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Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

SCAM 1992: Risk Hai Toh Ishq Hai
Lala Old school ho ya new school sab ke syllabus me ek chiz common hota hai Profit, Aur wo mera favourite subject hai. When a new actor speaks dialogue like this with a smile on his face you are bound to love him.

Pratik Gandhi the actor who played Harsad Mehta have put life into the role. You can't put eye off him he is perfect.

The role of Sucheta Dalal have played by Sherya Dhanwanthary who narrates the story of Harsad. Their story run parallel and it is just way too awesome.

Supporting actors Chirag, Rajat, Lalit, Satish and everyone did so well you feel like they are just made for this series.

Background music is just superb and it is one of the reason the series got hype.

Scam 1992 based one the Book The Scam is definitely one of the best webseries ever made in India.

Good Job Hansal Mehta sir.

Class of 83

Class of 83 : A slow burn Police Tale
Movie scores high on story and acting. Bobby deol did fantastic work as Police officers. Bgm of this movie is supergood. 80s era have shown so well. Awesome movie loved it. Red chilies brining new faces to bollywood thats a really great thing when others are debating over nepotism here RCE is introducing new faces to Bollywood. A huge like to RCE.


Abhay : Kunal Khemu The Actor
Wow what a suprise. Didn't expect it to be this good. This is Pro version of Crime Patrol Show. Kunal Khemu just rocked the series... definitely one of the best of 2020.


BALA: Self Love is all we need.
Such a lovely movie which teaches us about why self love is important. Just say it I love myself :) Bhumi , Aayushman ,Yami all have done very good work. I feel this is one of the best movie of Yami Gautam. Pyar karo Khudse :)


Lootcase: Paisa Paisa Paisa
Lootcase is a well executed movie with very minimum dull moment. Kunal Khemu as Nandan kumar played the role of a aam aadmi who is working in a press and pissed off from his low income and want to do something big which his wife Lata Kumar played by Rashika duggal forced to do a business. Both had beautiful chemistry they look so good on screen. Gajraj Rao as Mla Patil &Vijay Raaz as Bala Rathore had done excellent work. Very nice watch loved the movie :)

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

Agent Athreya: Mind Blown
Movie started as light comedy which shows a life a struggling detective. But 30 mins things totally changed when he found out the unidentified dumped bodies near the railway station. In my life i haven't seen any movie like this. This should've been dubbed in Hindi and released for a bigger audience. Pollyshetty is an amazing actor. Story is the king here. Hats off to everyone associated with this movie. May you make more movies like these.


Gullak: An Ordinary India Family
This show will make you laugh , cry ,feel their pain. You can definitely relate to the problems of the family. One of the best show ever thank you TVF. Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkari , Vaibhav Raj Gupta , Harsh Mayar these 4 are the soul of this series. And cherry on top is the voice over of Shivankit Singh Parihar as Gullak. "Ye yadein to hai jo kisse ban jate hai aur jama ho jate hai kisso ki Gullak me"

Avrodh: The Siege Within

Many of us have watched Uri the surgical strike but Avrodh dives deeper into the sea. based on the book India's Most Fearless it shown much more details than the Uri movie. Performances are top notch from Amit Sadh,Madhurima Tuli as Journalist ,Darshan Kumaar as Major Raunaq Gautam, Anil George as Abu Hafeez. Loved this series. Bharat Mata ki Jay.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: Shah Rukh Khan
Episode 0, Season 3

Shahrukh sir motives to work hard even harder to achieve your dream. He was a just an ordinary middle class guy but what he has achieved is tremendous. Shahrukh Khan is not a name its an emotion for me. Love you Sharukh sirrrrrrr


PAREEKSHA : High on emotion, Low on reality
A rickshaw puller played by Adil Hussain wants his son to take admission to the top most school of their locality and things changed after that. A bpl family father a rickshaw puller and mother a factory worker tried a lot to give his school fees but they couldnt manage as a result the father was forced to start robbery. A slow pace movie shows complete emotion of the lower income family life. There is short role of Sanjay Suri as the IPS officer he gave his best. Full marks to Prakash Jha for showing the school mafia and portraying the life of low income family and their dream desires. A good watch :)


Evaru : A Gripping Thriller
Personally for me Badla and Evaru almost equivalent. Though i would give Badla a little more than 1 star. Last 10 min of Evaru was so shocking i mean its so out of the box & well executed thriller movie. Highly recommended.


GURU: Best Of Junior Bachhan
Performance of Abhishek and Aish is the Strong point of the movie. Both of them had shown their best caliber. AR Rahman's music does magic in the background. Dhirubhai Ambani's biopic had to be grand and this is grand for sure.


Boy Oh Boy! What a movie 2hrs 30mins of pure madness. Loved this movie. Karthi did justice to the character of Dilli his action scenes as well as emotional scene when he explained why he was in the prison to kamatchi was too good. At a time you will feel action scene is too much but there are very few scenes. BGM is awesome specially the Dilli theme. STORY IS THE KING.

Raat Akeli Hai

Raat Akeli Hai: Dark SlowBurn Engaging
First of all welcome Radhika apte ;) Netflix been hit hard by amazon prime and other platforms this year. The 1st good indian content from netflix was Bulbbul and now Raat Akeli Hai. No doubt this is a one man show i.e. Nawaz bhai. He single handedly run this movie he had 90% of the screen time. Radhika apte done fanastic work. Other casts such as Nishant , Shivani ,Shweta played their really well. Movie is slow 20 to 30 mins less would have been good. This is a single time watch thriller.


JUICE : its a mixture of emotions
Powerful short movie with a solid message. Last scene will make you stunned.


ASURAN: Masterpiece
I don't understand Tamil but after watching 10 to 20 mins of the movie i understood everything. Terrific Story telling never have seen any movies like this before. This a gem of a movie please bollywood don't spoil it by making remakes. Dhanush acting is to the point perfect. Hats off to the director and writer seriously mindblowing movie. BGM is tooo good :)

Titu Talks

Titu Talks: Full Dose of entertainment
Indian youtube sensation Bhuban Bam's Titu Talk is one of the most loved interview shows right now Started with SRK and in the latest episode he visited to lot of families and asked about their problems in the pandemic. And he is helping a lot of people specially Kids. Really BB is a gem of a person Love you Bhai.


Uriyadi: Unexpected
What an amazing story really hats off to the tamil movie industry i am really shocked by the talented actors and directors and story writers.... loved this movie.

Taj Mahal 1989

Taj Mahal : Love is a mutating Virus
The series started really so slow that i thought why the hell i am watching it but after a few episodes the story just grows on you. A goood watch. Excellent casting :)

Dil Bechara

Good Bye Superstar Rest in peace
Good bye sushant just good bye man... miss you... bhai you are a rockstar yar love you bhai Seri.

Mission Mangal

This movie is a joke and didnt do any justice for Indian scientist achievements for this historical mission. HORRIBLE MOVIE.

Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters

Secrets Of The Masters
This is ony for the Kung Fu Panda lovers... The mystery of Masters has been solved .. Finally

Humorously Yours

The Most Underrated Webseries
This web series is a complete joyride.. Background music indulge you in the screenplay so much so that you cant leave this without finishing it. Vipul Goyal and Rushika Duggal as couple shares a special chemistry and the Hatoda Tyagi Abhishek Banarjee plays vital role. TVF is the undisputed KING of Indian WebSeries.

Kuttrame Thandanai

Kuttrame Thandanai : Lion Shiva
The story revolves around a murder of a girl,2 suspects have been spotted by a neighbor Shiva. Shiva a credit card agent has a ratina problem for which he has a tunnel vision. Story is strong till the climax you cant guess who is the murderer. Last 30mins of the movie will definitely shock you. Great performance by the lead actor.

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe - Super Thoughtful
This movie deserves to win National Awards. I am now spoiled i doubt i can watch Bollywood movies. Touches the deepest core of life and destiny. But this movie showed that motivational movies can be entertaining as hell. Great movie Vijaya Settupati rocks

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