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The Gift

An edge of your seat kind of thriller and a wonderful gift it is
In his directorial debut, Joel Edgerton proves that all that glitters is not gold in this intense, psychological thriller. "The Gift" tells the story of a charming, young couple named Simon and Robyn who just moved from Chicago to L.A. for a fresh start. While shopping for household items, Simon is approached by a man named Gordo who attended high school with him. The two quickly catch up before taking Gordo's number and parting ways. At first, Simon and Robyn think of Gordo as a friendly, old acquaintance. However, his excessive politeness and intrusive behavior becomes exceedingly creepy as he slowly makes his way into the couple's life. Although Robyn considers many of Gordo's gestures to be sweet and generous, Simon can't help but think of him as just some oddball, weirdo trying to get closer to his wife. After an eerie and somewhat awkward dinner party, Simon cuts off all ties with Gordo and soon after strange things begin to happen. Their lovely dog goes missing, their pretty, little fish turn up dead and Robyn starts to feel more and more frightened in her own home. After doing some deep digging, she discovers why bygones are no longer bygones. A powerful secret from the past has caused a ruckus in her marriage and she soon realizes that her husband isn't as nice as she thought.

One of the things that makes this film so compelling is the impressive story line. It consists of a highly interesting plot that keeps you guessing from beginning to end. Edgerton brilliantly avoids the use of terrible clichés which is part of what makes this story so effective. Edgerton also allows the story to unfold naturally while providing the audience with the chance to really get to know the characters. Each of the actors gave exceptional performances. Rebecca Hall is OK as the kindhearted, mild mannered wife. However, Jason Bateman gives one of the best performances to date as an unscrupulous husband who refuses to come to terms with a past wrong doing. More importantly, its Edgerton's edgy portrayal of Gordo that is haunting and mysterious. Friendly and unsuspecting, he's a gentle soul whose been hurt, humiliated and scarred in the past who may be in need of friendship, kindness and understanding. Perhaps he is a bit of a weirdo as Simon labels him in the beginning. Through his acting and directing, Edgerton masterfully toys with the audience's perception of Gordo as he causes us to question his various motives and actions. Through his sharp directing and dark imagery, Edgerton creates a tone that is ominous and tense. The dialogue further enhances the enigmatic nature of the film and remains very natural. Its simple and straight forward without being overly dramatic and unrealistic. The interactions between the characters are honest and direct without being too forced or melodramatic. Overall, "The Gift" is a wonderful debut by Joel Edgerton. I eagerly look forward to his next cinematic gift in the future.

Feel the Noise

Did the actors really need the money or were they held against their will ?
Imagine being bored out of your mind while sitting on a bus or train listening to random strangers talk about absolutely nothing. Or walking past a group of people having mindless chit chat. Now imagine you're not watching a movie and instead picture every character on screen as some annoying, clueless person you know in real life. And there you have it: For starters, the performances are so amateurish that one might think this was the first time any of them had ever been on the big screen. There is also no real acting going on here. It seems as if the actors are simply saying their lines without any real emotion. The story begins with Rob,(Omarion) a young aspiring rapper who lives in Harlem with his mother Tanya.(Kellita Smith). After getting into trouble with local thugs, his mother sends him to Puerto Rico to live with his estranged father Roberto, a musician played by Giancarlo Esposito. Rob meets his brother named Javi (Victor Rasuk)and the two quickly bond over their love of music. Javi introduces Rob to raggaeton, a mixture of hip hop, reggae and Spanish beats and they soon decide to create a demo. Rob meets the lovely CC (Zulay Henao)an aspiring dancer and the two quickly take a liking to each other. Pretty soon, Rob, javi and CC head to New York to pursue their dreams but they quickly realize that the price of fame can be costly.

One of the things that makes this film so bad is the horrible acting and dialogue. Unfortunately, these actors just don't have anything good to work with here. I often wondered whether Chomski was trying to capture the essence of urban street life. Although not a bad idea, this concept would've been great with stronger dialogue and better character development. The majority of the film is very similar to other films of its kind which makes the plot seem very bland and formulaic. I could not understand why veteran, seasoned actors such as Kellita Smith, Giancarlo Esposito and Malik Yoba would agree to star in an atrocity of a film. What a complete waste of good talent !!! Victor Rasuk ("Raising Victor Vargas", "Lords of Dogtown" has done better acting than this and unfortunately Zulay Henao ("Fighting") barely acts and comes across as just another pretty face with a great body.

Last but not least,, Chomski's terrible sense of direction doesn''t help either. Watching "The Mayor" (Yoba) frantically run from the cops as Rob helps him get away is dreadful to watch. Not to mention Rob going against ex crew/gang members after returning to New York. Horrendous !!! Chomski makes an attempt to wrap the film up neatly with ending it at the Puerto Rican Day parade. JLO whose also the producer of the film makes an appearance.


Another Annie remake makes its way to the big screen in 2014
When I first saw the previews for this film, I was far from interested. But when my curiosity got the best of me, I decided to give it a chance. Although I wasn't totally impressed, I do believe the film had its fair share of cute moments. You should know that this is nothing like the 1982 original. So if you're expecting the characters to be anything like Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney or Carol Burnett you will be extremely disappointed.

Our new Annie is played by Hollywood newcomer Quvenzhane Wallis. As the lead, she is an admirable young girl with a perky attitude who helps those around her see the bright side of life. Annie lives in a Harlem apartment with her mean, snotty foster mother and four foster sisters. Hoping to reunite with her parents, she goes to an Italian restaurant called Domani where her parents abandoned her leaving behind a note. While rescuing a stray dog, Annie's life gradually changes for the better when Will Stacks a billionaire and mayoral candidate agrees to take her in to help further his chances of getting elected. Although not right away, Will eventually warms up to Annie and the two develop a strong bond.

Quvenzhane Wallis is absolutely adorable as the lead. The movie is definitely worth watching for her performance alone. The four girls were cute at times but they don't have much to work with as far as screen time and dialogue. Cameron Diaz was far from believable as Miss Hannigan. She's no Carol Burnett but this is by far one of her worst performances ever. Jamie Foxx was goof and quite comical as the cocky, future mayor and cell phone mogul. Many of the scenes he shared with Wallis later on in the film are heartwarming and fun to watch. However, there are certain plot points that the film could've done without. The dancing scene between Bobby Cannavale and Cameron Diaz was just plain dumb. The singing was bad and it had nothing to do with the theme of the movie and therefore seemed pointless. The "auditioning parents" scene was just as bad. Auditioning random strangers to pretend to be Annie's parents was a horrible idea. Perhaps Mr. Gluck could've brought out the worst in Miss Diaz's character through better directing and dialogue. Not to mention the whole "I used to be a bright star"/member of C&C Music factory was a complete joke. I mean talk about unbelievable!!!!! Jamie Foxx, Rose Byrne,Bobby Cannavale, Cameron Diaz and David Zayas are all good actors. But they don't have much to work with to really shine. Aside from a few catchy tunes, cute kids and an impressionable lead actress, "Annie is good, but not great.

Draft Day

If you love football, you'll love this flick
Kevin Costner stars as Sonny Weaver Jr, the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. He recently lost his father whom he fired due to poor health and now he's getting ready to make an important decision that will shape the continuation of his career, and that's the choice for the number one pick. This proves to be a challenge since he is on the verge of being getting fired. Weaver proves to be the man for the job through his perseverance and tenacity. He manages his career with his personal life and although somewhat strained in the beginning, the love and kinship felt between them is adorable.

Overall, the film starts off pretty strong letting you know why football is so important in Cleveland. With great acting and good dialogue, the movie definitely lives up to its name. Even if you're not a sports fan or a football fan, watching the movie makes you want to get into the game. "Draft Day" is a great sports drama that shows you why this particular day is important, In addition, the entire cast is great. However, its Kevin Costner who really stands out.He showed a great amount of depth and persuasiveness in his role. The film also includes cameos by Ellen Burstyn as Weaver's mother, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Terry Crews, Sam Elliot, Rosanna Arquette, chi Mcbride and Chadwick Boseman. For all sports lovers, don't miss the opportunity to catch this movie.

When a Stranger Calls

Was a remake necessary ?
Based on the 1979 film, "When a Stranger Calls" stars Camilla Belle as an innocent teen who becomes the next target of an unknown serial killer. Jill Johnson is a talented track runner. She feels bummed after catching her boyfriend kissing one of her best friends played by Katie Cassidy (in a very pointless role). After going over her minutes, she's forced to take a babysitting job for a wealthy couple. After being dropped off by her dad, she meets the suave, charming couple and is soon left alone to tend to the kids. Jill eventually explores the luxurious home and as the evening progresses, she starts to receive frightening calls from a threatening stranger. The phone calls continue and Jill becomes consumed with fear. When the killer makes his way inside the house, he causes her to fear for her life.

For starters, the plot is mediocre. And the acting and directing are the same. Most of the scenes seem very fast paced and as a result, we're not given the chance to really get to know the characters. In addition to the weak dialogue, there's just not much to see in this bland, little flick. This so called thriller doesn't produce much thrill at all, especially in the climatic part of the film.

Overall, this film could've been avoided as a remake. It's a highly forgettable, low grade thriller with not much to see or look forward to. Watch only if you have nothing better to do.

Baggage Claim

It's the 21st century. No one needs a man or a woman to define them.
Playwright David Talbert directs this so called romantic comedy starring Paula Patton as Montana Moore, a lovelorn woman and flight attendant desperate to find true love. After finding out that her little sister is getting married, Montana becomes obsessed with finding a man. So obsessed that with the help of her friends and fellow flight attendants, she tracks down all of her ex boyfriends to see if true love blossoms. Frantically flying from one city to another eventually leads her to her best friend William (Derek Luke)as they realize they're feelings for each other in the end.

Aside from the all star cast, there are so many things wrong with this film. For one, the plot is so unrelatable and cliché. There's a scene in the beginning where Montana runs through the airport saying "According to my mother, you're not a lady unless you're married on or before your 30th birthday. You're not a woman until you've had at least two kids". If I watch one more romantic comedy that consist of mindless, pathetic dialogue like this, I'll scream ! Why would a beautiful woman, a good woman who could clearly have any man she wants spend so much time chasing down ex flames who a) weren't right for her and b) clearly show the same reasons as to why she broke up with them or vice versa in the first place.

The directing is poor. David Talbert, writer and director of several wonderful stage plays resorts to using corny clichés and weak dialogue to carry the film along and it just doesn't work. It's the same old plot of the lonely girl/guy putting themselves in stupid and unnecessary situations to seek love and romance. Oh and of course there's the case of the pretentious and even more desperate, proud, loving mom who due to her own snooty, high standards, pressures her daughters into believing that a man is necessary to have to prove that you're a woman, a role that Jenifer Lewis, as talented as she is, continues to play very well.

The acting is mediocre. Paula Patton, Jill Scott, Derek Luke and Adam Body are all good actors. Yet, its unfortunate that the acting wasn't up to par. In addition, the wacky performance by several co stars such as Trey Songz and Tia Mowry do not do the film any justice.

The film would've been better with an original plot and better dialogue and acting.

No Country for Old Men

the hunter becomes the hunted and faces the wrath of a merciless killer
The Coen brothers have bought to the big screen an intense thriller starring Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem. Set in Terrell County, Texas, Llewelyn Moss(Brolin) is out hunting one day when encounters the bodies of several dead men in a secluded desert. As his suspicion grows, he comes across a suitcase full of money and before he knows it, he's on the run from a brutal killer who has picked up on his trail and who will stop at nothing to get what he wants including his life.

Anton Chigurgh an evil, psychotic hit man brilliantly played by Javier Bardem skillfully tracks down Llewelyn, immediately knowing his every move. But as sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Jones}sets out to protect Moss as well as capture Chigurgh, Moss's life comes to end. Aside from the amazing directing, the film contains a great deal of suspense that succeeds at keeping you on the edge of your seat. The impossibility in predicting to what's going to happen to each of these wayward characters makes this film worth watching. While the rest of the cast give solid performances, it is Javier Bardem who truly stand out. His portraying of a murderous hit-man is intense and captivating. He consistently gives of this evil and psychotic presence so well that s its devilishly frightening.

Tommy Lee Jones as Ed Tom Bell seemed to be a bit off. There are times throughout the film where he seems to be rambling on. The narration in the beginning seemed redundant. Overall, great film filled with lots of suspense and wonderful acting. A must see for all Coen fans.

Fathers & Sons

An underrated film that's a mystery in and of itself
In this 1992 film, Jeff Goldblum and Rory Cochrane star as a father and son who, despite having a somewhat strained relationship, are bought together by a strange and dangerous ordeal. Directed by Paul Mones, the film takes place in a Jersey beach town where most people seem to live normal, ordinary lives. Right from the start, Max and Ed are very intuitive. They're both in touch with their feelings and the world around them. But its the eerie presence of a mysterious shore killer with an uncanny appearance that causes them to feel on edge and drift into an imaginary world. As the killer encounters Max and Ed at different times, they begin to have moments of ESP. The killer seems drawn to Max and Ed in a way that's creepy and unsettling. He appears out of nowhere and always manages to be in the same place at the same time. When Eddie is attacked in the end, its Max's sudden intuition that saves his life.

The dialogue between the characters is good. In addition, the dialogue that was read from the book "Cats & Dogs" was very intriguing. The author of the book whose name is Isaac is someone not heard of by any of the characters, although its possible that the author might be the killer himself. As several of the characters recite passages from the book, it becomes clear that what they're reading is having a dynamic effect on them. The art of communicating without speaking and "joining a universal community" are themes from the book. Its great to see the characters particularly Ed develop a deeper understanding of what these ideas are about even though the intentions of the author are ominous and insincere.

The relationship between Max and Ed is good to watch Both of them are connected in such a way that is deep and profound. Its wonderful how Max's sudden intuition bought them closer together in the end. Jeff Goldblum is great as the loving father trying to establish a closer bond with his son. Rory Cochrane gives a decent performance as the distant and somewhat rebellious teenage son.

Through solid directing, Paul Mones does a fantastic job in demonstrating the mental and emotional similarities between Max and Ed. In addition, he not only shows how meaningful any relationship can be but he also shows how tragedy can bring a family closer together, forcing them to love and appreciate each other a lot more.

New Jersey Drive

Great insight on street life in the 90s
In this 1995 film, writer/director Nick Gomez brings to the screen a wonderful film that captures the essence of inner city life and crime in Newark, New Jersey. Car theft and joyriding is a thrilling experience for many teens as they courageously face the mean streets while trying to survive and overcome many obstacles. The story begins by introducing us to Jason Petty, a tough yet decent teen who, like many of his friends, gets his kicks out of stealing cars and having fun. As he tells the story from his point of view, Jason exposes us to how he and most of his friends deal with the unfortunate, every day occurrences in their neighborhood. From gun violence to police corruption to juvenile detention and the death of close friends, there is nothing positive for these kids to look forward to.

The acting is incredibly believable if not downright brilliant. Since the film is set in the New Jersey ghetto, the urban vernacular and the overall dialogue is truly fantastic. The cast includes Sharron Corley, Gabriel Casseus, Donald Faison of "Scrubs" and a cameo appearance of the late hip hop artist Heavy D.333

Black Coffee

One sweet indie
In this cute, little independent film, Darren Henson stars as Robert, an all around nice guy and painter who just got fired from his job.He soon gets dumped by his girlfriend, the clueless, gold digging Mita (Erica Hubbard), who leaves him for his boss. Robert is then convinced by his cousin Julian played by the gorgeous and very charming Christian Keyes to help him distribute coffee. The magic begins when he visits a book store and encounters the lovely Morgan (Gabrielle Dennis), a beautiful attorney who he falls for at first sight.

For starters, Darren Henson and Gabrielle Dennis give good performances and have great chemistry. Their budding romance is endearing and they are truly a joy to watch. In addition, the sudden romance between Hill and Mita is charming and adorable. Opposites attract as Hill brings Mita down to earth while Mita helps Hill to open up more and have fun. Although they're cute together, it would've been nice to see Mita reach a level of independence on her own without being romantically linked to anyone.

Although nothing new to the screen, "Black Coffee" is a good movie to watch. If you're in the mood for some decent acting and some cute romance, rent "Black Coffee". You won't be disappointed.

The Meteor Man

"Ain't Nobody Bad Like the Meteor Man"
Robert Townsend directs and stars in this urban sci-fi comedy about a teacher turned super hero who works effortlessly to restore the peace and friendly atmosphere his neighborhood once had. Jefferson Reed played by Townsend gets struck by a meteor and sets out to fight crime and take down a ruthless gang, The Golden Lords who wreak havoc on their tight knit Washington D.C. neighborhood. Everything about this movie is cool. From the golden hairstyles and black tuxedos and shades to the all star cast. The movie is never over the top and provides a wonderful message. Children can definitely learn a thing or two about the importance of fighting for a good cause and standing up for what you believe in.

New York Undercover

They don't make them good like this anymore
If you grew up in the 90s or remember anything about 90s television, then shows like "90210","The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" or "Melrose Place" might come to mind. Unfortunately for many avid t.v. watchers, "New York Undercover" might not be one of them. Premiering on Fox 5 in 1994, Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo star as two lead detectives working out of the fourth precinct in Harlem. Together, they tackle all kinds of crime on the cold, mean streets of New York from rape, robbery, drugs, murder, etc. In addition, Nina Moreno played by the beautiful Lauren Velez who joins the cast in season two is wonderful as the tough, yet sympathetic cop. As is Johnathan Lapaglia who also joins the cast in season three. Patti D'arbanville is fantastic as the no nonsense Leutenant Cooper. As you watch each of these characters courageously go out into the wild, gritty streets to fight crime and take down bad guys, you are also getting to know them on a personal level. The myriad of situations they face in their own lives is so intense that you are able to feel how they feel and sympathize with them on many levels. The greatest thing about these characters is that they're so dedicated to their jobs, that they take home all of what they face on a daily basis. They will go through hell and back to protect the inn cent and make the streets of New York that much safer and that is part of what makes these characters so lovable. Aside from the urban New York scenery, the series contains great dialogue, exceptional acting, strong character development, and not to mention, memorable guest stars. Many of the musical guests that appear at the end of the show add to the show's urban setting. Sadly, the series went downhill after the end of season three and by the last episode of season four, the show went off the air. This saddens me for this was such a wonderful show. Although I never watched it as a kid, I had the pleasure of watching it in syndication twenty years later. It is definitely a show that will be missed.

Day of the Woman

A rural version of "The Accused" minus Jodie Foster
Meir Zarchi directs this brutal tale of rape and revenge starring Camille Keaton as a woman who is stalked, raped and tortured by four seemingly normal, sadistic freaks. Keaton plays Jennifer, a writer who travels alone to stay at a secluded house. While settling in, she is soon befriended by Matthew, a slow witted delivery boy who gets pressured into joining the sick escapades of his three twisted playmates. While relaxing in a canoe in the lake, the innocent Jennifer is soon approached by two of the sleaze balls on a speed boat and is dragged and then chased and held captive in the bushes. No matter where she goes, the four sickos catch up to her as she tries to escape and continue to rape, beat and torture her before leaving her for dead. Pretty soon, the four louts vanish giving Jennifer plenty of time to pull herself and regain her strength. After talking poor, old Matthew into killing her, two of the jerks pop back on the scene in their little speed boat only to find out that she's not dead. Furious,the three sorry clowns beat the crap out of Matthew forcing him to leave and never come back. Before carrying out her quest for revenge, Jennifer visits a local church where she seeks forgiveness in advance. And now the icing on the cake: The four stupid retards3 get what's coming to them as Jennifer offs them one by one. In the end, she sails off on their speed boat into the unknown.

Overall, pretty decent movie. The setting is perfect for the theme of the movie. In addition, the characters including the lead gave good, solid performances.

The Roommate

So predictable a 5 year old could figure this out
Sara Matthews is a sweet,small town girl from Des Moines,Iowa who moves to LA to attend college. An aspiring fashion designer, she meets a few cool girls, goes partying and even meets a handsome fella, a.k.a. her future boyfriend who happens to be apart of some lame,ass rock band on campus. Things go great, that is until Sara meets her new roommate Rebecca, a wealthy girl with mental problems who quickly become obsessed with her. The two hit it off, until crazy girl Rebecca starts showing signs of... well, you know, CRAZY. After about an hour, Sara finally realizes that Rebecca is a nutcase and eventually moves out. However, obsession turns to murder and the lonely Rebecca will stop at nothing to have Sara all to herself. Of course, all hell breaks loose and the two chicks go at it in the end. The wanna-be, musician boyfriend steps in to save the day and the loony bin Rebecca dies. All is well. Why movies like this are still being made is totally beyond me. Yes the characters are young, pretty, handsome and nice to look at. However, it takes more than a couple of hot, young actors to make a film worth watching. If you can, save yourself the headache and skip this piece of fluff.

Brooklyn Babylon

A good movie that could've been great without all the clichés
Brooklyn Babylon is Marc Levin's 2001 film about the African American and Jewish community in Brooklyn, N.Y. Set in Crown Heights, the story revolves around Sara, a young Jewish girl and Solomon, an African American aspiring to become a musician. After their cars collide in a sudden car accident, Sara and Solomon lock eyes and develop an instant connection. After their second encounter, the two begin to see each other and its not soon before long until their friends and family disapprove. Eventually violence between their friends ensues and it seems that the more these two fall in love, the harder it is to maintain their budding romance. Gradually, Solomon exposes Sara to a whole new world outside of her Jewish faith which forces her to question her beliefs. Over all, Brooklyn Babylon is a pretty solid movie. Although the film is somewhat cliché, it is still easy to watch. Instead of violence, the film could've had a break through with less violence and more camaraderie between the characters. Marc Levin highlights the cultural backgrounds of the characters in a very profound way. In addition, the acting of the two leads is fairly decent. Watch out for some good musical performances by the roots.

Illegal Tender

Kick back and relax with Illegal Tender
Twenty one years ago (1985), Millie, married to Wilson Deleon a drug dealer and pregnant with her first child seems to be living a pretty stable life in the Bronx. Well one night, things take a deadly turn when Wilson is gunned down in the company of top boss man Javier Cordero. Millie soon finds out the tragic news on the same night of giving birth and is eventually warned about her future date with death with the same thugs who killed her husband.

Twenty one years later, Millie and Wilson are living a quiet life in Connecticut. Pretty soon, the bad guys catch up to them once again and Millie and Wilson begin to fear for their lives. After learning the truth about his father, Wilson goes to Puerto Rico to meet with and settle the score with Javier Cordero. Cliché as it may seem, the movie is good for what it is. Its not Oscar material but its still easy to watch. Wanda DeJesus and Rick Gonzalez make a dynamic duo as mother and son. DeJesus is sexy in her role and gives a kick ass performance. Rick Gonzalez is fairly decent as the son who wants to be nothing like his father, all while delivering a bold and solid performance in his fight to end the feud with Cordero. The beautiful Dania Ramirez is a great addition as the scared, but sympathetic and loving girlfriend to Wilson. Over all, good film, simple dialogue, cool action. This is definitely a good film to watch on a rainy day.

Original Gangstas

Larry Cohen reunites 70s stars in this mid 90s urban drama.
I watched "Original Gangstas" for the first time on BET many years ago. At first, I didn't know what to expect. But when I saw Fred Williamson, I knew I'd be in for a real treat. This is a film that tackles inner city violence and poverty. The narration in the beginning of the film gives viewers a wonderful insight on the lives of the old and new generation of Gary, Indiana and the problems that led to the deterioration of the city. The film revolves around the classic actors of the blaxploitation genre; a couple of OG's who team up to rid their town of crime and gang violence bought on by a ruthless gang called The Rebels. Most of the action happens after a promising athlete gets gunned down in a phone booth after a hustle gone wrong. The drama continues when the elderly owner of a grocery store is severely beaten and hospitalized shortly after. That's when the legendary football player John Bookman (Fred Williamson) shows up to kick ass and take names. The film also stars Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree, Paul Winfield, Ron O'Neal, Isabel Sanford and Christopher B. Duncan of "The Jamie Foxx Show". All of the actors are really good to watch and the dialogue is simple and straight forward without seeming too over the top. Although not a groundbreaking film, "Original Gangstas" is, in fact a poignant film with a great message. It definitely reminds you of the importance of fighting for a cause and standing up for what you believe in no matter what. And who better to learn that from than a couple of OG's who still got it like that ! Two thumbs up !!

The Vow

A taste of true love at its finest
Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams star in this heart warming drama about a devoted married couple trying to restore their marriage after a fatal car accident. Having survived, Leo discovers that his wife Paige has no recollection of her marriage or their life together. Winning her heart proves to be a challenge as Leo works effortlessly to make Paige fall in love with him again and remind her of how they met and fell in love. "The Vow"is a sweet,romantic drama that displays the ups and downs of true love. The actors have great chemistry and although you know that the two leads will end up back together in the end, it is still a joy to watch two young people restore the love and passion in their hearts they once felt for each other.

Why Did I Get Married Too?

What was the point Tyler, honestly ?
As a fan of Tyler Perry, I must say that his first cinematic take on marital relationships was great and in my opinion, incredibly heartwarming. However, for some insane reason, the man who made the sharp tongued, pistol waving Madea famous decided to surprise us with the atrocious sequel " Why Did I Get Married Too"? For starters, there's too much melodrama for this to be taken seriously. Not to mention the fact that the screwed up, hair brained characters are impossible to watch. First, we have Patty (Janet Jackson) going from being a seemingly loving, happy wife to being a vindictive, psychotic bitch before half of the film is over. Then you have Sheila's mean, prick of an ex husband showing up out of the blue trying to win her back only for her to turn around and take pity on him when she finds out he's terminally ill. Next we have all of the characters suddenly falling into each other's arms at the hospital after crazy Patty screams "FIX IT, FIX IT " !!!!!!!! C'mon ! The melodramatic, Jerry Springer like episodes was absolutely redundant. The controlling, psycho Angela shows up at her husband's job accusing him of having an affair ! Seriously ? Last but not least, Patty, who we realize isn't an expert on relationships as we thought humiliates her soon to be ex husband at work right before he gets killed ! I strongly believe that Perry could've done much better than this. Since WDIGM features the same characters, WDIGM 2 gives viewers the impression that they are wrong for each other where as the first one shows how the characters grew fonder of each other despite hidden secrets and flaws. Aside from the gorgeous view of the Carribbean, I definitely don't suggest watching this film. If you wanna watch a movie on how to ruin your marriage, this movie is for you. If not, see the first one instead.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

New movie, same formula, nothing new
Premiering on Lifetime, "A Day Late and a Dollar Short" is a new made for t.v movie based on the novel by Terry McMillan. Directed by Stephen Tolkin, the story is centered on Viola and Cecil Price, ( Whoopi Goldberg, Ving Rhames), a divorced couple with four grown children. Dysfunctional on so many levels, the story is told from Viola's point of view as she tries to help her children fix their mistakes and tend to their slew of domestic and marital woes. The film contains issues such as fidelity, illness, child abuse, molestation, etc. With such a great cast, the acting was fairly decent. However, the storyline is quite cliché with nothing new to offer. A lot could' ve been left to the imagination as far as trying to piece together the lives of the characters. The ending proved to be a special moment. The letters read to each other were touching and endearing. However, they were all based on the feelings of Viola when they should've expressed the feelings of the children instead. Overall, good but not great.


Jackie would be proud
From director Brian Helgeland comes a wonderful biopic on the life and career of baseball icon Jackie Robinson. Named after his signature number, the film chronicles his rise to stardom after being chosen by baseball manager Branch Rickey to become the first African American to play on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Chadwick Boseman as Robinson is great. He portrays Robinson with the utmost sincerity. The confidence and determination he displays along with his willingness to succeed despite facing prejudice and discrimination is more than admirable. Harrison Ford is a joy to watch as Branch Rickey, the manager who chose not to conform to societal standards or fall victim to racism. Nicole Beharie also gives a blissful performance as wife Rachel Robinson. In addition, the movie dives deep into the times as it focuses on the extreme hate and racism that occurred. The racism that's depicted is brutal and sometimes difficult to watch. Overall, "42" is a must see. Two thumbs up !

Something Borrowed

A wacky, roller-coaster of love movie.
"Something Borrowed" is one of those silly, brainless romantic comedies that we've all seen before. Two best friends Rachel(Ginnifer Goodwin) and Darcy(Kate Hudson) are in love with the same guy Dex played by Colin Egglesfield. Only one is about to marry him while the other is secretly in love with him. Pretty soon, Rachel and Dex acknowledge their feelings for each other and the two decide to carry on a clandestine love affair. What's worst is that Rachel has been in love with Dex ever since college yet she's never had the courage to act on feelings for him until Dex and Darcy got engaged. And that's when the insane, melodramatic saga begins. After a few wild nights and a day or two in the Hamptons, it becomes clear that the only character worth rooting for is Ethan, Rachel's guy pal who forces her to act like an put adult and admit the truth about her feelings for Dex. Overall, the movie contains a pretty decent cast. However, there is absolutely nothing to be gained from this movie. There's no need to over analyze anything because the ending is so completely obvious before it actually gets there. The two leads Darcy and Rachel are both morally conflicted in more ways than one. Darcy cheats on Dex while Rachels sleeps with him and steals him away in the midst of their engagement. I'd much rather watch "The Notebook" for two hours than watch this atrocious, romantic comedy-wannabe again.

The Back-up Plan

Another typical romantic comedy that's unrealistic and full of terrible clichés.
Jennifer Lopez stars in yet another one of her sappy, romantic comedies as a love lorn woman desperate for true love. She's a successful business woman who becomes pregnant with twins through artificial insemination. Of course, none of this would make any sense if she didn't meet the man of her dreams (Alex O'Laughlin) who practically falls head over heels after their first encounter. After a wild night of passion, Zoe admits that she has not one, but two buns in the oven and despite the big surprise, Stan decides to pursue a relationship with her anyway. Really????! Overall, Stan and Zoe deal with a few bumps in the road, followed by major insecurities, especially Zoe due to her lack of trust and inability to develop a close connection with anyone. Now let's be serious, There is absolutely nothing new or surprising about this movie. It's your usual boy meets girl storyline which reminds you of how impossible it is to take something that's far from mediocre so seriously. "The Back-up Plan" is a decent movie to watch if you can't help shutting your brain off for more than 45 minutes.

Honey 2

horrible and then some.
I watched "honey 2" for the first time last month on vh1 and I must say, I was far from impressed. The movie revolves around maria(katerina graham) a troubled, but talented street dancer who gets out of juvenile detention and gets taken in by none other than connie daniels. While doing community service at the renowned honey daniels dance studio, she comes across a dance crew known as the hd's who eventually compete against the 718 crew. First off, I can't begin to comment on how cliché this movie is. Of course the movie has its fair share of dancing topped with bad acting and a mediocre storyline which is so bad, its good. I'm afraid this disastrous piece of fluff doesn't do the original any justice. If you're expecting a serious, academy award winning drama, don't bother seeing this movie. Watch it only if you're looking forward to falling asleep after the first fifteen minutes.

Don't Let Me Drown

a great indie film that captures the tragedy of 9/11 and a realistic look at the ups and downs of teenage love.
I had the pleasure of seeing this film last year and I must say, I was quite surprised. Directed by cruz angeles, "don't let me drown"is set in brooklyn, ny and revolves around two teens lalo, (e.j. bonilla) a Mexican American from an impoverished family and stephanie, (gleendilys inoa) a tough, angry dominican girl whose family is mourning the loss of her sister who died in 9/11. The two leads have pretty good chemistry and gave good, solid performances. Its great how the director not only uses the horrors of 9/11 to show the profound impact this tragic event has had on the two lead characters and their families, but he also uses 9/11 as a way of highlighting their perceptions of each other and the world around them. This is definitely not a sappy teen love story. The movie captures the essence of the love and attraction between lalo and stephanie through the dialogue which is incredibly authentic."don't let me drown" is one of the coolest independent films that deals with teen angst, as well as love, lost and pain. It is a film that exposes the reality of poverty and urban life and is definitely one of a kind.

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