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A Midnight Clear

Good but not without it faults.
I liked this film on the whole, especially the story which was subtle enough to be believable. One masterful scene shows a German soldier watching the house the characters are in. This scene only lasts a couple of seconds but really give us a feeling of being watched. Where it failed for me though was in the location. It is set in the Ardennes forest, but as a Brit who has been to the Ardennes this is clearly not where it was filmed. I believe it was filmed in Utah. This is obvious by things such as the trees and the absence of any surfaced roads. this would have done well to make the effort to come to Belgium. Another fault is that the story is set on the verge of a massive German offensive. This I can only assume is 'Wacht am Rhein' otherwise known as the battle of the bulge. This thought started as early as December the 16th and thus would be too early for Christmas. Anyway all in all this is a good film which I enjoy to watch and would advise others interested in WW2 to see it as well as it avoids just showing blood and gore.

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