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Los jornaleros

Good or bad, but they need to talk about it.
Someone thought this was a good idea and everybody else made their best effort.

Good or bad, the movie had (well, the writer and director had) something to tell and did it.

The only things that jumped, for me, was that they missed some of the mistreatment laborers from corners or Home depot often receive(d), like being dumped far away without being paid, or forcing them or raping them when they didn't want to agree to some other sexual things from gay bosses.

Then, once in the house and all of them working one way or another, five people, two with regular jobs, couldn't sustain the hose and bills.

In México all of them ''spoke only Spanish'' and here, thanks to their uncle, speak English not only outside, but also inside the house, where they suppose to speak in Spanish because is their mother language. I didn't feel that like a natural thing to do. The rest is OK and I appreciate the effort.

El bombero atómico

There's no small roles
The movie is very good. The first half revolves around Cantinflas being a Fireman and the second half him being a policeman.

What I see strange, is that the credits show only 10 names, including Cantinflas, and then when we watch the movie we can spot at least 20 more people, women in their majority, with bigger roles than the first 10, all of them uncredited.

I know that credits belong to those who spend more time on screen, but here, everybody gets dialog and screen time, and only a few get their credits. Not to sound disrespectful, but I think it is important to us, who watch the movies, to get to know each and every one of the people in the movie...

El caso de la mujer asesinadita

Be careful what you dream of...
What I got from this movie is that Mercedes (Marín) had a psychic dream where she saw the future. She didn't know it was a dream until she started experiencing in her life everything that happened in her dream. The problem was, in her dream, she had been killed by her husband (Salazar) and his new wife (Roth)-former private secretary. Another funny thing was, in her dream she saw an Indian (Mistral), who in the real life was Frank, her husband boss. Both Mercedes and Frank feel something very strong between them, and later we find out he had another dream that same night at the same time. In his dream he got killed too, in an automobile accident. As everything is happening according to their dreams, they decide to let them come true and get together in heaven, so the night when Frank will have the accident, Mercedes ask her husband to give her ''the medicine'' knowing that his intentions to get rid of her would make him switch the medicine for poison. They reunite in the way to heaven...

Lola, la película

Very disappointing!
I would have liked to see more of her singing and dancing and less of her bed to bed jumping! Also, why stop at 1958, when she lived up to 1995?

In those 35 years she didn't prostitute herself and the writer didn't know what to tell us?

That was not important to me, I wanted more of the behind the scenes and dancing, not the lovers who were only using her...

I am sure she had lots of more stuff happening in her life between 1958 and 1995, besides, this movie seems not to be supported by any of the Flores family, what make me think they didn't approve it.

The Neighbors

I love it, I love it, I love it - Helen Madden
Maybe I am weird, but I love this show from the start. I loved 3rd. Rock from the sun and since there's never enough comedies involving aliens, I was eager to see this one from the first time I heard about it. I loved the pilot and I have been enjoying it ever since, each time I like it lore and more. Last night, I was pleasantly surprised with the Thanksgiving episode, where they came up with the brilliant idea of giving Jackie two sisters (and one of them is Leslie Jordan), that was not the only hilarious thing, but the explanation they have for that!

I like the idea of both families being soooo different and having to adapt to one another. Is funny. The show is very well written, clever and smart, something not everything on TV right now is. I love it, and I also like the kid with the red hair (his unusual looks are part of the plot) and the rebellious Weaver girl (her unusual looks are also part of the plan). Everything is perfectly planned to make up a very good series. Is is truly like nothing else on TV right now and that's why people feel so uncomfortable with it. They're not used to good shows anymore...

Amor en custodia

Azteca vs. Televisa
When you say Mexico, I think you should specify ''Azteca'' or ''Televisa'', because even when all telenovelas are from Mexico, people should now who made what. And I am referring to AMOR EN CUSTODIA, produced by Azteca with very high standards. It was a remake, but a very good one. Now Televisa premiered yesterday night (Univisión) yet another remake, AMORES VERDADEROS. The reason why I would like to make clear about the difference between the two TV stations, is because Televisa claims they are the best in the market, and I don't think that is true, they could have been, but since Azteca started producing, they also have a lot of them that are very good, not only speaking about quality, but original stories. I have to do some research, and see how many telenovelas from Azteca are remakes, because I did that with Televisa and more than 80% is recycled. From the latest 25 titles, only 4 were ''originals''. I watched AMORES VERDADEROS last night and I felt it was hollow. They show helicopters, luxury and beautiful states out of the city, but that's not all. Buenfil and Yáñez look tired and there's no chemistry between them. I hope Ruli and Eiza González really click!

Amor en custodia

Your wish came true!
Well... Your wish came true because we now have a fourth version, also from Mexico, but from the ''other company'' the rival to Azteca, who produced the first remake with Margarita Gralia and Sergio Basáñez.

This time is turn to Erika Buenfil and Eduardo Yáñez, and although the sets are impressive (debuted yesterday night), I don't feel much for it. I guess this is going to be ''the parody'', because we have some stuff just not worth watching it. The age difference is not much here, since Buenfil and Yáñez are about the same age, 50+ yo, and have a very tired look in their faces. The fight scenes look fake and the only thing beautiful in there will be Marjorie de Souza. 80% of Televisa novelas are remakes. Started with their own, then they took originals from South America and now even the ones from the rival TV station! I see desperation!


I think I saw another movie!
After watching the movie and reading this reviews, I doubt we saw the same movie. For starters, I have watched a lot of those ''torture movies'' from the seventies and they were more convincing than this one, far more realistic, and they were made more than 40 years ago.

Here, the locations and sets look too clean and bright to be the 1700s, the women, who spent most of the movie naked and being tortured for way too long periods of time (unnecessary if you ask me) had their pubes trimmed, and that's another thing that didn't happened in those times, I don't want to say that were also thin and had nice bodies, but back in that time, I doubt most women looked that good! Then the nanny, with makeup and false eyelashes! Really? Is that so, considering that time where the movie is set? One of the girls is a widow, and she speaks with some kind of accent. Both speak so low and one of them doesn't even move her lips, like she's doing some ventriloquist act. I doubt they're actresses, but girls who accepted to be naked for most of the film, and to show everything, there's no need of histrionic skills, right? Then we have the people who are being interviewed by the church. Nobody spoke correctly, seem to me they didn't spend a dime in professionals, and while they were telling their version of the story, we had to endure the same flashback over and over for more than ten times. The widow was coming down the street, some other women verbally attacked her, then Lady Francisca came to her rescue and they both were caught by the church guards, over and over... I don't know why people keep making movies without knowing how to make them. The movie shouldn't consist in two naked women being tortured for almost one hour plus some other unimportant stuff to fill time up. This movie is bad. The acting is bad, the setting and lighting is bad, overall a bad movie that exploits the theme of the inquisition just to show two naked women being tortured. For me, the only thing decent is the story, true or not, of the Church greedy for money and using everything in their power to have it no mater what. In the end, the Priest gets what he deserved. If you watch this movie, don't expect too much, is empty! It doesn't make you feel anything for anybody!

Mockingbird Lane

Some things should never be touched.
I don't watch a lot of TV lately because with the computer I get to watch exactly what I want and not whatever is on. Sometimes I remember to watch GRIMM and sometimes I miss it (but I can catch it later here, on IMDb) because I was told in the beginning that each episode was going to be about a fairy tale and somehow in the way I lost track of that and I believe they're not doing that anymore, the Halloween episode was about La Llorona, a Mexican legend, but this is another story, the thing is that I saw the spot on TV about this Halloween special and I immediately wanted to watch it, it was special, it was for Halloween and the set up looked cute. I didn't even knew who was in the cast except for O'Connell, the only one I recognized from the trailer. Comes Friday 26 and I forgot. So I looked for it the next day and I found it on Hulu. Up to that point I didn't know it was going to be related to the Munsters. The show starts, the kids in the camp look for whoever stole some candy and then the wolf shows up. Until they say: ''-Where is Eddie Munster?'' I realize this has something to do with the series from the 60s. So I start to pay attention and then I see Marilyn buying the house on Mockingbird, Herman's silhouette appearing on screen with the square head and the screws in his neck confirmed my doubts. When I saw the rats coming out from the coffin transforming themselves into Grandpa and then Lily being dresses by spiders I started to feel uneasy. Smoke, Lily on the ceiling, Grandpa with long gowns and lace umbrella, the kids running and the blood, the pterodactyl bat eating the lion who ate the deer (in what forest?), all that don't seem too appropriate to have anything to do with the original series. For me, if they want to do a Halloween special, good, make it, use other names and/or another idea, but don't mess with the classics. I haven't seen Dexter, or any of those new vampire shows, but if they want to keep exploiting the monster trend, fine, just don't use something that shouldn't be disturbed. There's evidence in the past proving that is not a good idea (Munsters today the series and all those movies from the 90s).

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

I agree with everything the previous poster said. The movie is brilliant, hilarious, emotive, fantastic and everything most movies I have seen from EUA are not. I love comedy and I always hope to be amused and laugh, but I don't know if it's me who has a weird sense of humor or is the movies I watch. Most of the American movies I have seen lately, THAT'S MY BOY, BRIDESMAIDS, etc. are cute but not funny, not hilarious, not sad, nothing, just empty. I like THE NEIGHBORS, which I have seen nobody else likes, I like SLAMMING SALMON, where I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt, and so on. So Simon Pegg here is great! The story is great, I laughed and cried, what for me makes a movie perfect! This is a great movie for my sense of humor!

Julia X

I liked it
First of all, the cover intrigued me, as I saw two legs crossed like an ''X'' and I didn't see from where, so I thought it meant something like a danger sign, only without the skull... I liked the movie because even when it starts like many other, this one have some twists. After the first chase, I was expecting the obvious, then Kevin got chained and managed to escape. I was expecting that he would run away from the kidnappers, but it turned out he was a masochistic and wanted to follow the date through! Isn't that original? He was actually enjoying all that, when other people,like Sam, would run away immediately! They were birds of a feather! The movie is different, it is good and entertaining, three things we don't see together everyday lately...

7 stars from me too!

Tangy Guacamole

One of the most abused arts...
7th. art is what they call movies. But then anybody can make them. Directors don't need a license, and when they do bad movies that license is not suspended nor revoked. Movie making should be taken seriously as the rest of the Fine Arts, right? OK. Let's say that the director loves movies and that's way ended up making one, but I think that before venturing into this difficult art, he should have done at least some shorts, get experience, and then plunge himself making the movie of his life (the only in this case, so far).

If making movies is not that easy, don't make them, please leave that for someone who knows!


Well... look no further, because if you liked VICTORIA, you will surely love MIRADA DE MUJER (remake of SEÑORA ISABEL) and MIRADA DE MUJER: EL REGRESO, sequel of the first one.

I didn't watch SEÑORA ISABEL, but watched MIRADA DE MUJER, so when VICTORIA aired, I didn't like it at all. I felt cheated. I don't understand why people keep making and remaking the same thing over and over. Although MIRADA DE MUJER was in fact a remake of a Colombian soap opera, it was flawless, perfect in any way, VICTORIA, in my opinion, is just trying to capitalize on the two previous series and doesn't feel good to me.

¿Qué te ha dado esa mujer?

Please try to see both movies together...
¡A TODA MAQUINA! is a must see for several reasons, but first of all, because presents the way the two men met for the first time, and even when they don't get quite along during the whole movie, at the end become friends.

¿QUE TE HA DADO ESA MUJER? is the sequel (advertised during the last seconds of the first one) and present the guys, now friends, dealing with the hardship of their friendship being threatened by the love of a woman, since one of them is madly in love and neglects the other.

Both movies are good, but I like the first one better and I recommend watching them together, to get the whole point.

Bowser Makes a Movie

It is a comedy!
Compared to the horrible song (FILM NOIR) and the horrible voice singing it, during the end credits, the movie is very good! It is a comedy and we supposed to laugh while we watch this boy attempting against all odds to become what he thinks is the only thing he could do well... and not, even the movie has to be done by someone else...

Toby Ross, who happens to be an excellent director or actual porn movies, is trying to cross over to mainstream, and is not being easy for him. At least here, we don't get to see nudity or sexual scenes like many other gay movies show. This is a serious gay comedy, and I liked it.

Betty White's Off Their Rockers

Free speech compromised?
I don't see my previous review of this program here, maybe because I said that I didn't like it? If we are all going to praise something that is not that good, just because Ms. White is in it, well, I won't jump in that wagon. I like Ms. White, that's why I prefer to see her in something else...

The reason I didn't like the program it was because I don't think is original (could be here in the USA, but I have seen the same format in other Hispanic channels), or funny, but hey, aren't we all entitled to our opinion?

I thought we could express here our opinions, but maybe I was wrong... sad!

Latino Bar

Didn't like a bit
This is why some things should be left alone. I don't care how 'master' Paul Leduc is (I like some of his work) and I don't care what he wanted to tell me with this movie. The only interesting thing about it could be the cover, but it also looks borrowed from 'Pierre et Gilles' or 'Astrid Hadad'... If I had only not known that they wanted to remake SANTA to show how could the story be in modern times, I guess it could have been all right, but I don't like the fact that they take an original idea, and make in into something that makes no sense. Don't include the blind musician, don't say it was 'inspired' by Federico Gamboa's novel, create something new with hints of whatever they want to include, because otherwise, it looks bad to have to go through this silent movie, so dark and so unattractive, knowing that is not even an original idea. Sad!

Corazón de niño

This is the original
Both 1939 and 1963 versions have been supposedly based on the same book, ''CORAZON'' by Edmundo D'Amicis, and I say supposedly because there is a difference between them. As I have not read the book, don't know who changed what, Alejandro Galindo or Julio Bracho.

1939: The teacher knows his pupils and tries to help them as much as he can. Not only teaches them their lessons but teaches them to become better persons. So much that in the end, after a very important test, some of them are rewarded with scholarships and medals.

1963: The teacher arrives as a substitute after the old teacher dies. He learns about each kid and tries to help them as much as he can. Not only teaches them their lessons but teaches them to become better persons. One of the kids, leaves the town to go to the big city searching for his mother, who works there.

Both movies are very good. But I still think the remake was not necessary.

Corazón de niño

Both 1939 and 1963 versions have been supposedly based on the same book, ''CORAZON'' by Edmundo D'Amicis, and I say supposedly because there is a difference between them. As I have not read the book, don't know who changed what, Alejandro Galindo or Julio Bracho.

1939: The teacher knows his pupils and tries to help them as much as he can. Not only teaches them their lessons but teaches them to become better persons. So much that in the end, after a very important test, some of them are rewarded with scholarships and medals.

1963: The teacher arrives as a substitute after the old teacher dies. He learns about each kid and tries to help them as much as he can. Not only teaches them their lessons but teaches them to become better persons. One of the kids, leaves the town to go to the big city searching for his mother, who works there.

Both movies are very good. But I still think the remake was not necessary.

Las sicodélicas

Reason: Hat collection
Maura Monti (Mireya), Amedee Chabot (Adriana), Isela Vega (Dalila) and Elizabeth Campbell (Patricia), are hit women who kill men in cold blood. But not everybody, only men who don't comply with their 'godmother' (Tamara Garina). Their tasks are so secret and dangerous that only they can do them because they are:

a) women,

b) young,

c) beautiful and

d) psychedelic, ha-ha

This movie could be shallow and dated, but it is very important because it is a documentary on hats. A hat main objective is to protect from sun or rain, but here, they rival only with the fruit basket or cage with bird of Carmen Miranda and NInón Sevilla. Check them out! And the best hats are worn by Chabot, specially the one in the style of a diving bell. Too bad they don't mention a credit for costume designer, or better yet, hat designer...

Pecado de ser pobre

It's not a sin!
If being poor was a sin, most people in this world would go to hell... right?

Well. Ramón Armengod was poor, and also had a daughter with a very shallow woman who didn't care much about her. Since Ramón is sent to jail for a while, the little girl grows up with her grandma, her mother abandons her and once Ramón is set free, he can not get a job.

Beautiful Guillermina Grin is his neighbor. She works as a cigar girl in a Night Club, so she pulls some strings and Ramón starts working there as a singer. Guillermina feels something in her heart to help him, but to do so, she has to 'be nice' to cabaret owner Tito Junco... When Ramón realizes what she had done to help him, gets angry and quits, but a tragic accident changes his life again...

Will he be able to love someday?

La corte de Faraón

another take on Pharaoh's Court
Everyone has their own side of the story. Franco's Entertainment Censorship Commission has a hard bone to chew with EL CASTO JOSE, operetta that, according to them, attacks the family values, church, Franco and even the laws of decency.

The whole ensemble has been taken by the police to be interrogated, and as everyone of them has a different point of view on the same subject, they all say different things and some truths that should have remained secret, come to light.

The young author, inspired by the classic zarzuela LA CORTE DE FARAON, has only expressed his feelings and made another version on the story of José and the Egyptian Pharaoh. Never intending to mock or ridicule the government or the church. But, as each one of them sees only what they want to see, they will stay there until everything gets cleared up. The good this is, they will do it while eating a huge paella, courtesy of Mr. Roque, the author's father.

The comedy is very agile, funny and well written. Banderas, Belén, López Vázquez, Fernán Gómez, and everybody else, are superb. Not to be missed either!

Historia de un gran amor

In glorious black and white
Superproduction with a great cast to match this great love story!

Manuel and Soledad are in love. But their love is surrounded by sadness and tragedy. Mr. Pedro Antonio de Alarcón wrote the book and Julio Bracho and Gabriel Figueroa took care of the rest as only they could have done it. Only Figueroa could get away with those extreme close ups to the feminine eyes, in this case, Marins.

Love is not bigger than hate, or hard feelings, or charity, or contempt. This two characters, Manuel (Negrete) y Soledad (Marín), are handled by life like puppets, surrounded by people who not always do the right thing.

We witness Manuel's early childhood and then we wait another ten years from his departure until his comeback, when he makes thing even with the man who had taken everything he felt love for... even the woman who loved him... This movie shouldn't be missed!

Las colegialas

School for 'older' girls
In this Mexican movie from 1946, only 4 men and the rest all women were cast.

It is a romantic comedy with schoolgirls older than 20. Maybe they're doing a master or something, who knows? They never say. The thing is that one of the girls (María Elena Marqués), didn't want her father to get married for a second time after his wife passing, so she threatens him to do something completely crazy: marry the first man who walks on the street.

1 the first man was the scissor sharpener, so she lets him pass

2 the second man was a broom seller, so she lets him pass too

3 the third man was a homeless guy, and she lets him pass

4 the fourth man is a young and handsome, well dressed man (Gustavo Rojo), and now she calls him up! She wants him to ask for her hand. The father, knowing she will never do what she says, plays along, and agrees to the wedding, and so does the young man.

Instead, she goes to the private school for girls, where she learns important lessons in life. Dating the young man and finally changing her view on her father's wedding plans, since she now has her own...

La corte de faraón

same title, different stories
This Julio Bracho comedy with Mapy Cortés is great!

Songs, choreography (by Anna Sokolow), cast, everything takes shape into a wonderful piece! This zarzuela, with music and lyrics from Vicente Lleó, written in 1910 and based in a french operetta Madame Putiphar, was first made famous in theaters in México by María Conesa (Gatita Blanca), and this could be the film version of it.

To make thing funnier, Mapy breaks ''the fourth wall'' to communicate directly with the audience, and invite them to sing along... and just like in a live presentation, Mapy says that she can not hear us, we are not singing loud enough, and ask us to sing louder... isn't clever?

There's another "Corte de Faraón", from 1985 with Ana Belén and Antonio Banderas that is not a remake. Very good too and based in the same zarzuela, but completely different.

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