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The Power of the Dog

Benedict Cumberbatch is superb!!
This is not a movie to everyone. You can't overlook any single detail in this movie, it's like a puzzle. You will need to capture the next scene to have the whole picture of the main character. Superb performance by Benedict Cumberbatch, he got the soul of Phil Burbank, including the roughness, repressive and repulsive behaviour of his character.

Pray Away

It's a MUST!!!
This documentary is an alert on how dangerous, irresponsible, evil religious group under the name of Conversion Therapy is.

The documentary should be part of every school/university curriculum to educate students to trust and believe their own instinct about their sexuality and self esteem. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong in being gay, bi-sexual, black, white, yellow, brown, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslin, blind, disabled, mute, fat, fit, smart, dumb, left-handed, right handed, poor, rich.............we are all HUMAN that deserves respect!!!!

The End

Instead of treating suicide, death, palliative care, euthanasia and other morbid subject, this series celebrate life, pleasure, acceptance, that's never too late or too early to (re)discover your self.

Yes, there is death but before that live and enjoy every moment, pleasure and discomfort, love and hate, sweet/sour, day/night and also never too late to have the best orgasm of your life.


Matt Damon superb performance!!!!
The only positive aspect of this movie is Matt Damon's performance. He is excellent in portraying a rough redneck from Oklahoma. This is very noticeable against the background of Marseille, France where is well known for the arts and culture. It also reinforces it when he shares the apartment/romance with an theatre actress and her daughter.

Other than that it's a typical American boring movie!


I REALLY didn't get it!!!!
Too abstract to me!!! The fight scene, the talking with a chef in the restaurant seem so out of place. Perhaps I am missing something ...but who cares. Not for me.

A Quiet Place Part II

Not much to say about this sequel. In fact not necessary at all. The only thing good is the acting of Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott.


Issues with this series
I am currently watching Season 4 on the assumption that the series would get better, especially on the script, direction and performance of main actors but I got disappointed.

The script is so pretentious with every characters having the same type of punchline, it doesn't even sound real conversation among ordinary people. It's like each conversation needs to end with a smart/clever punchline.

The direction sometime seems lost, some scenes look like direct from a theatre school, actors are reading scripts without feelings, emotions, exactly like robots.

Titus Welliver as Bosch sometimes is convincing, Jamie Hector as Bosch's partner lacks the roughness of LA detective, Madison Lintz as Bosch's daughter is very green in her performance (watch S4. E3 and E4, her dramatic performance is laughable) but Lance Reddick as chief Irving, Amy Aquino as Bosch's boss and Mimi Rogers as Honey Chandler shine throughout the initial 4 seasons.

The Killing of Two Lovers

Honest and Very Good!!!
This is a simple, honest and very good movie!!

Excellent performance by Clayne Crawford as David, a father who still loves his wife and is trying hard to keep the family together.

Powerful direction as it keeps us guessing which way this movie will turn: tragic or happy.

Again it's simple but powerful.


Emma Thompson shines!!!
This is Emma Thompson's movie. She shines as Cruella. Best performance of her career so far.

Crip Camp

Important movement in history!!!
Crip Camp documentary tells us the importance of Camp Jenet (summer camp) for the Americans with Disabilities Act movement.

Frankly, I did not know the struggles and endurance that this group led by Judy Heumann went thru between the 70s and 90s to have their right recognized and imposed by the government. The impact was tremendously around the World.

Quo vadis, Aida?

United Nation of WHAT???
We are in the middle of the 21st century and we still witness atrocities that even UN ignores.

Jasna Djuricic has a stupendous interpretation of a mother protecting her youngest from the terror of war in recent Bosnia. As a translator for the UN, she begs the authorities to save her husband and children and even the UN denied that.

A great film that not only Europe needs to know.

The Man Who Sold His Skin

The Freedom of Art
This film shows the link between art and human condition. As humans we are limited by the cultural and political borders of the country we were born in, but art is not. Any form of art can move freely among its borders.

Ironically this Tunisian film can be streamed in the USA or in any country without any Visa stamp but any of its citizen who need to escape from political or social persecution is denied refugee entry.

Palm Springs

A Typical Hollywood Movie!!!
A very much typical Hollywood movie. A few laughs, few intelligent moments but Groundhog Day has already concentrated on the time loop theme much better.

Dick Johnson Is Dead

Kind of Boring
I think this documentary could be cut shorter. I didn't care much about the characters or the plot. It looks like more a family "thing" than a documentary.

Kind of boring.

The Assistant

Is this for real???
Why would anyone endure in such work environment? I doubt it's for the money.

And if this is not for surviving then I assume it's for the glamour of the world of entertainment.

The Invisible Man

It was ok, nothing special
This film should be better constructed and developed. There are flaws that cannot be denied. Elizabeth Moss once again is a tour of force in acting.


The best Comedy of ALL TIME!!!
The best Comedy of ALL TIME!!!

The best Comedy of ALL TIME!!!

Anything before and after Seinfeld will fall short in terms of comedy series. Immensely smart and intelligent scripts, characters well developed in perfect sync with actors.

I keeping watching the re-runs and they are still up to date with today's events.

The Social Dilemma

It's a BIG, HUGE eye opening!!!
This documentary should/must be viewed by every single young adult in the planet. The insight on how social media manipulates our brain by a single click is a BIG, HUGE eye opening to save/keep democracy around the World.

Governments recently elected in the USA, England, Brazil, Poland, Italy have demonstrated how powerful the influence of social networks is and that they help to weaken democracy by creating hatred among their own citizens. As it is exposed in the documentary, it is not difficult to create a civil war.


The Father

Simple and honest!!!
Not always a movie about dementia is so honest and objective from the patient's point of view as The Father. It's a simple and honest picture, we feel the pain from the both sides, the father and daughter.

Hopkins' performance is just amazing, superb. It's a delight to watch him transform his character into pieces little by little. And on the opposite side we sense the painful journey Colman's character goes through.

All the accolades go to the strong direction of Florian Zeller. We will probably hear his name many many times from now on.

El Agente Topo

More Fiction than Documentary
I used to volunteer in a nursing home and this movie depicts clearly the biggest issue in these places: loneliness and lack of interest from family members. Into the 20 minutes of this movie, I had a feeling that I was not watching a documentary but a Docu-Fiction. If you want someone to investigate if the nursing home is mistreating their patients, why would you want a movie crew to document the mole action? Isn't it obvious that the nursing home staff would not mistreat or steal their patients in front of the camera????? There are some parts of the documentary that didn't look real, kind of scripted like the ceremony of King/Queen celebration and also Miss Berta's love interest in the mole. Aside from the debate of documentary or fiction, it's a charming and caring movie.


Only if you are familiar with legendary Hollywood star and producers
If you are familiar with historical Hollywood stars and producers of the time then this movie will make much sense. It shows how much Hollywood was involved in the political games of the Depression era. Other than that, it's kind of boring story.

Shaonian de ni

Dongyu Zhou - BEST ACTRESS OF 2020
This entire film belongs to the superbly and powerful performance of Dongyu Zhou. She makes her character so believable, sometimes fragile and innocent, sometimes strong and under control. I can't understand how Oscar ignores a performance like this. I guess we simply have to accept the fact that the Oscar award has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with films and is totally politically controlled. Very sad!!!!

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Poor Editing
I felt that something was missing, not a complete story after watching this movie, then I realized it wasn't Lee Daniels' fault but the editing. It looks like a collage of images from Billie Holiday life when she was addicted to drugs. The film doesn't go deeper enough in emotions. It does explain why the drugs got into her life but it lacks feeling, pain and above all empathy for the destruction of her life

The Mauritanian

Amazing Political Film!!!
I wonder why this film doesn't have a lot of publicity, even among critics. Is it because it touches the wound of 9/11 and Americans want to continue thinking that they are only victims?

Are the USA a democratic and fair country under the law?

Watch this movie draw the conclusion after a man's life is taken for 14 years without any evidence against him and tortured to confess and satisfy Donald Runsfeld's ego.

Confessions of a Time Traveler - The Man from 3036

Crap all the way!!!
Just a waste of 37 minutes of my life!!! If I could time travel I would go back 37 minutes and skip this garbage. Avoid this at all cost!!!

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