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The Green Hornet

Rented for a buck at Redbox and still feel ripped off!
I just love a good Action movie don't you? Also movies that are well done based on comic book and graphic novel heroes or 60's series. Back then CGI did not exist, and no one knew what a special effect was. I grew up in an age when both Marvel and DC comics were a big form of entertainment, long before the digital age. I still remember the Green Hornet series with Bruce Lee as Kato. The show had some terrific fight scenes, and as kids we would say "who is that guy Kato with those moves?" Unfortunately this movie has absolutely none of the great qualities of that bygone era. This movie is one big mess. The main character is a self absorbed, obnoxious idiot with too much money and time on his hands. The only scene that made me laugh (spoiler alert) is when Kato is kicking the well deserved you know what out of him. Also it did not make any sense at all that you had a sidekick with amazing skills such as building cars with all these incredible gadgets. He has the ability to play piano, he is a martial arts expert, and he can't swim? Really? I blows my mind that Cameron Diaz even agreed to appear in this movie. Didn't she read the script, and didn't her agent warn her? It really is not worth seeing, and we could not wait for this movie to end. I am sure if I would have paid to see this movie in 3D I would have been furious with myself. If you want to see a really great film adaptation of a graphic novel rent Kick Ass...now that is a well thought out, funny and great movie!

You Stupid Man

I agree with some comments however...
This is a nice little film that although not very original is still charming enough to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I think some of the comments that are posted here are much too harsh. When someone says why would anyone stay with such a bitch as Denise Richard's character well the answer is very obvious. The lead character is a guy, and well sometimes all we guys see is the outer beauty. The lead character is willing to overlook the fact that she is a horrible person. We have all tried to hang on to a girl who when in perspective we look back and think "what the hell was I thinking?" I am sure that girls have had the same experiences in their lives. I think the guy was a little whinny though, and after a period of a few months he should have just let her go. Milla is so cute and sweet, you keep thinking to yourself, is this guy blind or what. That is the problem with love, it tends to make fools of us all. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. I recommend renting this one if only to look at some of the situations and say to yourself, hey that is me!

Shattered Image

I wish I had never started this movie...
One of my all time favorite movies is La Femme Nikita with Anne Parillaud. Of course that film was directed by the master Luc Besson who also brought us the debut of Natalie Portman in Leon The Professional. Anne Parillaud is fantastic in La Femme Nikita which is action packed, and at times incredibly funny. This film (Shattered Image)is easily one of the worst messes I have ever seen. Bad acting, unintentional humor, confusing story, terrible fake accents ( I have been to Jamaica, and the people of Jamaica sound nothing like anyone in this movie). In other words skip it. If you haven't seen either of the two Besson movies I have mentioned, get one of those instead. You will not feel cheated.

The Girl in the Café

A beautiful little piece of film making
The reason I checked out this DVD is that I love the beautiful and talented Kelly Macdonald who made her film debut in Train Spotting. As one one of the other reviews here states, it is nearly impossible not to fall completely in love with her. She also appeared in a wonderful little film called Two Family House. I was pleasantly surprised when she also appeared in Finding Neverland. Well this film did not disappoint at all. It is the kind of film making that seems to be on the rise, where acting and a strong story line more than make up for a big budget and special effects. Just take a look at the popularity of The Station Agent. Another fine film. I think the two main characters were perfectly suited for each other. Both seem lost in this world, but for totally different reasons. I found myself very intrigued with this mysterious girl who seemed to have no pretenses about who she was. It too bad that time and budget constraints couldn't delve into her own personal history. Great little film, it is highly recommended.

The Station Agent

A very charming must see
The reason I rented this movie is because Patricia Clarkson is very quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary actresses. The type of actress who does her job without making you think she is acting. I was most impressed with her in Pieces of April. I loved this movie so much I watched it twice in a day. The second time with the Director's commentary turned on. It goes to show that a fine piece of film making can be done for what is probably the catering budget on most of today's big budget movies. The entire cast is perfectly cast. I loved knowing that they borrowed vehicles, borrowed a woman's house, filmed in a school, and used whatever means necessary to complete the film. It was well worth it. A simple, charming, beautiful film that stands up to anything I have seen in the past 10 years.


Great Sci-Fi Action flick, worth a look!
I didn't get to see this one at the local theater when it was released, so I rented it and was not disappointed. I have read quite a few of reviews on this movie, and yes it does have a few influences including: Fahrenheit 451, The Matrix, etc. but I would even go far to say to say that the story is also influenced by current events, Kung Fu movies, and Nazi Germany. Well all I can say is that I would rather see a good movie with obvious influences than a movie that is trying to be completely original and is just horrible. I have never paid too much attention to Christian Bale, but he is very good in this movie. He is very convincing in his role as a government agent. This may not be a classic SCI FI flick like Metropolis, Blade Runner, or A.I. but pretty damn impressive all the same. Head on over to your local rental store, or watch for it on TV, you won't regret it.

All the Real Girls

Stick with it, and it may be your cup of tea
About 10 minutes into the movie, I thought for sure that I would be turning this movie off. It appeared to be going nowhere. I decided to stick with it, and although not completely impressed, it did have flashes of great movie making. I am all for experimental, and new ways of film making, but a movie should consist of more than pretty images and wandering dialogue. Zooey Deschanel is the best actor of the two main actors, and does pull off her role beautifully. The role of Paul was pulled off less convincingly. I found it hard to believe that he was the town Romeo, when at times it is difficult to understand exactly what he is saying. I would give it a C.

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