionflix for bringing it to screen.

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