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Beautiful Creatures

Charming movie, well supported with great cast
I have to admit that the only reason I even saw this movie was because of the stellar cast. Was a bit apprehensive with the whole fantasy genre and 'tweenie' vibe. People keep comparing it to the Twilight franchise, which were just simply awful with the wooden acting and flat delivery. The books that it was based on were actually good.

This movie was refreshingly good: charming with humour. I haven't read the books at all, but everybody seems to "fit". They chose young actors who can actually act (what a great relief) and who you want to root for. The whole cast was excellent (I really can't call Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Eileen Atkins and Viola Davis - 'supporting') and Emmy Rossum was surprisingly good as a vixen. Always thought of her the innocent, wholesome type.

One movie that makes me want to read the books - actually, just downloaded it!!


Loving it so far.
I loved, loved, loved Gilmore Girls, so thought I'd give this show a whirl. On episode 3 and so far, like it! Thank you Ethan for taping it and letting me watch. Very similar vibe to Gilmore - with great writing, repartee and lovable, kooky characters. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sherman-Palladino's script is as witty as ever and love the fact that they brought in a great Broadway actress/dancer. Sutton Foster is likable and funny. Similar, yet different to Lauren Graham. Good to see Kelly Bishop back. Difficult not to compare to Gilmore Girls really, but as I love that show and they've stopped making it - I have to fill the void with something. I love ballet too, so like that addition to the story. So great that there ARE ballerinas and dancers that could also act. All those dance movies with the plastic 'acting' were depressing me. A great pick-me-up show. So you can add this to The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family as my favourite comedies!

The New Normal

I found one of the main character just so annoying. Interesting concept, some good characters. Like the partner, love the surrogate and her daughter. The mother is a bit over the top but she's meant to be. Just can't stand the main guy - so fake and rubs me the wrong way. It's like the annoying guy in the bar who talks really loudly about his so-not-interesting life that you just want to smack so he can stop. Everything is soooo... larger than life and dramatic! Karen and Jack from WIll and Grace rolled into one, but without any of the lovable character traits. Plots are also boring. For dysfunctional families and the new normals, go to the much more sensational Modern Family.

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