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A test on anger management
The plot, how to trick ATM surveillance cams. Level of excitement, none. This movie is too predictable, you can tell what's up next. Stupidity, a lot in this movie.

1. If you are in a party, and you know that you have a retarded office mate that tugs with you for a ride, will you care to go back to say goodbye, if you will be with a hot chick? 2. no one will walk a dog at 1am, in freezing weather 3. and of course the slip of death that cast out her girlfriend. 4. can you fill an ATM booth with water? new bar for water tightness. 5. a janitor walking beside the ATM, not noticing the dead man and police outside, being mistaken to be the serial killer and getting himself killed.

jeez, i hate going to bed with this mood.

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