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Hitler's Grave

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i just saw this great and brave film in LA.it is really a simple movie with a heart of gold, and done masterfully by Shokof whose Asudem and Seven Servants brought my attention to the works of this very interesting artist.it seems that he makes movies with really tight budgets but the concepts never let you feel the essence of the filmmaking qualities to give away as he quiet powerfully blends all the necessary elements together in order to deliver the film as an original work no matter what the film is all about anyway.Hitler's Grave has all those ingredients to make it a winner as the sleeper of the year. i never heard of the movie until it was brought to my attention through a simple mail . i saw it and the powerful story, start scenes and follow up drama grabbed my feelings and pinned me down to the seat till very last second.some actors are openly not up to the situations but others such as the lead actress; and or Vadim Glowna, and almost all the other major positions are right on the dot.most specifically is the concept of the film and the script that in my opinion stand out to be a righteous contender for the Oscars this year.the bravery of it both can place this very courageous film that is sincerely a world apart from all other Iranian films i have seen so far in all these years.it delivers a realistic, balanced and way too open of an ending that one is challenged to believe it is all possible to end of with such a concept in our world of conflicts these days and be a believer that it is also the right way to think. i loved this movie and have much more respect for this grand thinker every time i see a new work from him.see this film wherever you get a chance while it will stay with you for some time before you long for another Shokof film.

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