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The Phantom of the Opera

My Favorite Movie
I love it the movie!

In the beginning, I believed that Gerard Burtler will not make a good Phantom, but he makes as excellent as Michael Crwaford was in the stage. I liked very much Rauol this time. Patrick Willson don't make a tip of "gay" Rauol like in other films.

I loved Emmy Rumson as Christine, she plays so well her role... and really, she "...sings like an angel!".

Here in Brazil, where I live, the movie had bad reviews, the critics compares with the cult movie "Phantom of the Paradise" with Brian De Palma. But I love it, after all I'm 10 years old, and there's not so much phantom fans like me in my age. Oh, and I'm doing my "phantom film" and I uses the score of the movie, cause I love it, and really, this is my favorite movie!

my vote: 10,0

Recommend for anyone!!!

The Phantom of the Opera

Really the Best Phantom Film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this movie, is very close to the original novel, and the actors, Oscar winner, Maximillian Schell (from DEEP IMPACT)

Jane Seymour (from Judgment AT NUREBERG) and Michael Your (from THE HAUNTING OF HELL HOUSE) are fantastic!

The set was wonderful, and the music is good to! I think, Schell makes the most darkest and original Phantom, this time named Sandor Korvin, a deformed maestro, who lives on the catacombs below the Budapest Opera House.

This is the best phantom, but why do not have it Oscars? This is the only disappointment thing. But this don't stops to make this film, not only the best, but with best actors of all!

I really recommend "The Phantom of the Opera" of 1983 to any, one, I am saying, really any one! And remember this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleepy Hollow

Love It
Oh my good! This is one of the best of all horror films! Christina

Ricci plays the best Katrina Van Tassel of all Headless

Hourseman's film, and Johnny Deep is great too. It;s not very cloose to the original story, but is better then the

original. The special effects are very inpresive and the music is

beautiful. There are nothing I don't liked! And it's great like all Tim Burton's films, like "Beetlejuice" (1988).

I really recommend to any one!


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie

Oh my good! This is the worst film I ever seen! I never liked the animated series and the cards, and now a film! It's worst then the TV series... bad drawing, bad sound effects, bad

effect, a think this film will wine the Oscar of the worst animated

film of the year!!! And the bad is that all guys of school, only says of rock and roll,

Yu-Gi-Oh, that Aliens existe... and the grand part say it that is

because the movie says!

Please good, don't appear "Yu-Gi-Ho 2"

0 of 10.

The Curse of Frankenstein

The Most Trash Frankenstein Ever!
This is the prove of the real trash film. It's so bad that begun to be funny to watch. The mask that Lee use is so bad, that appear Lee's neck. Come on!!! Hammer Films, motion pictures is bad.

Only some movies that not, like "The Phantom of the Opera" (The 1962 version) is good. There is one part on the movie, that is old man blind, and then the Creature attack him. And the effects is so bad, that you can see that in the turf the old man is not blind.

Please, this is really bad!!! Peter Cushing, is acting is not good at all. But some times, he has a good acting. I do not like this movie, and the new "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" is so better that this one that, transform this movie in the most trash Frankenstein ever!!! BELIEVE!

Phantom of the Opera

I Love this movie, it is one of the bests phantom of the opera films. The performance is great, thee music is beautiful and the set of

Paris is perfect to the movie. When I watch it this movie I said: I, WANT TO BUY IT!!!! Well, is not the best of the phantom of the opera movies, but is one

of the bests, and I recommend to any Phantom of the Opera fan, or

classic musical films, like "My Fair Lady", "Marry Poppins", "An

American in Paris", "The Wizard of Oz" or "Gigi" fans.

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