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Mar de fondo

I liked it. Not the "Before..." Trilogy obviously, but still good.
This movie is about dialogues and contemplating the greatness of the ocean.

Demián Bichir is a fantastic actor and commands every scene he is on. He is relaxed, discusses about his work and even gives the audience some interesting cultural facts about Mexican history (specially Revolution) and World Religion.

His character's life is monotonous, but in one day, he will be subject to different tests that he might want to publish in his next novel.

Bichir and Sasha González have very good chemistry and for some moments you can feel the sexual tension between them; although the best interactions between them happens when they share intimate things about their life.

Daryka seems to be your typical 2000's kid, but she has more depth and secrets that are entertaining to discover.

Not a lolita per se, but still intriguing.

It is a delight to hear the ocean's roar and calmness most of the movie's 82 duration.

Cinematography is very good; specially in (brief) night scenes.

Give it a chance if you are in the mood. Clearly, not for everyone.

It is the kind of movie that you watch for the dialogues and character development.

Sea of Love

Exciting and multi layered Cop Thriller. Pacino at his best.
I chased down this movie for a while and it did not disappoint me. I truly enjoyed it because it brought Al "The King" Pacino back into business and mainly because it is a damn good Cop-Thriller flick. More in the likes of "Tightrope" (1984), we have the basic plot of a serial-killer on the loose being chased by a Detective who might get in the middle of the killer's motives when he starts an intense romance with a femme fatale.

The events are interesting and the suspense although it is not high, it delivers, and it is aided by splendid humor contributed by the on-screen duo conformed by Pacino and John Goodman; you know, the typical cop buddies.

I really liked the plot and the whole serial killer situation, but what really got into me was the fascinating sexual magnetism between Pacino and Ellen Barkin, who might not be "very pretty" for Hollywood's standards, but she is very attractive and unlikely sexy.

The soundtrack is equally good with a highlight by Tom Waits.

Check this underrated Thriller gem and enjoy Pacino at his best.

I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore

Brilliant display of black humor, drama, and a very real discourse around common people.
Best indie film I've seen in a while. It demonstrates that Netflix is producing quality films and series plus supporting talented, young film producers at the same time.

Macon Blair demonstrates that he is capable of creating a very clever script filled with intelligent black humor, plenty of thrilling sequences and suspense, as well as dramatic situations that may appeal to some people that might be living "something" similar to Ruth. And that is precisely where Blair becomes brilliant: He makes something really interesting out of ordinary people and completes it with extraordinary atmosphere that makes you feel you are dealing with someone that you know.

Now, I'm not "New" to Macon Blair's work; he starred in Saulnier's magnificent "Blue Ruin", a title that makes honor to the film, and coincidentally enough, perfectly fits to "I Don't..."., because I truly believe it is the "female" version of "Blue Ruin".

Imagine watching a mix between Tarantino and the Coen's brothers with slight references to Horror movies. That's how good this movie is, with Macon Blair's personal touch.

The cast is simply amazing. Melanie Linskey perfectly displays her abilities in comedy and drama. She made me laugh out hard and reminded me in her role as Charlie Sheen's stalker in "Two and a Half Men"; but at the same time made me feel her social suffering and discourse regarding inequity and people "acting like assholes". Her character development is astounding because she becomes more aggressive (in a positive way) and decisive when taking important decisions in daily life.

Elijah Wood played perfectly the post "Anton Yelchin" era character (although I believe Mr. Yelchin was slightly more talented, may he Rest in Peace).

Jave Levy consolidates herself as one of the best indie actresses of her generation and a Scream Queen favorite. I just love how cute she is even when she plays evil.

The Cineatography is beautiful and the soundtrack is simply amazing because it fits perfectly in the movie's actions.

To be honest with you, recently I experienced something similar to Ruthie's character when my car was stolen and I had to start my own private investigation which ended in similar fashion, plus, I also live under the rules of Murphy's Law so, I feel you Mr. Blair!.

Young filmmakers should be inspired by this fantastic piece of celluloid.

La tarantola dal ventre nero

Intense and atmospheric Giallo. A classic.
One of the best early Gialli that offers the elements all we love from this sub-.genre in all of its glorious fashion. The atmosphere is fantastic and the script keeps you intrigued since the sexy opening.

The death sequences are brutal and insane (all about the acupuncture technique to paralyze victims), and the dark tone of the film is perfectly displayed on screen.

The fantastic performance of the Inspector, played by a very well known actor in this sub-genre, totally carries the weight of the film on his back.

The only problem I find with the movie is the middle section of it, where it gets redundant and almost boring. However, it recovers near the climax.

Die hard fans of the sub-genre will find amusing to notice "someone" really important from another fantastic Giallo, "The House of the Laughing Windows" (1978).

How to Train Your Dragon

An animated masterpiece that manages to encourage the younger to be better people.
I watched this movie with my grandma three years ago. I chose it because of the positive reviews I came upon before deciding to record it on HBO HD.

I couldn't have chosen a better movie to watch with my favorite person in the world. "How to train your Dragon" is perhaps the most emotional movie for kids in recent times; and the best thing about it, is that it can be enjoyed by adults.

The animation is amazing, breathtaking, cannot say anything better about it. The soundtrack is also flawless as well as the direction.

However, the script is the best feature about it because it constantly evolves and displays a very powerful and positive message for the younger.

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story

Not bad at all, but lacks a point...
I am aware it is Dustin's version; however, it misses the point on describing the real problems and frictions between the cast. They barely display the character's personalities, hobbies, and their life outside the set, which would be helpful to understand some issues.

Instead, the script focuses on describing things we already knew. I know, it is Dustin's story, but a little more objectivity wouldn't hurt.

The acting is surprisingly good, specially the young man that plays Dustin. The rest of the cast does perfectly their job although it seems they haven't seen the original Saved by the Bell series.

I would definitely recommend this one for fans of the series, like myself. I grew watching this series and became part of my life, so, getting extra information after 22 years was a good nostalgic touch, although I expected to see more of the "private" details.

Lost Boy

Does not deliver expectations...
Well, the premise is very interesting and makes you think about many possibilities regarding the "lost boy" character.

To be honest with you, I only watched it for morbid curiosity; I mean, I expected the "lost boy" to terrorize the family in unlike ways, not in the likes of "Saw", but, situations like in "The Hand that Rocks the Craddle" (1992). However, the situations are very lame and soon you lose empathy towards the main character.

The script is very weak and never fully explains the origin of the lost boy or who really "took him" when he was an infant.

Virginia Madsen is fantastic as always and her portrayal of a mother that cannot cope with the lose of a son but keeps the hope for many years is perfect.

Watch it only if it airs at 2:00 a.m.

Sugar Daddies

Just what you expect.
Well I got more than expected from this one. I caught it on t.v. at around 3:00 a.m. and I had a good time because the pace is smooth, there are plenty of sexy moments, interesting facts about real life sugar daddies, and how some young women would do anything to live like the rich.

The script is pretty straight forward but the twist regarding a murder raised the intensity of the pace so the audience can be really interested.

Taylor Gildersleeve is a very good actress and her performance is the highlight of the movie. She's sexy, looks vulnerable, and at some point, she's brave. Thank you Ms. Gildersleeve for wearing those short and skimpy outfits :)

Casi treinta

To be honest with you, fellow IMDb reviewers; I had low expectations towards "Casi Treinta" because of its cast, its marketing campaign, and because it forms part of a brand new style in Mexican cinema that focuses more on being entertaining rather than presenting a quality story and important production values.

Well, I got what expected but was a bit surprised to find that there was some depth meaning in the story.

While some scenes can be taken out from any Mexican soap opera or even any party with your friends; it manages to show its point regarding having almost thirty years old and not living the life you want, but living the life of someone else.

Some of the scenes may seem superficial and not that well acted, but, it is part of the atmosphere and situation in Sonora, in the North of México.

The cast was very good as well as the music. The Direction is just standard, pretty much "point-and-click"; and the cinematography is gorgeous.

Give it a try for two reasons: 1) You are in your early 30's like me and you may feel related with some of the characters.

2) You want to have mindless fun with this new wave of Mexican cinema.

Blue Valentine

Possibly the most realistic "romantic" film.
The realistic relationship between the starring couple is what makes this movie an excellent display of mature relationships of young couples.

It treats topics as work life, resentment, frustration, and the always polemic "what would if...?" relevant moments in someone's life.

The chemistry between Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling is magnetic. Both actors demonstrate why they are amongst the best actors of their generation.

You may relate to this movie so beware because the experience is not positive at all. However, it should be a wake up call for troubled couples.

Dressed to Kill

The most American-Giallo. Stylish, sexual, violent, and inventive.
Fantastic entry in the Giallo sub-genre from Director De Palma who knows perfectly his references, mainly Dario Argento, although he has denied to being influenced by the Italian maestro.

This film is very sexual, violent, and creative in terms of plot. It also features plenty of humor courtesy of the young son of one of the killer's victims because of his investigation techniques (ahead of their time).

The acting is stellar, the plot very intriguing, and the gore is fantastic although is only present in one scene. Dario Argent should be proud of the elevator scene.

A great addition to the Giallo sub-genre.

My Sucky Teen Romance

Good for a young audience who may want to get into the Horror genre.
I had the chance to watch this flick during a hot Saturday afternoon in London, in a floating cinema (2013) and I had a good time for two reasons:

-The film is directed by a young and smart teenage girl who has seen many vampire movies. -I could ask her a question through a Skype interview. She told me she was influenced by classic vampire movies such as The Lost Boys and mostly Near Dark. That is a plus because clearly she knows her references very well.

The gore is minimum but very well done and you can say that she likes blood in her stories.

I give it a 5 because it is a naive film oriented for a young audience.

Let's keep an eye to this girl, she may do good things for our genre in the near future.

Fright Night 2

Call Peter Vincent! We have an emergency.
The worst horror movie of 2013.

Let's get things straight. How could you remake a remake and expect it to be good? "Fright Night 2" remakes the 2011 remake and tries to add a new sub-plot that fails miserably because it reminds us (the die hard fans) of the plot of the 1988 sequel to the 1985 classic.

Therefore, you can guess the outcome of this one... Oh, it's bad. The cast is atrocious except for the super sexy Jaime Murray who delivers an extremely sexy scene where she is in lingerie and making out with another woman. That alone, worths your money ;)

I could not stand the new Charlie or Peter Vincent, but Evil Ed steals the show as the worst character in the franchise.

The settings are nice because the Director shows the beauty of Bucarest, which is an amazing place (also known as the Little Paris) and some interesting settings near the ending.

However, the Direct to Video production values are very poor and you can say this is almost a student film.

Avoid it at all costs. It damaged the reputation of our beloved franchise.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Plenty of fun!
Ahead of it's time Classic Monster movie. I came to appreciate this movie after a 2013 London showing in some sort of drive-in in the middle of the river.

It was a fantastic experience because the movie is campy and offers plenty of black humor situations mainly created by the presence of the creature, who may be ahead of its time.

The settings are well done, the whole experience in the boat is tense, and the Creature is awesome looking!

The lead female character is extremely sexy and loves to show off her legs plus she looks like Jennifer Connelly, which is a good thing ;)

The campy situations and the nerve-tensing music may damage the experience but it is a fun experience nevertheless.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Excellent and realistic lawyer movie.
Myself, as a lawyer, can relate to the moral arguments and non-lawful "techniques" displayed in the movie. That is the reason why I believe the plot is very complete in terms of legal concepts, situations, and most importantly (the reason of the movie), because of the interesting story behind it.

The acting is great, the Direction perfectly creates a courtroom drama without being dull, the humor is well-welcomed and the score also works very well.

If you are a lawyer give this movie a chance in order to relate to the moral situations of its protagonist and also because it offers an interesting perspective on the "main" situation.

Plus the twists even if they are very Hollywood, are damn well done.

The Room

Cult movie for the wrong reasons.
Oh, I had a hard time giving it a 1, however, the movie is incompetent in the production aspect as well as the plot, acting, score... Well, you get the idea.

I found about "The Room" in the Prince Charles Cinema in London because the place has a big poster of it. Then, curiosity became obsession and I did research about everything that had to do it. No curiosity, maybe, morbid intentions.

It is laughable for the wrong reasons but it is cult entertainment for sure. It made me roar in laughter and could not believe how bad was it.

So, you may wanna give it a chance in order to witness that what people say about it, is REAL!

Tommy Wiseau may be an underestimated genius for scenes such as the rooftop scene, the fight during a party, the tedious love scenes, ail of Danny's participations, and more... Oh well, THIS IS a true cult movie.

Un gatto nel cervello

Denigrating, atrocious, extremely violent... Exquisite. Fulci's tribute to Fulci!
It is Dr. Lucio Fulci's party and we are all invited! In approximately 90 minutes, we are bombed with extremely gory and violent situations involving mutilations, brutal beatings, beheadings, slashed throats, exposed guts, vulgar language, etc. There is even a very weird moment from a musical film where a woman is bitch slapped without mercy while she sings!

Fulci's psychiatrist's smile is one of the most frightening things I've seen in a while!

This is a bizarre movie. It is brutal, filled with blood, and misogynistic. It is a tribute from Fulci to himself. Hey, even at the ending he drives a boat while accompanied by a very sexy Italian chick in a bikini.

Sadly, it is a very flawed film. The plot is absurd but in my opinion it inspired Wes Craven's "New Nightmare" (however, Ze do Caixao A.K.A. Coffin Joe used it on "O Exorcism Negro" from 1974).

The editing is horrible. The music is lousy. The acting sucks! Fulci may be the best actor in the whole film.

But it is very entertaining for gorehounds. It's extremely violent content should please those who hail Fulci like me.

Zombi 2

Fulci's other masterpiece that revolutionized Zombie-Cinema.
George A. Romero created the modern conception for zombies. However, Fulci created the scariest zombies. I am talking about rotten corpses that suck human blood.

"Zombi 2" is all about an eerie atmosphere, spectacular action sequences (the shootout and fire inside the church is epic), bizarre moments (zombie vs shark anyone?), brutal & gory death sequences (wood in the eye, ouch!), plus tension and nerve tensing moments.

This is one of Fulci's masterpieces. It offers everything a zombie cinema fan asks for. In my opinion, this is the definite zombie film because it has the perfect amount of gore, scare factor, atmosphere, and zombies.

Sure, it is not a perfect film. In fact, it has many flaws such as stupid decisions by some characters, lousy dialog, and random sequences. But we can ignore these elements because the whole time there is a fear of death. This island reeks of death.

"Dead Island", "Resident Evil", and many generic films owe a lot to Mr. Fulci's unique vision towards Horror.

The Apocalyptic ending is scary alone and is material for nightmares.

Non si sevizia un paperino

Haunting, intriguing, poetic. Fulci's Giallo masterpiece.
My first reaction after watching the ending was a standing ovation. This is a fantastic Giallo tale of murder, mystery, and obscure traditions inside a little town that is not everything it seems.

The plot surrounds the death of three infants. There are many suspects but the truth is horrifying. It is up to a news reporter and an impressively gorgeous woman to discover who is behind this atrocious murders in a town that hides more than a dark secret.

Lucio Fulci has an unfair reputation as a Director of bad taste. OK, he has done many brutal and extremely gore flicks but he has also produced extraordinary Gialli and other memorable films.

This film is in my opinion his true masterpiece. The atmosphere is eerie, you can feel you are wandering the town that is afraid of the night. The story is very interesting and thrilling. Also, it is ahead of it's time when displaying taboos such as pedophilia. The acting is surprisingly good. Florinda Bolkan and Barbara Bouchet shine with their roles. Fulci's Direction is solid and demonstrates his peculiar vision towards Horror.

There are many memorable moments such as the shocking cemetery murder while Heavy Metal plays in the background, the disturbing yet poetic ending, and many more.

This is on the top 5 Gialli ever. I don't want to spoil it because it is an experience that any Horror movie fan should live. It demonstrates that Mr. Fulci did know a lot about Horror and style. His name deserves more recognition among the pantheon of the best Horror Directors.

P.S. Barbara Bouchet is possibly the hottest actress ever to appear in a Giallo. Just look at her amazing nude body and her sexy mini skirts.

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Entertaining somewhat nostalgic tribute to the original. BEWARE: It's not a good movie. However, it's not terrible.
I went to an advance screening in London and I can tell my fellow TCM die hard fans to lower expectations and give this reboot-sequel a chance.

Adam Marcus, the most hated guy in the Friday the 13th franchise, co- wrote the script for TC3D and I was very worried about it. Fortunately for us, he did learn a lesson and this time he decided to pay tribute to the original 1974 story.

So in the first 10 minutes we get nostalgia material such as glorious cameos (Bill Moseley playing Drayton!, Gunnar Hansen playing Leatherface, and Marilyn Burns), and a brief explanation of the events that followed Sally's escape.

THE POSITIVE ASPECTS It is very straightforward. Does not takes too much time to show violence and gore. Leatherface has a decent amount of on-screen time.

Watching "new" footage about the 1974 classic almost brought tears to my eyes. Gunnar Hansen mastered the role again even for only 10 seconds while Bill Moseley gave his own style to Drayton.

The gore is very good.

Nice soundtrack.

Alexandra Daddario is a MAJOR HOTTIE. The fact that she shows her tiny- perfect waist all the time was the best idea ever. Plus she's a decent actress. I didn't know she was that busty. A new Scream Queen on the way?

The 3D highlights of the 1974 original were fantastic. A very well deserved homage. Plus some death sequences and more were also paying tribute to Tobe Hooper's work.

THE BAD ASPECTS Clichèd characters. It's very obvious that the sleazy slut friend and Heather's boyfriend have this "romance" only to justify their cruel deaths by the hands of Leatherface so audiences will not feel bad for them. Yeah, it doesn't works. I didn't care anyway for them. I just wanted to see their guts fly all over the theater.

The plot is very basic and linear that you can predict what will happen at the end.

More character background wouldn't harm.

Trey Songz should return to do ...whatever he does and not act anymore in a horror movie.

No nudity. Hot girls tease us with their spectacular breasts but that's it.

It follows the slasher routine way too early.

THE HORROR! What is wrong with the timeline?! Are we supposed to believe Heather is 40 years old? Or is it that the events of the original happened only 20 years ago? This is a terrible situation that NEEDS an explanation.

OVERALL Watch is as an homage to the original and you will have a good time. OK, it does try to explain the events after Sally's escape which is brave. It becomes ambitious when trying to make the audience feel sorry for Leatherface.

It's definitely better than the 2003 and 2006 Michael Bay efforts but doesn't manage to capture the charisma of the original, the craziness of the Dennis Hopper sequel. And I am not even going to talk about part III, 4, remake, and prequel. What I am trying to say is that it does try too much but doesn't gets anywhere. Therefore, I only consider it as a homage to the 1974 classic.

El matrimonio es como el manicomio

Lord, why would someone MAKE this kind of crap?
Lord. The horror. The horror. This is absolutely one of the worst movies ever created in cinema history. I'm not exaggerating. It's almost 3:00 a.m. and I'm just switching channels.

But oh, OK. I'll take in mind that this movie is just another lame attempt to bring back 70's and 80's ficheras cinema.

Here, three siblings are decided to finally get married. Through some scenes, we are hinted by incest. The sister makes a horrible striptease although she's not that ugly. But the comedy is painful. Oh.

Not even the great Alfonso Zayas can't save this homophobic, misogynist, overall horrible movie.

In Bruges

Sympathetic turn on mobster films.
The movie centers around two characters who at first sight seem to have a life where they don't care about anything. But they have inner demons that do not let them advance and take the right direction. And I mean serious matters from the past...

There's plenty of black humor, drug-dealing oriented situations, a midget that will make you laugh out loud because of his dialogs, and more.

This is a movie that those like me who enjoy mob related topics should enjoy. Oh but don't expect action and shootings.

This one focuses more on character development.

Loved the dinner scene where Collin Farrell beats a couple and overall his romance with the sexy blonde actress. Ken's ending is very moving.

P.S. Bruges looks spectacular.

Fast Five

Unbelievable extreme popcorn fun.
Unbelievable because most of it's action sequences and events would not happen in real life. But hey it's a movie so I enjoyed them big time. Am I supposed to believe that 2 guys are able to take down all the corrupt policemen from Rio? Yeah right. What about The Rock's character? He was FBI's best man and in the end allowed our dynamic duo to escape.

I know. But the movie gave me exactly what I expected: pure adrenaline and kickass scenes. There are plenty of great action sequences involving shootings, chasings, fights (the fight between Vin Diesel and The Rock is epic!), excellent car chases and more.

Character wise, the movie is somewhat clichéd. The "fast & furious" team is filled with one-liner characters that deliver some comedic moments.

The romantic moments were not necessary at all but come on! It was entertaining.

This movie should please those who want non-stop action and plenty of macho moments. If you're looking for a serious cop movie, look elsewhere.

P.S. I want to marry Jordana Brewster. I prefer women with meat like her than skinny models like Gabor.

The Hangover Part II

Same formula. More offensive. Still very funny.
The exact same thing happens. And I mean everything! The reason behind their extreme partying, the same characters, the same humor, etc. The only difference is the setting. This time we follow our party animals through the streets of Bangkok where they behave the same way as in the original.

But this time the crude humor is more offensive. There's racism, homosexual jokes, animal cruelty, etc.

I'm not a prude and I laughed out loud in some moments (all about the she- male prostitute and the monkey drug dealer) but this film may not appeal to conventional movie goers.

It's popcorn fun with vulgarity. Have a good time with it, then forget it.


Strong performances makes this a good movie.
The plot focuses mainly on the consequences of war and how a young soldier deals with them. But things get interesting when his brother and his wife start to get a little closer... Even when they thought he was dead.

This is a drama that displays human relationships in depth and is carried on by great performances

Natalie Portman is a delight to watch. I love her fragile figure and her acting skills. Tobey Maguire delivers a great performance, specially in the scene where he loses temper.

The Direction is good. Although most of the events take place on a house, the war scenarios are fantastic. The atmosphere is stylish also.

I would recommend this one for those who have been into real love relationships and can understand why they're so complex.

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