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Nagai iiwake

"...When someone treasures you, you just don't toss them away..."
"The long excuse" is a beautiful film about not taking any kind of relationship for granted, whether it be between lovers or simply between friends. The worse part is that we only face it when one is gone.

Writer and director Miwa Nishikawa paints a beautiful portrait of how a famous Japanese writer disregarded his relationships with his wife, his friends and his work. The film is an intense meditation on our choices in life: single or married, having children or not, going to school or just work and respect for others. Only when the central character is faced with a broken family and realized the effects of the loss of a mother on her husband and children, does he reflect on his own choices in life.

Amazing performances by the entire cast and excellent work by director Miwa Nishikawa.

Minions: The Rise of Gru

Poor Plot!!
"Minions: The Rise of Gru" has a very poor plot and it seems it was written in a such rush. The film does not have the same grace and lightness as the previous ones. In fact, this movie doesn't have a story, it's a collection of absurd scenes in search of a sacred stone. Even the minions seem wasted and the solution found by the writers was to add tons of car chases through the San Francisco neighborhood.

The screenplay goes back to the 70s and some scenes are nostalgic and funny, especially with the use of a soundtrack from that time. As noted by another reviewer Minions works better in small doses, it's fast, adorable, and funny.

"Minions: The Rise of Gru" is unquestionable kids pleased.


"...We are continuing to fail her..."
"Scarborough" is a drama full of clichés, and stereotypes but it works on all levels. It's a very heavy film because it deals with children and the cruel reality of the marginalized people in the Scarborough community. It portrays some inhabitants with brutal authenticity. They suffer and also help each other to cope with their social problems. The film hurts us, and leaves us outraged, angry, and appalled but also hopeful for the future of the youth.

Kudos to directors Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson for the level of detail and for bringing so much emotion to the screen. But the entire movie belongs to the child actors, they are simply sublime. They are so perfect in their characterization that makes us believe they are not actors. They are breathtaking in their performances. This movie should be watched by all political and social workers who directly or indirectly are part of these processes so that everyone stops "....continuing to fail her..."

Fuchi ni tatsu

Beautifull plot!!!
The movie "Harmonium" has a beautiful plot and tells the story of how a harmonious traditional Japanese family is broken by the actions of the past. The director and writer Kôji Fukada leaves the story open for the spectator to decide and assume plot events, i.e. Was it a case of revenge?, what did really happen to the daughter? The ending seems a bit easy escape to complete the cycle, it should be more creative and better thought.

The fine treatment of the direction and the perfect performances of the actors make this film another great surprise from the current Japanese cinema. Highly recommended.

House of Hammer

Another case of abusive white handsome blue-eyes Hollywood star!!!
This type of abusive manpower over women has to STOP!!!! Just going through the messages Armie Hammer left in his "prey" victims, there is a sense of sex predator, of a man dominating a woman as a slave. He actually believes that his beauty, sex-appeal give him the right to use women as a sex object to satisfy his morbid life.

It's incredible some of the comments left in the reviews section, i.e "Makes you feel sorry for Armie Hammer instead of the other way around", "Let's just destroy a man's life, because we can", "A few aging and sad woman attempt to profit off Armie Hammer", "Another attack to Men around the world... " I am a MAN and I couldn't understand how come these reviewers did not believe on the msgs Armie HIMSELF left his victims cells????

This is another additional documentary women in general should watch and be alert for this type of predators.

The Salt of the Earth

In searching of Genesis Earth!!
The documentary "The Salt of the Earth" describes the trajectory of the photographic works of the great Brazilian Sebastiao Salgado". Wim Wenders and Salgado's son, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, exposes in a chronological way Salgado's photographic projects in various parts of the world, focusing mainly on areas of war, social and environmental injustices. Through Salgado's photographic images, we follow and suffer with him. We also notice the transformation of man in search of an original planet Earth, the Genesis Earth without all kinds of human sins, evil, and destruction.

The reforestation project at his family site is a beautiful way for Sebastiao to show that we can reverse the inhumane things he photographed his entire life.


Too metaphorical!!!
The movie "Jauja" is technically perfect but don't try to find a linear or coherent plot. It seems the author and director Lisandro Alonso throw on the screen what goes on in his subconscious and only he himself knows the meaning of some scenes (or not!!). Sometimes they look like a loose collage of images and sounds. Alonso places the central character in a desolate and hostile Latin environment, completely different from his Danish ancestors. His daughter disappears and the quest to find her reflects his own struggle in life. The film is full of allusions and metaphor that is tiring and monotonous. The film has astounding photography. Not for everyone!

Deliver Us from Evil

An Open-Eye for all religious cults!
The most surprising and disturbing scenes in the documentary "Deliver Us from Evil" is to hear from Father Oliver O'Grady himself about the children and babies he sexually abused when he was a Catholic priest in California. We can see that O'Grady is still mentally ill, he is unaware of the seriousness of his actions in the past. He lives a normal life in Ireland as if all his abuses have been forgiven and therefore insignificant and impertinent to him. Another relevant point of the documentary is to present that both the dioceses of California and the Vatican simply deny or cover up all cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by their clergy. It is proven that all religions that view sex as an evil element, or preach fanaticism, certainly have sexual abuse cases done by their members.

The Lighthouse

Technically and Artistically perfect movie!!!
"The Lighthouse" is a film that captivates you because of the astonishing cinematography and performances of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. It's totally incomprehensible that neither of the actors was recognized with awards for best performance. Pattison and Dafoe create an atmosphere of pure insanity. They wage a battle of insanity on this isolated island, where the lighthouse is the central protagonist. Then the magnificent director Robert Eggers decides to add the technical elements to accentuate this battle between these two lost souls: being a black and white movie, with dark tones plus the sound effect makes "The Lighthouse" one of the most beautiful films to watch.


Bad plot, bad script, bad acting, bad direction!!! Just a bad movie!!!!
As with the movies "Get Out", "Us" and "Nope", I've convinced myself that Jordan Peele movies are not for me. They all have childish plots, are conventional, unappealing, and the dialogues are poor and weak. Again Peele makes a mediocre film, meaningless, and full of cliches. I.e. The main character who uses one-syllable word, is quiet and shy and a cameraman who acts enigmatic to no purpose. Another issue that does not make sense is the abrupt cuts in the edition. The plot is another point that is difficult to swallow: the protagonists prefer to face danger for some images of this "thing" and also this "thing" that flies quickly and feeds on human beings. It's just too bad!!!


A Master Classic!!!
"Titanic" is a masterpiece in every single angle: beautiful plot, amazing direction, stupendous visual effects, perfect cinematography, outstanding soundtrack, and breathtaking performances by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. This is a typical Hollywood movie but on a grand scale. "Titanic" will be known as the "Gone with Wind" of the 90s. James Cameron with his vision created a classic. He involves us from the beginning of the film, with real scenes of the wreckage of the Titanic in the present day. From there, he takes us back to the past and introduces each character in his opera. For more than three and half hours, we are embraced by the love story between Jack and Rose and also by the tragic event in every single details.

George Michael: Freedom

Jesus to Michael!!!
It's very sad to watch the documentary "George Michael: Freedom" knowing that he left this world when he was finishing this work. Michael passed away on December 25, 2016, at the age of 53. This documentary seems like a testament letter about his life. The accelerating career success and pressure from the media was the abyss to his demise, exactly like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Witney Houston, and Prince. The quick voyage of their lives between us was simply to gift us with each one's voice and talent. George Michael was no different, only after winning the much-desired public recognition did he realize that he was not happy. And when he discovers the happiness of love, "...Heaven sent And Heaven Stole You smiled at me...". We and the media didn't allow them to live in peace as an artist. We created, idolized, and at the same time silenced these voices. I am for that, Michael!!!


Pure Empathy!!!
The movie "Minamata" is intense in empathy with the Japanese coastal community of Minamata. Through the lens of photojournalist William Eugene Smith, the world was presented with images of the polluting effects on children and adults from the Chisso Corporation chemical waste. The film begins with an identity crisis from the photographer who sympathizes with the Japanese cause. Johnny Depp does a good portrayal of W. Eugene Smith but is a bit exaggerated in some scenes.

The movie manages to convey the pain and effect that pollutants had on the community. There are other movies with the related subject but the intercalation of real images reinforces the cause. It's a beautiful movie.


Burning writer questions
The movie "Burning" could be easily condensed into 1 hour since the first hour is a long and tedious presentation of the 3 central characters. They complement each other, but Jeon Jong-Seo shines as Hae-mi, she's free-spirited and generates a vacuum in the film when she's not on screen. I believe the whole plot of "Burning" is in the head of the novice writer. He is asked several times what book he is writing and his answer is always that he still has no idea and no story. This is how the movie is, enigmatic, with no specific theme and it doesn't bother giving answers to any questions or actions from the characters.

Inside the Mind of a Cat

You still can learn alot about your feline!!!
I grew up surrounded by dogs all my life but 20 years ago, I got my first cat. I didn't have much option as he was left at my door. My opinion about cat changed dramatically since then, cats are smart, caring, independent and a very good companion. This documentary just reinforced that, but I also found it very informative, especially the meaning of their sounds and some behaviour. I really don't think this documentary is just for the first time cat owners, you still can learn a lot about your feline, unfortunately I no longer can observe my cat.

Ke zai ni xindi de mingzi

Oppressed Love!!
Every time I watch any same-sex love movies, I ask myself "Why are so many people threaded by this type of intimacy?" It's just love between two human beings. The movie "Your Name Engraved Herein" just confirms how this love could be repressive in a misfit, ambivalent and cruel society.

I also want to highlight how the cinema around the World and outside of the Hollywood arena are much deeper in themes that provoke and challenge this so-called "normal" society. The film "Your Name Engraved Herein" is realistic, political, and confronts an archaic Taiwan, it has a stellar performance by the main actors and beautiful and courageous direction by Kuang-Hui Liu.

A must-see movie!!!


The only reason "Prey" is getting 5 stars is for two good reasons, it brings to the front of the line two oppressed groups for centuries: Women and Natives. It's nice to see, for a change, a native girl as a hero in a big movie production. Other than that the movie is mediocre, it drags on and on, without much content. This movie address well all fans of the Predator franchise.

A Matter of Life and Death

Clever plot!!
"A Matter of Life and Death" is one of the most original British scripts so far. Intelligent, political, satirical and rich in ingredients about life, death and love. The cinematography is spectacular for the 40's, especially for the minimum graphics resources of the time. There are clever scenes like the one for picking the defence attorney, with several statues of immortals of the World. In my opinion, the plot should be more elaborate, going deeper into why to extend Peter Carter's life on Earth. Overall, it's a good movie with great performances by David Niven and Roger Livesey.

Idi i smotri

As one of the reviewers noted and I couldn't agree more, director Elem Klimov tried to emulate Andrei Tarkovsky, but failed miserably. This movie is far from being a masterpiece, or even a great movie. Klimov uses exaggerated allegories and metaphors that disarrange the dialogues and images. There are many scenes like that and they are clearly noticeable in the first segment of the movie, it seems the director introduced some of these scenes just to increase the length of the movie. Then Klimov shifts gears and presents us with the realism of the shock by showing us the atrocities of the Second World war. In this "mixed salad", what is left is little of art and more of the repulsive, sickening gut feeling to the rawness of the images of war.

Perhaps I've watched a different movie than most reviewers, but a masterpiece, unfortunately, this movie far...far from being one.

Walk with Me

LOVE is love!!!
There is a quote "We will regret more for the things you didn't do than for the ones you did" and this movie shows us that. But still, in my opinion, there are big issues in this movie. It's conventional, with a typical plot about same-sex relationships. I wish some scenes weren't so "Hollywood", so cliché like all the passages on the beach or the protagonist sitting on the kitchen floor drawing and the lover suddenly appearing through the bedroom door. The author and director Isabel del Rosal should be bolder, and more daring and build the screenplay closer to reality. This movie was more like an episode of "The Sex and the City"


"...I'm a bloody victim of my own instincts..."
Author and director Ruben Östlund discuss in his film "Force Majeure" the individual and collective survival instinct. Do men have a different survival instinct than women? Should we all have to have the same instinct when facing dangerous situations? Östlund does not intend to answer these questions or discuss whether each character in the film is right or wrong. He simply throws the facts to us, so much so that the same survival instinct that the husband demonstrates at the beginning of the movie, is exactly what the wife experiences at the end of the film. The director also suggested the collective survival instinct when he places the entire family thru a foggy snowstorm. The highlight of this movie is not the plot but the message it conveys.

The Deep End

This is a stupid movie!!
This is a bad movie!! The plot doesn't make any sense, it's a complete mess. I wonder why Tilda Swinton spent her great talent in this movie. The dialogue is full of flaws and laughable. The direction and editing do not stay far behind, a poor performance by both. The comedy starts when two tough blackmailers spend the entire movie fighting for a mere $50K (???) in exchange for a sex tape. And it gets worst, when one of the blackmailers turns into a "superhero" to the point of sacrificing his life to save this family. The mother did not go to any extent to save his son's life, other than some phone calls to raise money for the extortion. Three dead bodies for $50K???!!!

The Tinder Swindler

"If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not"
"The Tinder Swindler" shows that some Tinder users are not just simply victims of scams, they contributed to them. The first woman met a guy online, then agreed to fly on "his private jet" within hours of meeting him. She slept with him the same night. And we find out later that this is a recurring scenario with other women. Would they have gone to this extent if the guy were just an ordinary man? There is a very old quote "If something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't." and also "It needs two to tango". Sincerely, I don't feel sorry for these women, obviously, they got obsessed with what money can buy and they became blind. They now need to pay for the consequences.

Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar

Very bad "Hallmark" type of movie
The movie "Without saying goodbye" has a great commercial appeal, it looks like an advertisement for a male cologne: handsome, single successful man and a beautiful blonde latina. The director and producers don't even use actors with any resemblance to Latino people.

This is a typical "Hallmark" movie, which offends Peruvian and Latino culture. This is a terrible movie with beautiful Cuzco images.


It's NEVER too late!!!
It takes a lot of courage for a singer at the height of his career to face and confront the doctrines of the Mormon Church, especially those related to discrimination against LGBTQ+ members. Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds, a Mormon himself, revisits his past and wonders why he was neutral or ignored the church's stance against gay people when so many young people turned to suicide as a solution. The documentary goes through his penance and the peaceful way that he finds to redeem himself and help his community.

It's never too late to find out that LOVE is love is love.

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