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La colle

Nice moment for this clone of Groundog day/breakfast club
Lot of stereotypes, but the young actors are appealing.

It's a netflix movie, so don't expect great quality .

As all the french movie (except Jeunet) the lighting is neutral, no light effect, no nuance.

It shouldn't have been better, there is a lot of errors of continuity , but it's pleasant movie.

Attila Marcel

Could be a "Amelie" clone. A great movie
I like the work of sylvain Chomet and I wanted to view more movies of him.

I 've completely pass by this. It remind me Amelie from Montmartre.

The tone, the color are very good, sadly the director 's first real movie suffers from a lot of rookie errors. And sometimes missing the mood that is in the movie. But I enjoy it all the time

The actors are great, sometimes to caricaturist, but do prefect the job, Paul is awesome with no words speaking.

The music is nice too, with the ukulele theme, very poetic

I hardly recommend this gold nugget for all the nostalgic and the atypical good movie. It succeed in his mission, offering a nice time.


What a nice suprise !!
I expect a poor Russian B-movie with cheap scenario and bad CGI ... I was wrong... the scenario is far better that every new American movies, and I spent all the movie telling me : "how they do it" , is it real or CGI... I only see the special effect one time (some tanks), the rest are very very good.

I 've see many youtube videos with Russian guy with a computer who made better things than some big companies from USA...

The beginning is amazing (I 've watch blande runner 2049 yesterday, this is better...).

I 've always like the movie like iron sky, no scenario, lot of fun/gore etc... But this isn't like those.

It's a good prolongation of movie like Alien, independent day etc ... For once, the invaders don"t come in America ...

I highly recommend this movie for the SF fan. It's good written, no bad romance, no real hero, very good CGI. You 'll pass a good moment !


Not as bad as the vote says... All because of one thing....
It's a low budget film, a lot of things are suggested, some people we heard all the way, but no seen physically.

The cgi is not bad, not visible. I can't even figure if it's a model or a cgi when I see the ship. But some shot are the same with different angle/point of view (the ship going to the sun)

We are with him, he don"t move, stay on his chair. (he even not stand up after all the even, except for one time).

Definitely low budget, but I've seen worse... and I "ve seen almost all of them (60 to 2000's big and small budget, American or else)... Some shot are wonderful, some are cheap. If you love this kind of movie go ahead.

I don't recommend for the other ... Moon is a far better choice..

Minor Spoiler : I think people give bad rating because there is no ending ... We follow all the way for not knowing the end.. When do director stop doing that ! It's the most annoying thing for everyone when seeing a movie.


Could have been better, lack of originality, boring daddy issue ....
I enjoy watching it, but it's to slow, half an hour could be easily cut. Classic betrayal, daddy issue, no surprises...

The CGI is good, I see blockbuster with worst of them, the movie sets are recycled and it's visible ... Even the light projector are reuse multiple times.

The story is classic, no innovation.

For the hardcore fan who already saw all the good movies...


Predictable, Not surprising, Lot of inconsistency
I enjoy the movie, it's pleasant, slow but good. The actor are good (I enjoy the girl, not the typical SF/Action beauty) The images are good.

The thinks that bother me : All the the elements were predictable. Each time a thing is added to the story you can immediately tell how it will conclude SPOILERS !!!

The dad is dead, of course it's obvious, she will never leave earth, she made love for having a child, at the end she take off her mask, surprise, the air are good...

Lot of inconsistency too : How he find where is the doctor ? How he survive ? where does he come from ? How can he lead the balloon ??? Her entire life is around bee, and she FORGET she has some bee colony when they are no air... Come on ...

And the list goes on ..

Ma Loute

Strange unusual good film, for curious and dreamers.
Bruno Dumont made a Bruno Dumont film in his original region with real inhabitants. Like Li'l Quinquin, some actors are amateurs, some are pros, sadly...

There is no real plot here, no story. Just some days in the North of the France in the 1910's. There are some poetry, comedy, but all of the film is made by the situation of the actors, amateur or pro. The professional are to overdo : Binoche and Luchini are sometimes good, often to much, and so bad... The amateurs voices are always hard to understand, even if your are french. Maybe with the subtitle will be better.

I like this film, the photo are not so good (first film for the director in digital) the colors are usually blurry. There is no real story, the actors are inaudible or to overdo, it's hard to understand, the end are (for me ) not good... But ... i like it ! It's funny, shabby, unhealthy, beautiful, full of love, with no mockery. The director like is region, the people from there (like the Redneck in the USA) and made fun with their reputations. It's a little jewel of burlesque, like a Belgian film.

It's a unusual film, don't except a traditional thing. Take It As It Comes.

The Last Push

Bored, dump and cheap, cheap, cheap..
I like this kind of movie, even those with low budget, they are often good ideas, and the acting, if is good, make you forget the money. I've seen a lot of Space movies, in fact i think almost all to 60's to now. Here we've got a film with no budget. You can see it in EVERY scene. Except for the exteriors, made in CGI. We have here one and only one room, or you can see it's fake, with ordinary light (just add some science-fiction sound effects). In "MOON" there one set of room, but it was far better used. They even use some Sparklers light in one (bad) shaky scene... The camera man fast move the camera, in one the worst 'tragic' scene i've ever seen.. It's was bad...

The actor has one expression, and only one. he is not bad, but not good too.The scenario is the usual, nothing new, pale copy of many film. With a unnecessary ending. Here, there is no problem of food, water, oxygen, Dumb, very dumb.

So, this is not a correct movie, all is lazy here, the actor, the scenario, the decor. The film have no budget, you can see every minutes, no budget and no ideas, and, i'm sorry, no talent. It's flat, boring like i rarely seen in sci-fi movie. Cheap,cheap cheap, don't see it !!

Les émotifs anonymes

Bien, peu beaucoup mieux faire.
l'actrice principale nous entraine dans sa douce mélancolie, Poolvoorde se laisse aller à de gros raccourcis. Ils essaient tans bien que mal de faire sortir un peu de vrais vie dans ce film, le réalisateur n'y arrivant pas. Sur une idée originale qui aurait put marcher, ce film est bourré de mauvais cliché tous déjà vus 100 fois (en plus mal rendus). musique y est banal quoique poussé sur le côté farfelue amusant, mais les chansons sont navrante de niaiserie (Poolvorde chanter est affreux et la voix féminine clame des paroles navrantes). Un film de dimanche soir pluvieux ou il n'y a rien sur les autres chaines. dommage d'accumuler tans de déjà vus, de raccourcis. le scénario à été bâcler, on aurait put passer un agréable moment, ce n'est pas le cas. Un film a supporter, à voir si on apprécie les deux grand acteurs qui livrent quand même ici toutes leurs forces.


Bon film
évite les clichés, un peu lent par moment, musique prenante quoique un peu hors du temps (comme les titres du début). Un bon film, qui sait s'échapper du schéma hollywoodien habituel. On ne s'ennuie pas trop, mais on apprécie le film du début à la fin. Le cinéma américain (en général) ne nous avait plus habitué à une telle qualité. on regrette quelques raccourcis et autre invraisemblance, l'histoire d'amour habituel et le héros au grand coeur. Mais on découvre peu à peu le personnage principale pour dévoiler sa véritable personnalité, un héros solitaire, intelligent et dévoué, qui sous ses aires calmes et apaisé peu être d'une extrême violence. je le répète un bon divertissement, mais pas pour les jeunes enfants ...

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