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A Matter of Justice

Okay, but not more than that...
B class movie, low budget, fine plot.

The plot is okay, it has some plot holes and I find few things illogical, but it is still watchable. I very much liked the twist. It is a bit different from other thrillers.The movie is talking about a big problem in the world and it is depressive.

Michael Madsen and Lazar Rockwood are starring, they did a great job acting, but in my opinion other actors haven't done a good job as those two. It is visible that the movie is low budget and B class.

Still the movie is okay, i don't regret i watched it. Personally, I think there could be a better version of this story with some changes in plot, bigger budget and stronger cast.

Overall the movie is okay, but not so good I would recommend it to my friends, but it is watchable and perfectly fine if you want to kill 81 minutes.

My rating 5/10

Duh u mocvari

Interesting and fun for whole family
The Ghost in the swamp is croatian movie classic directed by Branko Istvancic and made by Anto Gradas's novel.

The Actors are: Marko Pavlov, Robert Váss, Ena Ikica etc.

It shows a reallity of life in Croatian Slavonija and Baranja. The movie shows a group of children who think the swamp is haunted by a ghost after accident with their friend.

However, the movie is great for a whole family. It is fun, thrilling and adventure.

So overall movie is great and i recommend it!


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