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7 Aum Arivu

Wonderful Tamil History wasted by a poor screenplay
First thing: I don't know why Harris was paid for this movie, He has copy pasted major of songs and his BGM is actually playing against the movie.

Murugadoss trying to share a lost part of Tamil history is commendable. But it is heartbreaking that he has tried to do it through a rehashed plot beaten to death in Hollywood movies. Nothing great about the much hyped action sequence. Only good part of the movie is the first 20 minutes portraying the story in 520 AD and Shruti's outburst in the scene where the scientists try to mock her for using a book written in Tamil as the reference for her research. Every Tamilian should share the spirit. Shruthi has a better role than Surya in the movie. Only role for Surya is the one u see in posters

Thanks to ARM for sharing the wonderful Tamil History, but this beautiful concept is spoiled by the annoying BGM and a poor screenplay. Btr luck next time Doss....


Velayudham - a good one by Vijay
Velayudham is a definitely a good try by Raja. Way Raja has transformed Vijay from a Milk man to a super hero trying to protect people is really done well. Raja could have tried to give a better definition for the Villains.

Vijay's usual formula: "People coming to watch a movie should just enjoy the 2.5 hours without thinking too much. Come.... Watch... Enjoy and Go.... No Brain teasers", worked very well for him.... This movie has also done its part.... Already producer Ravichandran has confirmed movie is a smash hit all over the world.

Vijay's performance was really good in the movie. Vijay continue entertaining the fans like you do always. Waiting to watch your upcoming movies Nanban and one with ARM. Velayudham is a movie worth watching.

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