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Fahadh is to movies what salt is to cooking. You could add every available spice to a dish but without salt its pretty much unpalatable.
There is this Jason Bateman directed movie called, Bad Words. That was the first time I came across the concept of active actors with a flourishing career trying to direct a movie just to figure out if they will be as good behind the camera as they are in front of it. I still remember the movie coz the kid who plays the lead has done a really good job. However it felt that the idea was to make a movie by spending as little money as possible. In most cases the actor himself invests his own money and the idea is that even if the movie doesn't do well the losses should be as minimal as possible. Recently there was another movie directed by Manoj Bajpai that again seemed to have been made on a shoe string budget.

I would say that Joji falls in the same category. It doesnt look like they spend much on the movie but what separates Joji from other movies directed by first time directors is that none of them have Fahadh to boast of. Its like God made Fahadh just to act. If Fahadh acted in RGV ki Aag even that would become a watchable movie.

I went in with very high expectations after watching the trailer but it is just about ok as a movie. Its not brilliant like the likes of Maheshinthe Prathikaram or even a Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum. Its just a simple story elevated to a higher level by the brilliant acting all around.

I think one of the measure of a good director is his/her ability to get the best out of their cast. Take someone like Nimisha Sajayan for example who cannot act to save her life. If you watched her in Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum you will not be able to tell that she cannot act. However if you watched Oru Kuprasidha Payyan your first thought would be...did this lady win a contest or did they just cast someone randomly off the street.

The ensemble cast of Joji are not all actors of the same calibre as a Fahadh. Unnimaya Prasad is someone with a very limited acting range but watching Joji you will not be able to figure it out. Shami Tilakan is another accidental actor who is not even close to being a natural. But if you watched him in Joji you would assume that this guy was born to act. Basil Joseph is another actor who is not a natural when it comes to dialogue delivery. But he is nothing short of brilliant in Joji. The 5-10 mins that Basil Joseph has in Joji is without doubt his best work as an actor. Dileesh Pothen has done a great job of getting the best out of each & every cast member.

The Dead of Night

Its not a real movie. Someone is kidding with you.
I wanted to write a review for the movie after having watched it but they wouldn't let me do so because the movie was yet to officially release. Now that reviews are activated I want to review it but I don't remember anything about the movie except that it was really really bad. The fun part is that I am quite certain that I watched it in the last couple of weeks.

Its just that bad. Now that I am racking my brain I seem to remember a girl who is really short but kind of beautiful. Just saw her again in another horrendous movie named Wander. Then there is her brother who is the lamest actor in the history of cinema. To give you an idea of how bad the movie is made, there is this one scene where the lame brother somehow manages to shoot the killer but only manages to wound him slightly but then he goes on to adjust his hat before he tries to shoot him again. It is so badly made that some bad scenes stick with you even though you don't remember most of it.

Its like a child made the movie and not a very smart child either. If I wanted to become an actor and these were the movies that came my way I would give up. They say that there is always light at the end of the tunnel but for people who make and act in these sort of movies there is never going to be any light. You don't want to wake up one day when you are 50 and realize that you made nothing out of your life. You have just this one life and it is not to be wasted in acting in movies like The dead of night. Might give up right now. Burger flipping ain't all that bad.

Swing Low

Its like a child directed the movie and not a very bright child either.
They should have just named it Garbage coz that's what it is. It is bewildering that in 2019 people are making movies of this calibre.

It reminds you of Turkish low budget movies from the 80's. If you are active on social media to any degree, chances are that you would have come across the meme of the bad actor being shot repeatedly by a lady in what looks like a low budget 80's Turkish movie.

She shoots him and he overacts and yelps and then she shoots him again followed by more yelping and overacting.....Repeat about 6-7 times. Ravage is like that scene being played over and over in a loop.

If I made this movie and I watched it after completion, my first words would be....I am god damned stupid. Its not possible that a grown man made this movie. People aspire to be movie-makers and so you would assume that someone who gets the opportunity would do his absolute best. If this is the best that someone can conjure up then he needs to obliterate his video camera and have a real rethink about his priorities.

If the director gives up right now he still has time to learn a trade like Lathework or Carpentry that he might be good at. The director probably has a wife and kid who are thinking that papa is going out to work to bring home the dough. If papa keeps making movies like these he is never going to bring home the dough.

Its bad in every sense of the word. Its unimaginable that a human being made this movie. No human being should be allowed to be this stupid. Its not even that difficult to make a movie. Watch every similar movie and do the exact opposite of every cliché. I think my IQ went down by double digits after watching this movie.

Making a career is about finding the one thing you are good at and capitalizing on it. For this director its definitely not movie-making.

Even if you are a 15 year old teen there cannot be any justification for being this bad at something.

After watching this movie I am convinced that we have failed as a civilization. Its just a wastage of footage.

I am really really angry at myself for having watched this. I don't think I will ever be able to forgive myself for having watched this.

Drishyam 2

Drishyam 2 a.k.a Drinking Buddies. From Wow! to Meh! in no time.
Reading a few review headlines online, NDTV was the only source that had reviewed Drishyam 2 as a rank average attempt at movie-making. My first reaction was that these people probably have an agenda against Malayalam cinema. Surely it is not possible that everyone else is wrong and only NDTV is right. However after watching the movie I can relate to their point of view.

When the big reveal happened at the interval I was seriously intrigued. Thinking up a story is one of the hardest jobs imaginable and so thinking up a story with continuity would have to be a near impossible task. Surely it was not possible that the writer of Drishyam 2 had managed the impossible. After watching the movie I was convinced that nothing impossible has been achieved. It could have been much worse but it is no brilliant gem either.

Drishyam 2 feels like the kind of movie that was shot in 3 weeks. The performances are decent but it is an underwhelming movie. Rather than brilliant writing it is just convenient writing. Its not bad for a sequel but its nothing special.


Rajkumar Rao is fantastic in an excellent movie that is about 20-30 mins too long
I am very selective about the Hindi movies that I watch but I always make an exception for Rajkumar Rao & Ayushman Khurrana. Unfortunately the last movies that I watched starring them has been nothing short of terrible. Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan is an insult to the senses while Chhalanng is a comical embarrassment of a movie. So I was not expecting much from the movie and the few word-of-mouth that I heard were not very favourable.

I am now thankful that I didnt listen to the haters. Ludo is nothing short of an absolutely fantastic movie. Its not one of those movies that you watch halfheartedly...make a short phone call...go take a piss...and hope to catch up on without missing anything. Its one of those movies that you have to watch intently to enjoy it.

I was planning to give up on Rajkumar Rao movies after watching half of that children's movie Chhalang but he has more than redeemed himself with Ludo. If you have ever wondered who between Pankaj Tripathi & Rajkumar Rao is the better actor then Ludo answers than question for you.

I have never played online Ludo and didnt get the reference to Ludo but the movie as a whole is fantastic. Could have been edited better to make it shorter but its still enjoyable and without doubt one of the best Hindi movies of 2020.


This is what happens when some countries have more money than talent and creativity.
I am going to have to become more selective with the movies I watch. This is what happens when you watch a lot of movies. Every now and then a really bad movie seeps in that ruins your mood.

I am going to start skipping movies if its says anything like...Film Canada or Film Ontario or Film Edmonton...basically anything associated with Canada is going to be a strict no for me henceforth. They will fund anything.

Hammer is the kind of script that should have been forgotten, left to rot and for nature to take its own course. A lot of paper and ink had already been wasted but no more Not a single unit of electricity should be wasted to shred the script. Not a single matchstick should be wasted to burn the script. The damage is already done. Enough money has already been wasted.

After watching some of the movies that have been funded by Canada I am quite certain that if someone had approached them with the script of Waterworld they would have had a collective mental orgasm. If you are bottom of your class in a film-making course in a third world country you should seriously consider moving to Canada. You could be the absolute worst writer in the history of could have written the worst story ever told in the history of mankind but if you are in Canada sooner or later you will get someone to throw some money your way.

Hammer is an 80 minute movie that feels like 4 hours. The Turkish film industry makes movies that are 3-4 hours long. Take the absolute worst Turkish movie ever made and it would still be better than Hammer. The script is clearly inspired by Breaking Bad. Will Patton is like Walter White if all you ever wished for was to punch Walter White every two minutes. The mother in this movie is so irritating that you would come to love Skylar White. Both father & mother combine to raise two of the biggest donkeys in cinematic history.

I personally think that Canadian movies should not be allowed to cross the border. If its funded by some silly organization in Canada it should be contained within Canada. Everyone who watched the movie is now dumber coz Canada sponsored a script that is almost as good as the entire storyline of the nursery rhyme "Jack & Jill".

Who are these people who make these type of movies? Why doesn't someone stop them? Who are these people who write these scripts? These are the kind of people who should be cursed like the tower of babel so that they dont speak/write the dialect of human beings anymore.

Point Blank

Painful to watch
There was some sort of potential when it starts off but then it gets dull and then duller and every minute since is just plain painful to watch. I think when the cast includes Frank Grillo it should automatically be a sign that it is going to be dreadful. Lets be honest...nobody is going to cast him in a good movie. Warrior is probably the only movie with Frank Grillo in it that is watchable.

They were making better dirty cop movies in the 70's on wafer thin budget. Always makes me wonder how they get financing for these sort of movies. If they had chosen to not make the movie and just given the money to charity it would have been enough to keep a few homeless shelters running for a couple of years. The only positive about the movie is that it gets over in about an hour and ten minutes though they try to stretch it for another 15 minutes with melodrama.

Its the kind of movie that gets on your nerves and spoils your day. As if that was not enough they have some two bit rapper rapping garbage every 5 minutes. Absolutely horrendous movie. If I was the Taxman in the country where this movie is produced I would track the money trail. This looks like the kind of stuff that Walter White does with the car wash.

A movie with absolutely no redeeming features.

The Devil All the Time

I think its quite overrated
I honestly thought that I would like it but truth be told its a largely underwhelming movie. I don't mind movies that are over 2 hours long as long as there is enough content to keep you engrossed over the long run time. The problem with the movie is that a few thin plots are stretched quite a bit to near boredom.

I am quite surprised that Jake Gyllenhaal produced the movie but chose not to act in it. To be honest he could have played the part of Tom Holland better than the end product from Holland. Not that Holland is bad, but to me he is the Kristen Stewart of male actors with a one expression face. Personally I felt that Robert Pattinson was dreadful. His acting was cringeworthy at times but he has a face fit for a sociopath and so a lot of people think that he did great. If you like Bill Skarsgard I would recommend his recent movie, Villians. That was an entertaining, engrossing movie that doesnt stretch till eternity.

I thought I would like it considering all the positive reviews but personally I think its quite overrated. The quality of the production and the cast improve what is nothing more than a very ordinary novel.

Tu hijo

Without an iota of doubt the worst Spanish movie I have ever watched
Absolute nonsense of a movie. Its like the director had a brain fart and decided to make a movie out of it. Literally nothing happens for close to 2 hours. Guy who is a doctor comes to know that his perfect son has been beaten comatose outside a nightclub. He spends the next hour and a half trying to decide whether to do anything about it or not. He basically just sweats a lot....walks around a lot...runs around a lot...drives around a lot...looks around a lot...The End.After the deserved beating there was potential to make heads or tails out of the movie but the director just goes with a lot of symbolism nonsense.

Absolute shambles of a movie. Its the kind of movie that you write in half a day and direct in the other half of the same day. Absolute no brainer of a movie. I am going to have to start reading many more reviews before deciding to watch certain movies. Just an absolute waste of nearly 2 hours. What a waste of time. I have about 70 movies on my HD and I had to watch this nonsense. I am extremely pissed. Horrendous piece of garbage masquerading as a movie.

Ofrenda a la tormenta

Finally its over...or is it?
When I watched the first movie I was not even aware that its a trilogy based on a book written by someone. I was so naive that I watched the second movie in the trilogy first and then the first one.Its not the smartest investigative thriller ever made but its just smart enough to keep you interested. Plus the fact that Marta Etura is so beautiful leaves you just curious enough to want to know what happens next.

So finally I have watched the final movie and I am guessing its done unless the guy who wrote it is still alive and plans on writing another book since they have left some loose ends open in the movie. If you are not a native Spanish speaker this is the easiest one to understand and keep track of in the trilogy. The other two have so many characters and locations and plots and subplots that after a while you start getting confused about whats happening. This one is largely easier to understand with subtitles.

I dont know which decade the books were written but in the end it turns out to be quite a disappointing thriller. Its as cliched as it gets when it comes to investigative thrillers.....the one you least expect to be the culprit is actually the one. Marta Etura gives us a peek of her tits and bum which was nice of her.

If you have watched the first two movies there is no reason to not watch this one. If you have not watched any of it yet then I would recommend giving the whole trilogy a skip.

Kilometers and Kilometers

Feel good movie of the year
7th Day was one of the earliest movies that I watched when I started watching Malayalam movies again after a decade long hiatus. Even though Tovino had a 'blink and you will miss him' role he was memorable coz he was memorably bad. He has come a really long way since then to a really competent actor who can carry a movie on his own.

I watch quite a lot of movies in quite a few languages and in one of my earlier reviews I had mentioned that for me the Argentine movie Heroic Losers was the feel good movie of 2019. For me this is definitely the feel good movie of 2020 so far. Absolute breeze to sit through. Really nothing to tax your brain. Lots of funny quips, competent acting, great cinematography, not too long, couple of good songs.

Since the 70's whenever Indian cinema casts a foreigner in a movie 99 out of 100 times it is largely cringeworthy. India Jarvis has done a reasonably good job in this movie. Nothing cringeworthy about it...Aha.

Personally I think its a superior movie to Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi coz that was a movie made before Dulquer learnt to act. Nothing ruins a movie more for me than bad acting. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi is a decent movie ruined by Dulquer & Sunny Wayne's inability to act. Kilometers & Kilometers fortunately has no bad actors.

I have already watched it twice and will watch it again with the wife when the English subtitles come out.


Some people just want to watch the world burn.
And by some people I mean the director, producer and literally everyone associated with this movie. Valiyaperunal is without doubt the worst movie I have watched this year and the worst part is that its runtime is actually longer than the entire lockdown. A couple of years back some guy made an 8 hour long movie about paint drying as a sign of protest against censorship and forced the review committee to watch it. Valiyaperunnal is like a malayalam version of that movie, Paint Drying. Absolutely horrendous movie with no redeeming features whatsoever. Everyone who was unfortunate enough to watch the movie is now a dumber person for having watched it.

Its clueless movie making at its very best. I dont even think they had any clue about what sort of genre they were looking at. There are some dark bits and then there is plain buffonery. The chase scene with Soubin Shahir is like a scene from Charlie Chaplin. I think they made up the movie as they went along. I think they crowd sourced the story for the movie. Every day after the shoot they would probably ask the cast, crew and bystanders for suggestions and would shoot that bit the next day and repeat.

It also looks like they cast the actors as they went along. They would call up random actors and ask them, Are you free tomorrow? If they replied in the affirmative they would cast the fellow and crowd source some scenes for him.

Its a good thing for Shane Nigam that his controversy broke after the release of Kumbalangi Nights and not after this abomination of a movie. He received a lot of support because people still identified with him as the likeable Bobby from Kumbalangi Nights and not as the clown from this movie.

Just a dreadful movie and it just goes on and on and on. By the time it gets over most people would have lost their will to live.

The Outpost

One of the better movies of 2020
I am a fairly well read man and truth be told I did not have the slightest inkling about this particular incident upon which the movie is based. You would assume that the strongest military in the world would be smarter than setting up a Base at the bottom of a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides.This is a story that deserved to be told and kudos to the director for doing exactly that.

What irks me is when they try to mislead the audience by promoting a movie using a big name actor(If you can call Orlando Bloom a big name actor) who has a cameo in the movie. Orlando Bloom is in a cameo in the movie but the way the movie is promoted it would seem that he is the main character. As they say, build it and they will come. If you make a good movie the audience will come.

Another thing that seriously irked me about the movie is the video game sort of directing. I am old school and that really gets on my nerves. Why repair something that is not broken. What was wrong with the way Saving Private Ryan was shot. Always makes me wonder if they benefitted in any way by doing something to appease a certain audience. How many video game addicts out there said....we dont generally watch movies but because the director made a movie that is shot like a video game we made an exception and watched it. I bet nobody did.

Other than that its a really good movie. Definitely one of the best movies to have released since the Theater lockdown.

La odisea de los giles

Feel good movie of 2019
I am not a native Spanish speaker but have watched a fair bit of Spanish cinema. Spanish cinema is generally layered and complex but this one is unlike any Spanish cinema I have watched. It was an absolute breeze to sit through. I absolutely loved it. One of my favourite movies from recent times.

Though the plot is a 'long con' it's not one of those edge of the seat thrillers. Bunch of people who have been wronged by the system in Argentina decide to exact revenge against the people who wronged them. It's an easy watch movie. Nothing to tax your brain here. The acting is good all around. The characters are all likeable.

The girl who plays Florencia might just be the most beautiful girl I have ever come across.

Definitely one of the best Spanish movies of 2019. Absolute treat.


Watch it if you have lots of time to spare
Truth be told the reason I watched it is coz I have had it on me for a while now and with Octavia Spenser in it you can be rest assured that the acting will be good. Plus it has Diana Silvers who I reckon is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood at the moment.

The plot is rather basic and has been done many many times before. Woman who was traumatized in school sets about to take revenge on the people who inflicted the pain on her. Only this time she goes after the children of the people involved.

The revenge story is rather tepid for the most part but gets really dark & gruesome towards the end. Octavia Spencer is brilliant as usual. Diana Silvers is not bad. The climax is kind of open ended which was a slight let down.

Its worth a watch.


Definitely worth a watch
After traversing the globe Moothon has finally made it to India. Truth be told I am a little underwhelmed. Its a story that has been done dozens of times before with the addition of the sexual orientation aspect. It felt like the script was written for an Indian length movie but then they realized that this is a movie for film festivals and so they trimmed it down. Rather than merge from one scene to the next it felt like they were cutting from one scene to the next.

What works for the movie is the excellent cinematography, directing and the casting. The kid who plays the lead has done a really good job. Roshan Mathews who was miscast in Choked has redeemed himself to a large extend with Kappela & Moothon. Shashank Arora is a brilliant actor and I would recommend his movie Titli if you have not watched it yet. Sobhita Dhulipala is really beautiful and a decent enough actor. I thought Jimson from Maheshinthe Prathikaram was absolutely brilliant in his cameo. This is definitely not Nivin Pauly's best work but kudos to him for accepting the project. I don't think many actors in the Malayalam film industry would had the balls to play the character. Definitely worth a watch.

Bitva za Sevastopol

Agonizing and painful to watch
A few years back someone had asked me to download the movie for him and I have had it on me ever since but never bothered to watch it since I always had dozens of movies on the 'To-watch' waiting list. I remember the time I played it after downloading it and something about the movie just did not feel right. I should have listened to my gut feeling and never watched it. Its pure agonizing watch for 2 long endless hours.

I have watched most war movies and I can honestly say that this is without doubt one of the worst war movies ever made. The only thing watchable about the movie is the lead lady who is extremely beautiful and literally nothing else. This is the kind of movie that talented aspiring movie makers make in their summer vacation on a shoe-string budget. Its hard to describe in words how bad it is. You have to watch it yourself to fathom the depth of ineptness of the director. The war scenes are the same quality that someone with a camcorder would shoot in their backyard. There is this one scene were I was left wondering if it was a training scene or the war has actually begun. It took me a while to realize that its not a mock drill but actual war. The directors idea of war here is just some people running down a hill far far away.

Its just bad bad bad. I dont know if the movie is based on an actual individual but if it is then it is an insult to the individual. Simply put its a mockery of movie-making. There is this one scene where the Germans send their best sniper to take down the protagonist Lyuda and he aims at a stationary target and misses. Its like they made up the story as they went along. Its like a budget version of a budget version of Enemy at the Gates. That is the last time I am taking recommendations from the individual who recommended this. There is a TV movie called Sahara starring Jim Belushi that is atleast ten times better made than this tragedy. If you are looking for decent Russian war movies then I would recommend the movie, Beast.

Just a dreadful dreadful movie. Its the kind of movie that spoils your day.

Kung fu

There is no greater movie than, Kung Fu Hustle
I dont think there is anyone in this world who hates Chinese-flying movies more than me. If you catch me swearing at the television chances are that I was flipping through channels and came across something in which the Chinese were flying. I would rather be shot with a thousands arrows before I watch that nonsense, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

I still remember the first time I came across Kung fu Hustle on television. I was flipping through channels and that scene where Sing is being chased by the Dragons daughter was on. I swore at the television and changed channels in a hurry.

As luck would have been while surfing wiki I somehow ended up on a page that mentioned how Kung Fu Hustle has been recognized by film experts for its cinematography and special effects. Literally no one had anything bad to say about the movie.

So I decided to put my intense hatred of chinese-flying movies aside just this once and watch the movie. So I watched the movie. And then I watched it again. And then I watched it yet again. I am quite certain I must have watched it no less then 3 dozen times. There is no greater footballer than Dennis Bergkamp & there is no greater movie than Kung fu Hustle.

Kung Fu Hustle is absolutely brilliant. Brilliant should change its dictionary meaning to Kung Fu Hustle. It is such a simple story made so well. I could describe the entire plot in less than a minute but when that 1 minute story translates into a full length cinema it is absolutely magnificent. Stephen Chow is a movie God.

Words cannot describe how amazing the movie is. It is done so so well. Every character in the movie has been immortalized on screen be it Sing, Brother Sum, The Dragons daughter, The landlord of Pig Sty Alley, the Beast, Coolie, Donut, the Tailor, Sing's friend, Sing's girlfriend. Its like a who's who of the greatest characters ever made for cinema. I wish all that talk of there being a Kung Fu Hustle 2 would come to fruition.

If you have not watched it yet then you have something to look forward to in life.

The Highwaymen

I would watch anything with Woody Harrelson in it.
I envy those people who watch movies in only one language. I watch movies in 5 different languages and average about 5-7 movies a week. So it takes a while to get around to even the good ones. I have had The Highwaymen on me for quite a while but there were so many movies that were ahead in the queue.

Finally got around to it yesterday and I can honestly say that I am not disappointed. I had heard of the infamous Bonnie & Clyde but not much other than that. To be honest a lot of people in the world would have heard of Bonnie & Clyde and how they were killed in a shoot-out with the police but not much other than that.

When the crime spree of Bonnie & Clyde is at a peak and shows no signs of abating the Governor of Texas decides to bring back two retired Texas rangers to put an end to the menace. Its a chase movie from that point forward.

This is not a movie for the 'chase-shootout-explosion' loving movie fans. This is good storytelling. It works at its own pace. There is no big climax. If you did not enjoy 'Dragged across concrete' chances are that you will not enjoy this one either.

The acting is brilliant all around. Woody Harrelson is a living legend. Kevin Costner is no less. Kathy Bates is one of the finest actors of this generation.

Guns Akimbo

Turbo Kid is better
This is a very similar movie to Turbo Kid which I think is the better movie. The only reason I watched the movie is coz I am madly in love with Samara Weaving. She needs to be more selective about the movies that she chooses. While she has done good movies like The Babysitter & Ready or Not she has also picked bang average movies like this one and that monstrosity Mayhem.

Its quite irritating to the eyes, the way the movie is shot. I was honestly considering shutting it down but after the while the camera work and the movie both improve substantially. Its like someone went to the director and said...."Hold the camera steady you stupid idiot".

Its supposed to be an action comedy but I dont remember ever laughing or even smiling. These kind of movies were the bread and butter of low budget moviemakers the 70's & 80's. They have just added an online streaming angle to it. Its barely watchable. Decent acting.

Come to Daddy

Yet another watchable low budget movie starring Elijah Wood
What I like about Elijah Wood is that even though he had massive success with the LoTR movies he realizes that he doesn't have the looks or the physique to be a lead man in mainstream movies. It's impressive that he keeps finding himself these low budget decent movies in which he fits perfectly.

Norval Greenwood(Elijah Wood) who has not met his father in over 30 years receives a letter from him out of the blue asking him to come to rural Oregon and pay him a visit.

It's supposed to be a comedy horror but I don't think I laughed even once. At one stage I was afraid that I might have accidentally put on a horror movie and had to move further away from the screen.

It's not a very unique plot. The acting is decent. The location is beautiful. It's a decent one time watch. It's however not as good as, I don't feel at home in this world anymore.

4 latas

Magnificently shot movie.
As a movie it may not be much but by God it is beautifully shot. I am worried that some people might decide to take up the journey after watching the movie.

Joseba, Jean-Pierre & Tochu are lifelong friends who used to drive down from Europe to the Saharan Desert in the70's & 80's to sell Renault cars for a profit. When Joseba, who now lives in Timbuktu, is diagnosed with a terminal illness the 2 remaining friends and Joseba's daughter decide to take up the journey one last time in a Renault.

There are lots of things that are wrong with the movie. The acting is very questionable, especially the girl who plays the daughter. The plot is very basic. The dialogues are amateurish.

What saves the movie is the brilliant cinematography. It's an out and out road movie that depicts the desert in all its splendor. They make the desert look so beautiful that you tend to forget the perils associated with it.

This movie is basically a safe alternative to taking on the Saharan Desert without the actual risks involved. It's done so well that it will visually transport you to the Sahara.

A definite watch if you are someone who likes to travel to exotic locations.

El hoyo

Reminded me of the Korean movie, The Wailing
Reminded me of the movie The Wailing in the sense that it is taxing to your brain trying to figure out what exactly was happening. After watching The wailing I spend a fair bit of time online trying to understand people's interpretation of the movie though very few seem to have been able to make any sense of it.

I spend a couple of minutes online after watching The Platform and most people relate it to capitalism and some bloke named Kafka. I think he is the director, this Kafka bloke.

The Platform is a very enjoyable movie if you are into Dystopian movies. Its a very unique plot and kudos to the scriptwriter for thinking it up. While such a movie should be borderline grotesque the depiction of gore has been minimized to promote it as a mainstream movie.

Its a well made movie if you are into these sort of movies. The acting is good. The directing is great. The location is fantastic. Its not overly long. If you really dont overthink the movie then its a decent one time watch.

Gulabo Sitabo

Fantastic storytelling with an unconvincing ending.
Writing a satisfying ending to a story is one of the hardest things imaginable. That is why movies like Shawshank Redemption are rated so highly. A clever ending can elevate a good movie to another level altogether.

That is where Gulabo Sitabo falls short. It's really good storytelling let down by a very poorly thought of ending. Even if the movie was released in theatres the word of mouth would be the exact same thing....."It's a very good movie but the ending is weird".

I have not watched many of Amitabh Bachchan's movies in recent times but amongst the few that I have watched I would say that this is his best work by quite some distance. I honestly couldn't see the need for Ayushman Khurana's character to suffer from the slight lisping condition. Bollywood actors are generally quite unconvincing when their character suffer from any sort of facial medical conditions. Rajkumar Rao as someone with a blinking problem in Newton was one of his most forced performances to date.

The strength of Gulabo Sitabo is the excellent cinematography, directing and the brilliant casting. The cast is the who's who of brilliant actors with the likes of Vijay Raat, Bijendra Kala, the girl who plays Ayushman's sister. To be honest there is not one bad actor in the entire cast.

The ending however feels extremely forced. It's like someone put a knife to the scriptwriter's throat and said, "You have 10 minutes to write an ending".

That being said it is still an extremely enjoyable movie for 90-95% of its runtime. Definitely worth a watch.


STOP THE PRESS: They have managed to make the, WORST MOVIE EVER.
Surely this has to be some sort of mental ailment for there cannot be any other justification for some grownups to have come together and made this movie.

I was under the impression that Adam Sandler paid all his buddies a monthly allowance to keep the lights on in their houses. Surely I was mistaken coz Kevin James must have been in a bad way to have had to resort to acting in this movie to feed the family. If I was an out of work actor and somebody offered me this movie I would seriously consider starvation.

I have no doubt that this is the worst movie ever made. I urge the real neo-nazis out there to do something about the cast and crew of this movie for depicting your lot as proper pansies and floosies. If neo-nazis are as pathetic as the ones depicted in this movie then we can all stop worrying.

Just imagine the thought process of the people associated with this movie,

Script writer: I am going to write this movie that is like Rambo but a girl is the Rambo. She is going to single handedly destroy neo-nazis everywhere.

Director: I want to direct this brilliant gem of a script. I will win the Academy award for this and every critics choice award.

Financier: Take my money. If it is short I am willing to sell my home and my kids but please use my money to make this cinematic gem. I don't even want my money back. I am sure the movie will recuperate atleast 100 times its budget. People will riot to watch this magnificent cinema.

Kevin James & Joel McHale: We both want to act in this movie. We are willing to work for free. This movie might just win us Oscars for best supporting actor.

Hands down the worst movie ever made in the history of cinema. Mini Rambo girl has to be the worst child actor since time began. I hear that men who have been unfortunate enough to watch this movie are heading to the vasectomy clinic in hordes. Mothers have lost their maternal instincts after watching this stupendous achievement in movie-making. This movie is a sign that we need to shut down movie-making completely.

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