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Spider-Man 3

Perfect example of trying to fit TOO much into a movie
OK, I'm a HUGE fan of Spiderman...Liked the first movie, LOVED the second flick and was dying to see the third one. And since I live in Korea, I was able to see the movie tonight (SM3 opened in Asia 3 days before it opens in North America). I'm sad to say, I was let down by the third film.

The biggest issue by far is the fact that there are FAR too many story lines going on at once. The movie feels very bogged down and not nearly enough time is given for proper character development.

In this movie, there is Spiderman, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey, "New" Goblin Venom and Sandman. Each character is given the bare amount of time for development.

I'm assuming that since most of the cast is non-committal to returning for a fourth movie, the filmmakers decided to throw as many stories into this movie in case it was the end. It really takes away from the movie as a whole.

The other big issue I have is the very forced sense of humor the movie tries to take. From a very lame riff on John Travolta's walk from "Saturday night fever" to watching Peter Parker dance to jazz music, a lot of the humor feels like it's was written for a SNL sketch.

There is a very poor ending involving Spiderman and Sandman that defies logic.

I sincerely hope this is NOT the last Spiderman film, because if it is, it's certainly not the best way for the series to end. None of the magic and originality of the second film are here. I hope that a decision is made to do a fourth film and I hope if a fourth film is made, the filmmakers decide to go back to what made the second film so special.

** out of *****

Saved by the Bell

One of the most hideous shows ever
Even during this show's initial run, I thought it was hideous. The characters were lame, the humour was non-existent and the scripts were just plain bad. But, I came across the "Saved by the bell" page here on the IMDb and I thought that I would check out what other people's thoughts were...and boy was I surprised!

How can people be so blindsided by this show? Do they not see just how horrendous this show really is?

In the all time list of television crimes, "Saved by the Bell" is probably the worst show ever, with the possible exception of "Full House"....but that's another post for another time.

Ultimate Gretzky

The Great one
Growing up in Canada, I was naturally a hockey fan. And being a hockey fan in Canada in the early-mid '80's meant I was a fan of the man known simply as the "Great One". So, it was with a great deal of interest and excitement I picked up the 2 disk DVD set, "Ultimate Gretzky". This DVD incompases all of Gretzky's greatest pro accomplishments (of which there are far too many to list here), and it is a great idea to have Gretzky talk about his opinion on them, as opposed to the usual comments from teammates, coaches, family and friends (of course those comments are still here). My two complaints about this disk are minor, but I still feel the need to mention them. The first complaint is the complete overlooking of Gretzky's stop in St. Louis. It's true that Gretzky's stay in St. Louis wasn't overly noticable, but to get the full picture it would have been better if there would have been some mention of his time there, as opposed to jumping from Los Angeles to New York. The second complaint I have is much minor and it is based on the timing of the disk. I think that if NHL productions and Warner Brothers (the studios involved) would have held off releasing this disk for a short time, then they could have included the Heritage Classic game between the Edmonton Oiler Allumn and the Montreal Canadian classic stars, a game which Gretzky played in, and a game that most likely will be the last time anyone will ever see Wayne on skates again. It was a missed opportunity, but it's not enough to really complain about. Overall, this is a great disk for anyone who wants to see the GREATEST professional athlete ever, and it's a real tribute to the true Great One!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

One of the most orginal,stunning and mind-bending movies in years
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004). **** out of ****

This is one of the most orginal, mind boggling movies in years (possibly the most original movie ever). Jim Carrey (the best performance of his career, by far) plays Joel Barish, a work a day loner (the kind of man who wonders "Why do I fall in love with every woman I see that shows me the least bit of attention?") who for reasons unknown skips off work and takes the train to Montauk, NY, where he meets the free spirited Clementine (the always reliable Kate Winslet, in a career best performance). After a train ride full of mini-disagreements and unwanted compliments, Clementine and Joel hit it off and end their morning with Clemintine inviting herself to spend the day at Joel's apartment. As Joel is waiting for Clemintine to pick up her toothbrush from her apartment, a young man asks him why he is there......... And that is all I will say about this brilliant movie. I will not reveal anything else about the plot because to do so will spoil the complete originality of this movie. This is one of the most orginal movies I have ever seen (on par with "Memento", "Donnie Darko" and "Being John Malkovich"). Do yourself a favour and see this movie.............just don't go in trying to predict what you're going to see

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